The below are our rules for the use of our services (Discord, TeamSpeak and any game servers we operate).

– Players must comply with directions from an OCB member or Server Admin
– Players must behave in a respectful manner towards all other players
– Players must not cheat, use hacks or any other script or exploit, whether this affords them advantage over other players or not
– Players must use in game resources in a responsible manner – this includes all aircraft and vehicles
– NO Excessive offensive language
– Use of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive language is not permitted
– We will not permit posting of actual real life high level violence or gore, sexually explicit material, any content subject to outstanding legal proceedings, whether or not it is in the public domain.
– Discussion of any illegal activity, including but not limited to, drug use is strictly forbidden.
– If you are finished with a vehicle or aircraft PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS
– Conduct that is illegal is not tolerated

OUR SERVERS – OUR RULES. If the rules do not suit you, don’t join our servers.