Comp Ladder & Tournament Rules and Instructions


The OCB Ladder Competitions are designed to have teams compete with each other in various games over a seasonal basis. There are ladder rules for each which must be adhered to.

How to Get Involved
You are required to have an account registered on this site and then you can register a team. Please note the minimum numbers required for your team. You can add as many members as you like, but only the number allowed in the ladder can participate in each match. Head to and hit the “create” button to start up a team.

Adding Team Members
If you know the site registration of the player, you can add them in this box on the teams page:

If you would like to invite a player, use the invite section and enter their email. The email invite system does not require the player to have an account on our site, it will send them an email where they can accept or decline the invitation.

Once you have the minimum number of players to compete in your chosen ladder, in accordance with the required numbers, you are ready to challenge another team.

Challenging Another Team
To make a challenge to another team click on the OCB Ladders Link and then select the ladder you want to compete in.

Then you need to click on the challenge icon as shown below.

This will then take you to the Create Challenge Page

This will display the related ladder comp, the challenger (your team) and the challenging team. Enter the match date and time and hit challenge.

This will send a notification to the leader of the other team that they have received a challenge and they can either accept or decline the challenge.

Reporting Results
When a match has been completed, you are required to enter the results. You do this on the Report Page.

If there are results pending it will be displayed at the top of this section. Select the ladder from the drop down and hit “Report”. This will send the result to the admins for verification. Once verified they will appear on the ladder ranking table for all to see.

Rules for All Competition Games
The ladder has been set up to provide a place for players to join together to play in competitive matches against other teams. This is all about fostering some community spirit and scratching that competitive itch that we all have in team vs team games.

This is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves in a competitive environment, so we need some rules to ensure this is an engaging and enjoyable experience for all.

Rules – General
1. Players are to comply with all rules detailed for any ladder or tournament they are playing in.

2. Results are to be reported immediately following the completion of any competition game.

3. All matches will be observed by a Competition Admin.

4. Any disputes about the conduct of the other team or the results must be supported with evidence

5. Admins will examine any evidence provided and make a determination based on the evidence. If there is insufficient evidence, any dispute or appeal may be dismissed.

6. Any team found to have made a false allegation against an opposing team will forfeit the match and potentially be removed from any ladder comp or tournament.

7. Any decision made by admins will be final and not open to appeal.

8. Any cheating or use of game exploits to gain unfair advantage over the opposing team will result in a forfeit of the match by the offending team.

9. Abuse or harassment of any player in game, or via any other means will result in removal of the team from current and future competition games.

By creating a team to play in any ladder or tournament, you are deemed to have read and agreed to abide by all rules for the conduct of these competitive games.