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Arma3 Custom server mod list

Posted by Winfield_Gold - Today, 09:11 AM

Online Combat Battalion Custom Mods\Maps list


These mods will be a requirement when playing on our custom server


Server Address:
Port: 2622
Password: NONE






Acre2 radio mod Ver:
ADF Australian Defence Force  Ver: 0.5.1
Advanced Combat Environment [ACE3] 3.6.0
Advanced Combat Environment Extra's[ACEX] Ver 3.0.0 
Community Upgrade Project, All modules
Vehicles, Weapons, Units, Terrains Core, Terrains Maps,
Red Hammer Studio's, 




Community Upgrade Project

Posted by Valour - Yesterday, 09:28 AM



The Community Upgrade Project (CUP) is an initiative to bring all the content of Arma, Arma 2 Combined Operations, Arma 2 ACR and Take on Helicopters from Bohemia Interactive into Arma 3, upgraded to the Arma 3 feature set. Its goal is to provide those assets to the community as a mod ready to use in the game, and as a starting point for modders and mission makers to build upon and learn from.

  • Cooperative and coordinated effort to get a coherent port of ArmA 2 content from Bohemia Interactive to Arma 3 standards.
  • Everyone can make use of the work to build mods and missions on their own as long as they provide credits, shares their sources and keeps the same license.
  • Release of the content in a coherent way.

Source Page





Public Message About Bans & Kicks From OCB Servers

Posted by Valour - 27 Jun 2016 10:40 PM



In spite of how some players may perceive bans or kicks, I feel some explanation is required on how we manage problem players or issues in our servers.


Firstly it needs to be emphasised that we do not want to ban players from our servers.   Our Admins do not sit by in game waiting for the opportunity to hammer players out with a ban or a kick.   We want players to enjoy our servers for one simple reason; the more, the merrier!


We do have server rules, and these are in place to ensure the game is enjoyable for all, and that players who are interested in playing properly are not disrupted by those that aren't.


Here are some of the things that will get you kicked or banned (but again, remember we don't want to remove anyone from the game).


Hacking/cheating or using in game exploits to gain unfair advantage over other players


This is a no brainer.  If you are cheating you don't deserve to use the servers we pay for.   The servers are privately operated, and we decide who has access to them and who does not.   If you are a hacker, expect no mercy from us.  If you are caught out, you will be permanently banned and publicly named and shamed.


Excessive offensive language, abuse of admins or other players


Adults swear, we understand that, but excessive bad language is going to see you warned about it.  If it continues, it's going to result in a kick from the server.   Players in this boat are welcome to return, but if the language continues, in spite of already having been kicked, you might earn yourself a two week exclusion.


Abuse of the admins, who give much of their free time to keep things running smoothly won't be tolerated.   If this happens, the player concerned will be asked to stop, if they do not heed the warning, they will be kicked.  If they return and continue, a ban for two weeks will follow.  Sometimes players will be removed before your eyes, and before you attack the admin over it, just consider that you may not have all the facts, so it's probably best to leave it be.   If your thirst for an answer keeps you awake at night, send me a PM and I'll fill you in.


This goes for abusing other players, it's just not the done thing, don't do it.


Team Killing


Another no brainer.   It does happen sometimes unintentionally, and we understand that.   But when it happens several times, by the same player, we start to notice it, and action may be taken.   This again, comes with a warning, kick and then ban if the behaviour continues.   Anyone who drops all the players around them in a single blow should not expect a warning, the ban will come and be immediate.


Intentional Destruction of Friendly Assets


If entering a server to destroy friendly vehicles and aircraft is your thing, think twice about joining our servers.  Anyone witnessed deliberately destroying friendly equipment will be instantly banned.   It just won't be tolerated.  It's stupid and disrupts play for everyone else.


Final Things for you to consider


You may see another player be removed from the server, the reason for this may not be clear to you.  There may be, and usually is, a very good reason for the removal of a player.   There may have been a history with that player that you are not aware of, and they may have been previously kicked or temporarily banned for breaching our rules.


Case Study 1


A player, I'll call Mr X, was playing in our servers for a couple of weeks with no issues.  He was annoying and making constant demands of the admins to change things to suit his wishes.  This alone was not something we remove someone for, we just politely told the player to just play and stop making demands.


Mr X then started to team kill other players. Nothing major to start with, one or two here and there on an infrequent basis and warnings were given each time.  Then it started to become more frequent, and as such, a problem.  The player was told quite clearly that it needed to stop as it was effecting the enjoyment of others.  The player continued and was placed on a temporary ban.


Rather than deny this player time in our server, our aim was to correct the behaviour, so we lifted the ban and allowed him to return.  Mr X did return and started making demands again to have things changed to suit his wishes, when this was denied, he started to push the issue, and was told to stop.   Mr X then decided to message the admin via Steam and hurl abuse, in what appeared to be an attempt to hide this abuse from the other players on the server.  As a result, Mr X was banned.  Other players, being horrified at what they thought was a random and unjustified ban, started to demand an explanation from the admin.  They were told that they didn't have the full picture, and should leave the matter be.   They continued to the point of disrupting the play and were also temporarily banned.  These other two players were earlier being monitored as they appeared to be disrupting the game for others.  Mr X is still banned, the other two players are not.


Case Study 2


A player, who I'll call Mr P was playing in our server for quite some time.  He posed some joint ops between his group and ours (which we do accept when offered by the right community).   When this was politely declined, he took offence, invited all his buddies to join our servers and trash the base assets.   As a result, he and his mates were all banned for obvious reasons.  Mr P then set about bad mouthing OCB to the widest audience he could find, conveniently omitting the stupid behaviour of him and his friends.  He stated that OCB members demanded to be called Sir, and that any non compliance with orders resulted in a ban.  Complete rubbish, but accepted by the gullible who decided not the check the facts for themselves.


This resulted in some abuse from people I'd never played with; they had taken what Mr P had said and not bothered to check the facts.


This is the type of crap we deal with regularly.   We could allow a free for all and let players run wild doing whatever they like, but we wouldn't have many good players on our servers.   We need to sort the sugar from the shit and sometimes, this means denying some players the right to use our servers.


The Sour Grapes Factor


When a player is kicked or banned due to their conduct, they are obviously not going to be happy about it.  They will complain to their friends about how unfairly they have been treated, they will undoubtedly twist the facts to make themselves look good and concoct a story to make OCB admins look like evil trolls.  This is common and expected, but there are two sides to every story and the banned player is only going to give you one side.  Even in ban appeals, with us knowing the facts, they chose to put forward a story that makes them look good.  These players are going to rant in other communities about how horrible we are, and target the admin that banned them.  And this doesn't just happen to us, it's any community that deals with stupid players that cops the flack.


It is rare when an honest ban appeal is lodged, and more often than not, players who are banned who are honest have their bans overturned.


Before you rant about OCB Admins, consider that on our new server setup, there are only TWO players permanently banned.  Only TWO.  Our new servers have been in operation for a few weeks, and we have had 200+ players join and play in them, and we have permanently banned only two players.   By anyone's standard, that is very lenient.


Again, if you are bothered by an action taken by an admin, please let me know and I'll go over it with you.

Arma 3 Server up and running

Posted by Winfield_Gold - 09 Jun 2016 12:12 PM

Gents and Gentettes,

[OCB] are proud to announce that we a have shiny new Arma 3 server back up and running.
After a couple of months in the shadows with our focus having switched to Squad, Our thirst for
a "back to our roots" open-world military tactical shooter has convinced us to step out of the shadows and
re-educate ourselves with tactics and ratel that simulates real life Military skills and training.

Our server is open to both public and members and look forward to once again joining you on the battlefield.
If you have any questions or queries or to join the fight, join us on our teamspeak channel: ts3.ocbservers.net


[OCB] Online Combat Battalion | Wombat Servers







Our server is sponsored by and hosted with



OCB Recruiting for Squad

Posted by Valour - 25 May 2016 10:00 AM





If this is you, consider applying to join OCB.   If you are interested, or want to check out how we operate, please drop into team speak 3, at and spend some time in game with us.  


Please join our 72 slot server: AU\NZ [OCB] Online Combat Battalion #1 and enjoy yourself!


If you are interested, please complete our recruiting application and then spend time with us in game.