Quake Champions Tournament

In discovering how much fun Quake Champions is, and how much we all want to beat Laurance, there is a new tournament added for us to make the matches and results official.

It is a team vs team tourney, with teams of two players in each. Following this tourney, we’ll host a 1 v 1 duel, and team vs team Capture the flag tournament. Also coming is a TvT Arma ladder, so start forming your teams now!

More Games Added

Because we want to give gamers the stuff they want, we have added the following games to our lineup.

  • CS Global Offensive – popular fast paced combat

  • Rocket League – who doesn’t like playing soccer in a car?

  • For those more old school fraggers, UT4 is a barrel of monkeys!

  • Quake Champions – for the really old school players that just can’t let go of the old gaming days!

Welcome to OCB eSports

Tired of general public play?  Want to compete against other teams on a ladder or in a tournament?

Welcome to our new ladder system.  Much improved over the previous system, and more along the lines of what gamers are used to.   Register an account, join a ladder, challenge other teams, fight against them and enter the results to be displayed on the ladder table for all to see!  We can add as many ladders as players want, for whatever games you want to play.  We can also add tournaments for teams or single players.

Separate registration is required for this site.  It’s free, easy and quick.  We might even be considering prizes for the winning teams in future seasons IF we have enough interest.  When you’re ready, hit the image below, or use a menu item on the right menu!