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IndiCam - independent camera

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This mod would make capturing footage easier and would give us some cool angles for our game play footage.




The core idea for indiCam is to use a separate computer to record secondary gameplay footage around a player on a multiplayer server without the need to manually move the camera around.

So it turns the game into an automatic camera robot. Once it has been started, it will follow your selected unit around while automatically switching between camera angles depending on situation and visibility of the target.

The target unit can be a player or AI as well as of any faction.
Any player with access to the script can use it, but as of now it is only verified for one user per game session. The camera will completely take up the screen and the computer running it will not be able to participate in regular gameplay.

More info in the bohemia forum post:

To start the camera:
- Select a unit to spectate with the action menu and then click close to the unit marked on the map
- Start the camera with the action menu

Once started, the following keys can be used:
F1-Close the camera
F2-Force a new scene
F5-Previous vision mode
F6-Next vision mode

There is a known issue where the keypresses stack between stopping and starting the camera. Just press the keys once after the camera is stopped to fix that issue for now.



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I did have a look at this, but you need Arma on a second machine to run it on.



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I could set up a PC at work use team Viewer then log in, join and run, log out till after the the mission in done.. this way it wont effect my bandwidth. I have 2 extra ArmA accounts my wife's and my oldest son's .


do you this this would work?



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Yeah it probably would be great.   If you could work out how to get this going, you could record the next tac or training from this camera's perspective and we'd get some great footage.