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2nd PC to run A3

Arma 3 server local Multiplayer

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Hey dudes,



I have recently installed a second copy of stock arma 3 onto a Laptop that I have the full peripherals for (mouse, screen, keyboard etc)

Its runs the game on low to mid settings smooth enough at around 40fps - 50fps.



What I am wondering is, occasionally I want to test some things with friends where we need a third person and we are either trying to make something in game or do some editing, so having the third PC/Laptop with it running to either join or host the session for us works for what we need.



I am wondering when it comes to having this laptop running a3, would it be better to set up the laptop to only run the map and then both my main PC and my mates PC join off the lap top,  so that way our PC's can just run our own client related data and the laptop will handle all the server side stuff when we do something in a lan or private connection online etc. 


Is anyone able to tell me what the benefits may be that I may be able to tap into in this regard?

Having a laptop that could run the game or host a private session for my own stuff?


I have little to no understanding of the ability to run my own game / hosted server or something similar off a dedicated machine (or in this case laptop).



any on topic  thoughts or info / intel on this matter would be greatly appreciated. 









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Good talking with you Ren.


Note for others, there is server setup scripts on our TS3>Mission Lab folder to assist setting this up. Dash and Myself are happy to help walk these through with you however it is a complex concept.

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