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PG Services PMC

Arma 3 Mod

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PG Services is a global provider of security and resource protection services. We offer professional services to support government agencies and multinational corporations in high risk and complex environments across the globe. Our personnel bring a dynamic combination of management, expertise and execution to each challenge–delivering long-term, cost-effective programs that are specifically tailored to meet customer needs.

Built on a foundation of legal, moral and ethical values, our company is committed to the highest standards of accountability, compliance and quality. Since our inception, we aim to set the standard throughout the industry with our stringent training and exacting code of ethics. We are fully compliant with government regulations, industry protocols and international law and firmly believe that combining integrity and quality into all we do best serves our clients and the communities in which we serve

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Visit the PG Services Website


· In total 48 high quality uniform variants (some with custom normal maps)

· 8 different vest options

· 10 different headgear options (Caps, backwards caps, Boonie hats, helmets)

· 4 underwear options (used as part of some of the uniforms as well as under all of them)

· Random uniforms, vests and headgear - vastly increasing the number of unique units possible (randomisation options differ depending on the type of unit)

· Custom icons for every single uniform, vest and headgear variant. That's 66 icons in total (yes I did each one individually *sigh*)

· Units use all heads/faces currently available in ARMA 3 Beta to give a truly international feel to the PMC

· Metallic Black edition MX Rifle in both standard and GL variant (used as standard issue weapon for PG Services)

· PMC Version of the MH-9 helicopter

· Infantry Groups - based on the groups provided in the PMC DLC for A2OA (though modified slightly)

· Showcase mission to allow you to get up close to the new units and test out the black MX (found under "Scenarios" once installed)

Available Units

· Bodyguard - Uses 3 x 'Short sleeve shirt with cords' uniform variants, 1 x black tactical vest, Scorpion SMG

· Security Contractor (MX) - Uses 11 x 'Polo Shirt with Tactical Pants' uniform variants, 6 x vests, 3 x headgear (or none), black MX

· Security Contractor (MX-GL) - Uses 28 x 'Combat Uniform Rolled/Long Sleeve' (14 each), 6 x vests, 3 x headgear (or none), black MX-GL

· Team Coordinator - Uses 6 x 'T-shirt with Jeans' uniform, 6 x vests, 1 x Team Leader Cap with headphones, black MX

· Field Specialist (LMG) - Uses 28 x 'Combat Uniform Rolled/Long Sleeve' (14 each), 1 x Khaki Chest rig (vanilla), 3 x headgear (or none), M200 LMG

· Field Medic - Uses 28 x 'Combat Uniform Rolled/Long Sleeve' (14 each), 1 x Medic vest, 3 x headgear (or none), 1 x black medic kitbag, Scorpion SMG

· Field Technician - Uses 11 x 'Polo Shirt with Tactical Pants' uniform variants, 6 x vests, 3 x headgear (or none), 1 x Green repair & Explosives bergen, black MX

· Defensive Marksman - Uses 28 x 'Combat Uniform Rolled/Long Sleeve' (14 each), 1 x black tactical vest, 5 x headgear (backwards cap and boonie), EBR Marksman rifle with Sniper Scope

· Tactical Pilot - No random gear, 1 x Blue Polo Shirt with Beige tactical pants, Tan Pilot Helmet, pistol only

· *Security Contractor* - A template with no uniform, vest or headgear; for those that want more control over what their units wear

This mod contains modified core content. I have written permission from BIS to include it and have been open and pro-active in ensuring I do the right thing. I have been given approval because I respected the rules and because the core content still requires other content (excluded from the mod) in order to work.

Its important though that people do not assume that because I have permission others can do the same without asking BIS themselves. I highly recommend anyone considering to do the same to contact BIS before starting any work.


· People are free to use this mod (without modification) for any mission or campaign creation without needing to ask for my direct permission.
I only ask that you credit me accordingly for my work.

· I DO NOT (and CANNOT) give permission for anyone to modify or copy any part of this mod in any shape or form.
Please be respectful to both myself and Bohemia Interactive by refraining from making any attempt to do.
This includes de-pboíng my mod and re-using any part of it.

Release Notes

· First release is 0.5. That might be an odd number to start with but its reflective of the iterations I've gone through and the fact that its still not 100% complete.

· Random uniform, vest and headgear should be multiplayer compatible. I have tested and seemed to be working

· The mod's fully signed and includes bikey

· Does not currently include road vehicles. I have talked about this on the discussion thread. I am waiting for something different

· Units can be found under 'Independent>PG Services'

Known Issues

· Wound textures for the 'Polo Shirt with Tactical Pants' uniform do not work. I've made numerous attempts to fix using information I found on this forum but to no avail. If you think you can help, please let me know


· Ziggy76 for providing me with useful reference material

· mumblz for his oxygen work turning the BI sample cap into a backwards cap, and giving me permission to integrate it with my mod

· GvsE for helping me test multiplayer compatibility of random uniforms, vests and headgear

· PurePassion for answering my queries and supporting my work

· DnA from BIS for being incredibly supportive by taking time out to consider my request and providing permission

· Everyone who provided feedback and suggestions on the discussion thread

· My family for.. ok getting carried away, not an oscar speech. Check

Future Plans

· More Uniforms, Vests, hats (or replacements to existing ones)

· Road Vehicles, in particular an MRAP

· Single Player Campaign

· Multiplayer Missions (I already have one but its still a bit rough around the edges to release)

If anyone is interested in getting involved in any of the above (im talking experienced modellers and mission makers) then please PM me.

I'd love to hear what people think of the mod. Below are some general guidelines for what im looking for.

· Praise, pats on the back, ego boosting comments, etc (I spent far more time making this mod than I care to admit, thats got to be worth something!)

· Any errors you find

· Improvement suggestions (keeping in mind my below dislike list)


· Requests for customised versions. I had a number of such requests earlier on, but its simply not possible now

· Requests for generic "de-branded" version. There was a healthy debate about this on the discussion thread and it led me to go down the path of fictional PMC. PG Services is here to stay





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ah cool for mission ideas.



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They look nice!

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