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Vietnam Campaign Registration

Campaign Format

  • Two Teams - Australian and New Zealand Troops up against the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong Guerillas.
  • Sector control mission with three sectors in each map.
  • Ticket bleed - 5 tickets every 60 seconds. The team with the least held territory loses the tickets.
  • One ticket lost for either team when a player is killed.
  • Winner is the side with the most tickets remaining. (this will be reported by the server when the losing side has exhausted their tickets)
  • Revive is ON, but medkit or first aid kit is required
  • Full equipment for both sides including aircraft, vehicles, armour and artillery.
  • Respawn enabled
  • Equipment DOES NOT RESPAWN - If it's destroyed, it's gone.
  • The campaign map will be updated and posted to show what territory is held by the side at the end of each battle.
  • Cross hairs, friendly and enemy map markers and other HUD items are OFF
  • You need to select a SIDE which you will be on for the whole campaign. If the sides are not even (or as close as we can make them) people will be moved
  • You will NOT necessarily be on the same side as your mates from your unit (although every effort will be made to accommodate this)

How the Campaign Works

Each team has a forward base and a main base. Teams still start at their forward base, and players will need to select the base prior to spawning in. Once the teams are in, the battle can begin. The objective is to defeat the enemy team by reducing their respawn ticket count to zero.
This can be achieved by:
  • Killing the enemy to reduce respawn tickets, and/or
  • Capturing territory which will accelerate the ticket bleed of the enemy team

  • Team Roles

    One team will be the challenging team and the other the defending team.
    For the FIRST BATTLE, there is no attacking or defending team, they are both neutral. The winning team of the first battle will be the CHALLENGING team in the next battle, as they have won the first fight.
    In following battles, the challenger selects which area they want to attack, the defending team must defend from the territory the challengers select.


    Either team can take territory from the enemy, however the defending team MUST start at the zone selected by the challenging team. The defending team's main aim is to retain the zone/s they hold. The challenging team's main aim is to take what the defenders are holding.

    Victory Conditions & Points

    One side is obviously going to win the battle, as the tickets for one of the teams will exhaust first. The winning team is the team who still has tickets left when the other team's tickets are all gone.

    However, there is a points system.

    Winning side receives 3 points
    Losing Side receives 1 point
    If an attacking side wins AND captures the defending teams base area, they receive an additional 1 point
    If a defending team manages to successfully defend their base from capture until the end of the battle (as long as it is in their hands when the round ends) they receive an additional 1 point.

    To simplify: ATTACKERS:

  • Win = 3 points. Win + capture of defender's base = additional 1 point.
  • Loss = 1 point. Holding onto base area (when the round ends) = additional 1 point.

    Campaign Rules

    Detected Breach of Rules will result in removal from campaign
    • Defenders are NOT be attacked during their defence set up time (10 mins)
    • Defenders are NOT to enter ATTACKING team zone during defence set up time (10 mins)
    • Artillery is NOT to be fired DIRECTLY into TEAM BASE AREAS. It can be used anywhere else, but not base areas
    • Keep your language clean and no excessive vulgar language or racism.
    • Do not damage or destroy friendly assets such as bases, equipment and vehicles
    • No intentional team killing - if accidental apologise
    • Do not cheat, hack or exploit the server or mission that would give you an advantage beyond the scope or purpose
    • We expect professionalism, courtesy and a spirit of good sportsmanship and fun. If you behave like a twelvie, expect to be removed.