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Online Combat Battalion administration policy and procedure exists to provide a framework for how the unit handles administration. A gaming community can have servers to play on, team speak to communicate and players to operate with; but it should also have solid policy in place so that there are set rules and procedures for every instance. When things require administration, we have that framework for Officers to refer to so they know how to action the matter.

Having set policy also ensures that our dealings with administrative matters are handled consistently and fairly. Everyone will be dealt with in the same way for the same matters. There will often be considerations given in individual cases, as circumstances can be different, but the policy will provide the guide for leaders to follow.

What is Covered in this SOP?

Admin Policy Covers the following:

Section One | General Information
  • OCB Mission & Purpose
  • OCB Objectives
  • General Rules
  • Motto
  • Core Values
  • Code of Conduct
  • OCB Structure

Section Two | Recruiting Administration
  • Minimum Standards
  • Recruitment Process
  • Review of Applications
  • Offers of Membership
  • Rejection of Applications
  • The Probation System
  • Promotion to Full Membership

Section Three | Leadership & The Promotion System
  • Leadership Positions
  • Promotion Courses
  • Promotion Process
  • JNCO Responsibilities
  • SNCO Responsibilities
  • Officer Responsibilities
  • Staff Appointments
  • Demotions

Section Four | OCB Awards
  • Award Details
  • How Awards are Issued

Section Five | OCB Communication Systems
  • Team Speak
  • Web Site & Forums
  • Forum Rules

Section Six | Server Administration
  • Policing of Servers - Essential for Good Order
  • Appointment of Admins
  • Removal of Admin Status
  • Admins Bound by Certain Rules
  • Ban Reporting
  • Ban Appeals
  • Server Rules
  • Actions of Detection on Offences

Section Seven | OCB Training
  • Why We Train
  • Appointment of Instructors
  • Recruit Training
  • General Training
  • Qualification Courses
  • Promotion Courses
  • Member Failure on Course
  • Training Schedules

Section Eight | Absence & Leave Policy
  • Notification of Absences
  • Absent Without Leave (AWOL)
  • Member Status Classifications
  • Admins Bound by Certain Rules

Section Nine | Discipline
  • Why We have a Discipline Policy
  • Unit Discipline Responsibilities
  • Breaches of Code of Conduct
  • Investigations
  • Discipline Procedure
  • Penalties of Breaches
  • Appeals

Section Ten | Miscellaneous General Administration
  • Inter Unit Relations
  • Record Keeping
  • Privacy & Personal Information
  • Security of Information
  • Discipline Procedure
  • Penalties of Breaches
  • Appeals

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  • Practice fire discipline and know the Rules Of Engagement. Do not be the one to give away a stealthy approach. Always maintain fire discipline, based on the instructions of your squad leader.

  • Maintain appropriate spacing intervals Bunching up gets people killed. Keep several meters of interval between yourself and other players at all times.

Maintain your invterval

  • Maintain situational awareness avoid tunnel vision, and know where friendly forces are. This all helps to prevent being surprised by enemy contacts, prevents friendly-fire incidents, and gives you an idea of what areas may need more observation based upon how the squad or platoon is oriented.

  • Cover your sector 360° security is needed at all times. Every person should be observing/covering a different area. Good security means that your team is that much less likely to be surprised by the enemy. If nobody else is covering a spot, take it upon yourself to do so.

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  • Know your target. Don't wildly shoot at everything that moves, as that tends to cause friendly fire casualties. If in doubt, don't shoot. Ask someone else in your squad to check out the questionable contact. Don't be the one to shoot a friendly through carelessness!

  • Be concise on comms. Learn how to speak concisely on voice channels, to avoid cluttering them up when they're most needed.

  • Avoid crossing lines and lanes of fire. If you need to move past a person, always try to pass behind them. If you ever do need to move in front of someone in a combat situation, ensure that you call them by name and tell them that you're about to cross their line of fire.

  • Always work as part of a buddy team This ensures that every person has at least one other person looking out for them at all times. It simply means that you always move with, watch out for, and fight with another person at your side.

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