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Teamspeak Details


It is a PRIVILEGE to play on OCB servers. Any breach of the Server Rules can result in a PERMANENT BAN from any and all OCB/NetGamer servers.

Teamspeak Server

Rules for Voice Communications

  • No excessive offensive language
  • No abuse, harassment or threatening behaviour
  • No spamming of music or other noises that do not comprise a form of normal communication
  • No spamming of text to channels or members
  • Playing Names/conversations or anything related to drugs or similar are not permitted
  • No spamming of voice channels with excessive noise or stupid sounds
  • No advertising of any type
  • Conduct that is illegal is not tolerated
  • Discussion about illegal activities is not tolerated.
  • Impersonation of an OCB member or admin is not permitted.
  • Recruiting for, or advertising other communities is not permitted.
  • Do not argue with or question the decisions of the admins. You DON'T know the full story, and it's probably none of your business. This includes demanding an explanation from the admin after a kick or ban has been placed. Don't do it.
  • Our TS server is for the use of OCB members and guests. Do not abuse the TS server, and please be polite and friendly.

Gaming Servers

The Golden Rule

Follow that and you shouldn't have any issues.

General Rules

Please use team work and coordination in our servers.
  • Follow all instructions given by a server admin
  • Show the admin the highest respect and do not give them attitude
  • Do not question the admin on decisions. If you have an issue, leave and report the issue to BHQ
  • Keep your language clean and no excessive vulgar language or racism.
  • Do not damage or destroy friendly assets such as bases, equipment and vehicles
  • No intentional team killing - if accidental apologise
  • Do not cheat, hack or exploit the server or mission that would give you an advantage beyond the scope or purpose

2. Infantry Roles - Suggested Points

  • Don't run in front of another soldier's line of fire. Basically, if the rounds are flying, whether your buddy is actually shooting or not, do not run in front of his barrel! It is a very bad habit and this is NOT call of duty!
  • The Base and surrounding areas are not a place for you to test your weapons. Please do not fire weapons in base areas
  • Keep your weapon shopping to a minimum, is wastes time. Nothing wrong with a standard weapon with iron sights.
Working with ground vehicles (For games that have them)
  • When disembarking from a vehicle, run a few metres, hit the deck, remain in all round defence and await further orders. This is just good practice
Working with aircraft (For games that have them)
  • If your flying isn't very good, practice in single player, not on our servers
  • Use the aircraft for the benefit of your TEAM, it is NOT a personal taxi
  • When disembarking from a chopper, jump out ASAP and move away from it

3. Use of Ground Vehicles

OCB designates vehicles in support of infantry operations by providing transport, logistics and fire support.
These include all tanks and artillery pieces and are subject to the following rules.
  • Use of vehicles is a means to assist the team in mission objectives.
  • Do not abandon vehicles recklessly around the server
  • Do not fire any mortar or artillery piece without first confirming the location of friendly elements

4. Use of Aircraft

OCB designates aircraft to support infantry operations on the ground by providing transport, logistics and close air support (CAS). These include all helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and unmanned vehicles.
  • If you wish to fly, you must be connected to the OCB Teamspeak 3 Server with a working microphone, or in our Discord server for general play
  • If you are using an aircraft advise the mission command of this and your intentions.
  • Do not fly over the area of operations unless directed to by the mission commander or ground-forces requesting support
  • Do not fire any weapon without confirmation from the mission commander in game. This avoids blue on blue incidents
  • As aircrew you MUST be aware of the location of FRIENDLIES in the area of operations (AO). Confirm the target area is CLEAR of friendly troops prior to utilising weapon systems.