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At this time, the below list is currently being implemented on OCB servers. Please keep watch for a pending announcements and updates

All Servers will have signature checking and mod verification. You must be up to date and using only supported mods when connecting to OCB Servers

Arma 3 | Required Modifications

These modifications to Arma 3 are used on the OCB Custom Mods & Maps server and are required to be able to play on it.

@ACRE2Advanced Combat Radio Environment - Enhanced battlefield radio system.
@aceAdvanced Combat Environment - a must for extra content
@CBA_A3Community Based Addons - for many extras to work properly.
@CUPCommunity Upgrade Project - Arma 2 Content for Arma 3
@RHSAFRFRed Hammer Studios - Adds modern Russian faction
@RHSUSFRed Hammer Studios - Adds modern American faction

Arma 3 | Supported Modifications

Certain modifications to Arma 3 are run only on the client side and should not impact the gameplay of others. The listed mods below are supported and permitted to be used when connecting to OCB servers.

JSRS DragonfyreA sound replacement modification that enhances the audio experience of Arma 3
Blastcore PhoenixVisual Enhancement modification that enhances the experience of Arma 3
Blastcore TracersVisual Enhancement modification that enhances the experience of Arma 3
ShackTac UIShacktac User Interface includes necessary hud information that is not intrusive to gameplay