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Welcome to Online Combat Battalion - Australian Tactical Gaming Group
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Teamspeak Details

Game Server Bookings

Clans and other communities are able to book a server for training or scrims.

If your booking is for a scrim, we may be able to provide a referee for your match if you request one. We cannot guarantee we will have one available.

After booking, you will be advised if your requested booking date and time is available, and what the server join password will be. If the slot you requested is already booked, you will be advised.

If you require a server booking, click below

Book Server

Click Here to Book

Teamspeak Server

We use Teamspeak 3 as our online community voice communication and collaboration tool. It is highly recommended that you download and use this utility while playing on our servers.

Some games have good in game voice capability, but the preferred communication standard is Team Speak.



It is a PRIVILEGE to play on OCB servers. Any breach of the Server Rules can result in a PERMANENT BAN from any and all OCB servers.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Servers

[OCB] Online Combat Battalion #1 | AUS | AdminsOpenPublic Server203.26.83.67:7771
[OCB] Online Combat Battalion #2 | AUS | Admins Wombat ServersOpenPublic Server103.231.91.120:7797
NetGamer.com.au Australia #2 MelbourneOpenPublic Server203.26.83.67:7722
NetGamer.com.au Australia #3 MelbourneOpenPublic Server203.26.83.67:7773
NetGamer.com.au Australia #4 MelbourneOpenPublic Server203.26.83.67:7774
NetGamer.com.au Australia #5 MelbourneOpenPublic Server203.36.24.82:7775
NetGamer.com.au Australia #6 MelbourneOpenPublic Server203.36.24.82:7776
Note: To find the servers, filter in the Arma 3 multiplayer browser on “OCB”

All OCB Arma 3 servers use the mod set listed here: Supported Mods