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Posted by Valour - Yesterday, 03:49 PM





OCB Member only mission:   Please RSVP NOW!  


The people of Altis have requested the Online Combat Battalion to assist them, as a militant group of dissidents that seek to control the provincial government has commenced insurgent operations against the established leadership of the north western region of the island.


The specifics of the request have not yet been detailed, and the leaders of the region have been difficult to communicate with, however they have requested military assistance as they are concerned for the local civilians and overall stability of the region.  Several explosive devices have been detonated in local towns, leading to mostly civilian casualties.  The insurgent forces seek to use fear to gain compliance from the local population, with the recent execution of a respected local leader.


The UN has refused to intervene, as the region holds little of value, and those affiliated with the UN have declined to be involved due to there being no oil or other items of value they can control.


Are you willing to step up and help the peaceful people of this region?  If so, RSVP for this mission now!



AFV Commands to Gunner

Posted by Valour - 22 Sep 2016 07:02 PM

For those still confused about traversing commands!


SMR Range Practice

Posted by Valour - 22 Sep 2016 01:56 PM

After Action Report - 12 Sep 2016

Posted by Valour - 13 Sep 2016 07:41 AM

Yesterday saw some great work by OCB members and some of our regular public players on Patrol Ops.   Highlight of the early afternoon was some armoured operations involving two tanks.   The vehicles were able to maneuver correctly, use the terrain and engage targets on the move, which saw the successful completion of a difficult mission with no casualties and with both vehicles returning to base with slight damage.




Later in the evening, the available number of deployable troops picked up, which enabled deployment by soft skinned vehicles of a number of infantry elements and a fire support team utilising mortars.




Communications between sections were very good, field formations were utilised, and the plan was executed with few problems.   A couple of near misses with one inadvertently fired mortar round (it's ok, we forgive you), and few casualties.   Overall a great night had by all, and thanks to the members and guests that made it such a great night.




Here are some more images of the action.  I believe there is a video that has been recorded - to be released soon.







Public Team Speak Use

Posted by Valour - 19 Aug 2016 10:02 AM



OCB is very welcoming to all players, new or old. It's one of the things we are known for and we will continue to welcome all. Although it must be said, more like a reminder, that use of voice communications in game should be restricted to communicating about what is going on in the mission, location of friendlies, enemy elements, coordination of helo extraction etc.

OCB members are getting a little fed up with the constant rubbish talk that is going on in team speak, with some players facing removal from the servers if it continues.

"Fuck I just got blown up", "Hey what retarded hat should I wear", or similar are comments we don't need to hear.   If you want to talk crap, that's fine, just don't join team speak.   When using a radio mod like ACRE or TFR, it is for communication with other elements to pass on information.  It is not for you to waffle shit, so don't do it. 

If you want to talk crap that is not mission related, turn your mic off and go for your life. When guys are trying to use comms to coordinate their efforts we don't want to hear about your weekend, the fact your parrot just died, the cat threw up on your keyboard, or that you just broke a fingernail - we don't really care.

Keep the chatter lean and clean.