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Play with Six Setup

Posted by Valour - 21 Jul 2016 06:57 PM

Thanks to Tyee for whipping up this handy video for anyone who wasn't sure how to get Six going.


Once in, search for OCB Custom Mods & Maps - Collection by Winfield Gold!   That's us!



Thanks again Tyee

In Game Callsigns

Posted by Valour - 20 Jul 2016 12:35 PM



OCB developed a set of callsigns for their units, with each type of unit having a specific callsign which identifies them over the radio by type.  Whilst using these in public games is not essential, it's preferred and if you are using them, other players will get used to them and it will make communications much simpler.




Alpha is the HQ or Command element in the field.   "Zero-Alpha" is the overall commander of the mission.  Any other Alpha Callsigns are attached to the command element.




BRAVO are all the infantry callsigns.  They start at Bravo-One-One, and then each section or fire team after that is Bravo-One-Two, Bravo-One-Three etc.




VICTOR callsigns are Light Armoured Vehicles. (M113, Marshall, Bradley etc).  Again, simple format, Victor-One-One, Victor-One-Two etc.




XRAY are transport choppers.   Same format as above.  SABRE are attack choppers.




REAPER are fast movers, fighter and attack fixed wing aircraft.




HAMMER is artillery for obvious reasons.


OCB does have more callsigns, but they are often not used, so we are not going to detail them here.   Please feel free to use these callsigns in our servers!

New Servers

Posted by Valour - 13 Jul 2016 10:29 AM



As you may have noticed, we now have three Arma 3 servers operating.


OCB Vanilla - which is running non modded missions, however ACRE and CBA_A3 are enabled, but are optional for players joining the server


OCB Custom Maps & Mods - Running our new standard mods list.   Details here.


OCB - Tanoa - A newly acquired server running Arma 3 Apex - Tanoa.   This server is still being configured, and players will be advised when this is in operation.  ETA on this is in the PM of 13 July.


As always, we encourage members and general players to join our teamspeak server for in game comms and for any assistance you might need with mods, or learning to play Arma 3 the way it was meant to be played (No Zombies or life mods here!)

SPOTREP #00058 - Arma 3 Update

Posted by Valour - 12 Jul 2016 08:48 AM



Yes, there has been another Arma 3 update to include the Tanoa expansion.   The update is around 4gb, so prepare for a wait prior to playing.  Make sure you're updates, and servers will be updated this morning (as per Winfield's post).


Of note, are exciting new additions such as: (The annotations in brackets are mine)


  • Added: More than 200 signs, 25 rocks and 100 trees, bushes and clutters* (Because we needed more rocks)
  • Added: MB 4WD Offroad Car* (and another 4WD that no one is going to use)
  • Added: Water Scooter* (Yes, seriously, a fucking water scooter!)
  • Added: AKM 7.62 mm Assault Rifle* (They are starting to learn that we'd all prefer the old weapons rather than the new rubbish)



There are a stack of other updates and "fixes" Full details are here.   Please remember that when they update stuff, they normally break other stuff, so don't be shocked when the game starts having issues!

How to load mods for OCB A3 servers.

Posted by Winfield_Gold - 11 Jul 2016 04:09 PM

This guide has been slapped together to give an informative outline on how to install All the required mods to join both our Vanilla or Custom Maps arma3 servers.


Following this guide will take the complication out of installing Acre2, CBA_A3 and many more mods that we run on our servers.  If at any stage you require further assistance, do no hesitate to hit one of our members via teamspeak, or our forums.  We all have had issues both past and present with mod installation however read this guide and gain a better understanding of mods and mod directories before seeking help.


https://www.dropbox....b Mods.pdf?dl=0


Full list of required mods are listed at the link below.