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Quick Contact - Unsung

Posted by Valour - Yesterday, 03:26 PM

Speaking of Vietnam - Arma 3 Unsung Mod

Posted by Valour - Yesterday, 12:25 AM


This is available now, and I have had a look at it in the editor.   I'm planning a TVT campaign for unsung.   Good fun to be had!

There are only two words....

Posted by Valour - 29 Sep 2016 09:50 PM





Posted by Valour - 28 Sep 2016 03:49 PM





OCB Member only mission:   Please RSVP NOW!  


The people of Altis have requested the Online Combat Battalion to assist them, as a militant group of dissidents that seek to control the provincial government has commenced insurgent operations against the established leadership of the north western region of the island.


The specifics of the request have not yet been detailed, and the leaders of the region have been difficult to communicate with, however they have requested military assistance as they are concerned for the local civilians and overall stability of the region.  Several explosive devices have been detonated in local towns, leading to mostly civilian casualties.  The insurgent forces seek to use fear to gain compliance from the local population, with the recent execution of a respected local leader.


The UN has refused to intervene, as the region holds little of value, and those affiliated with the UN have declined to be involved due to there being no oil or other items of value they can control.


Are you willing to step up and help the peaceful people of this region?  If so, RSVP for this mission now!



AFV Commands to Gunner

Posted by Valour - 22 Sep 2016 07:02 PM

For those still confused about traversing commands!