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Hell Let Loose - Is looking good

Posted by Valour - 23 Oct 2017 07:33 AM

Even though it's pre alpha, it's looking pretty good.   It's certainly not a CoD type shooter and that's a good thing.


Hell Let Loose

Posted by Valour - 11 Sep 2017 09:24 PM

This looks seriously good.   It's FPS, multiplayer, military, team based, tactics driven WWII goodness.



Get the full details at the official site: https://www.hellletloose.com/

New Arma Missions

Posted by Valour - 03 Aug 2017 10:24 AM



A return to the good old days of Arma...  Domination missions for Altis, Takistan, Zargabad and Chernarus have been added to the server.   INCLUDING TvT Domination, one of our favourites.


Only mods running are CBA_A3 and Task force radio; however if Chernarus is running, you'll need the CUP mods.  See you in the field.

OCB - Eight Years In

Posted by Valour - 03 Jun 2017 01:18 AM



3rd of June 2017 marks the eight year anniversary of the formation of Online Combat Battalion.  In online gaming, to still be in operation after eight years is a major milestone and one of which we should be proud.


We have also faced many challenges during that eight years.  We have had our detractors because of our early success,  we have had a lot of members come and go, the games we play have changed and the way to do business has also had to evolve to continue to stay on top of things.  We have certainly learned many things about operating a gaming community over that time.  


There has been personal tragedy and heartbreak for some members, others have been targeted by immature, vile human beings simply because they offered a differing opinion or they disliked the way things were done.   Through all that, the members supported each other, not just with a pat on the back saying "if there is anything I can do let me know" but they have assisted other members practically and financially during tough times.   It is this aspect of OCB of which I am most proud.   Many of those who did provide that support have moved on, but I will never forget the generosity and kindness shown, especially to my family by the members here.


The web site has been through three major changes with new systems being trialed and face lifts being applied and we have established very good forums and site systems to meet our needs.  


All that said, OCB is the members; the people that have worked so hard to build what we have now.  The countless thousands of hours that so many members have put into the development of OCB is truly amazing and we are indebted to those members, past and present that give so much so we can have a organised place to have fun playing the games we enjoy.


Mentions must go to a few key people that have done so much for this group.


Tromac: A solid, dedicated gamer who created and led many missions, created mods and helped with the management of the group for the majority of our eight years.  Without Tromac's assistance, I would not have lasted doing this as long as I have.  He is a true friend and an absolute champion human being.  Your friendship means a lot more to me than you know, and it is an honour to have you back playing with us.


EightySix:  A mission making guru who also contributed greatly to the development of the web site, leadership of the group and the creation of amazing mission content.  Another person I consider to be a friend who gave countless hours to this group and still remains a supporter and adviser to this day.


keV: The server guru, who provided us with an amazing, stable and fast server platform for many years.  What a shame we could no longer afford what he was able to provide.  On many occasions, I know that keV foot the bill for the shortfalls in server donations and this hasn't been forgotten.  keV still provides our TS server facility.


Gelly: Amazing mission maker and simply outstanding field commander who set the standard for campaign missions in Arma 2 and 3.  Gelly also took our training to a new level and imparted his vast knowledge onto us all for the betterment of the group.


And last but not least, Gooseneck.   Ah Goosey, we've been through a lot mate, and you were there with me from day one.  Your mateship and support has made me smile a lot and encouraged me to keep going and improving things here.  We have not always seen eye to eye and have had our spats, and I know you're not on the books with us officially anymore (which gives me the shits) but I know you'll be around when you want a chat.


There have been many others that have done so much for OCB.   Lyndiman, Dash, Magnet, Yesh, Spartan, Scabbie, Foxestrot, Hainus, Emery, Spork, FEAR and so many others that all have in many ways, made this community a better place.


To the latest core members, Laurance, Mulesy and Beatle; thank you for hanging in there when things were at their lowest ebb.  It would have been easier for you to leave and seek gaming adventures elsewhere, but you stuck with the group and I sincerely appreciate that.


OCB has now, I believe, outgrown being an Arma only group.  We have been into so many other games recently and nothing formal, just whatever we have felt like playing on any given day.   Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is something we are grabbing onto now and I think this will see the group expand and lead to much more activity.  The more the merrier!     There is also other exciting things in the works that will see us tie in with another community in a major way, that will raise the profile of both groups and provide members with a lot more scope and a whole new bunch of mates to game with.


As we look to the future there are new games, new challenges and much more fun to be had.  I thank you all for your contribution so far, and I look forward to the next eight years!

Rising Storm - Seriously Intense

Posted by Valour - 31 May 2017 03:03 PM

This game brings online combat to a new level.  It's fast and furious.   You MUST use teamwork, the graphics are nice, the weapons are good, and the game play is really enjoyable.


Remember that when you first start playing, as with any other game, you are going to get spanked, you won't know where you are or what's going on, so don't rage and pass it off because you are totally new to it.   Give it some time and have a good go.


We are in negotiations to have our own 64 slot dedicated server, so stay tuned.  Now check out this very brief set of screens to wet your appetite.


1. Watching more troops come in for deployment




2. Clearing the LZ




3. Pot shots at the enemy chopper




4. This was taken a few seconds after a napalm strike.  I was a little too late to capture it in it's full glory