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Rising Storm 2 Vietman Close Beta Game Play

Posted by Valour - 30 Jan 2017 09:11 PM

Check this vid out for some of the closed beta action in RS2V.  Remember this is still in Beta, so there are things not working/broken, so bare that in mind.


Looks like awesome team based action to me!


Wombat Servers - Highly Recommended

Posted by Valour - 16 Dec 2016 09:39 AM



Whether you are an individual looking for your own servers, or a community, I cannot recommend Wombat Servers highly enough.   Their service is professional, fast and efficient and they get things done.   They resolve issues quickly and pay attention to their customers.


Prices are very good, but that doesn't mean the services are cheap, they are anything but!


If you need a game server for your game, check out Wombat Servers, you will not be disappointed!


Thanks to Javed and the team for their assistance recently with an important issue.   I won't forget!

Arma 3 Clean Sweep

Posted by Valour - 16 Dec 2016 07:07 AM




There have been a couple of updates recently, and this is the one of note.  BI claimed to have fixed bugs instead of developing more 'content', which we can only assume refers to 'content' like rocks, trees and other useless crap that no one in the community ever asked for.


A performance boost is the reported result, but as we know, in spite of BI's genuine desire to improve the game, we all know when they fix one thing, they break many more.   Full details here.


The devbranch has also released a 64 bit version, but not for the standard user executables at this stage.   We'll be waiting for that before playing with dev versions.

BF1 Update - Mid December

Posted by Valour - 13 Dec 2016 06:51 AM

If you can stand to wade through some of the really boring bits, here is important update information for the next BF1 patch.  Seems Dice have listened to the community about some things (shotguns in particular) but have had a brain snap on others (the cross bow grenade launcher - yes you read that correctly - still trying to appeal to the COD fanboys).


Standard Rifles feature is nice, if enabled (rented servers only, not official Dice servers) all classes can have standard issue rifles, no scopes, and if you turn off elite classes, all standard classes can use a rifle (or you can turn off shotguns and SMG completely and have a more authentic feel).


BF1 Server Up

Posted by Valour - 23 Nov 2016 08:33 AM



Donation details in members forums for those willing an able to help out.