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Welcome to the Australian Online Combat Battalion website

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Applying to Join? Read This!

Posted by Valour - Today, 07:05 AM



We've had a few applications, and we appreciate the interest shown in membership by players, however there are some applications coming in that waste our time and the time of the person applying.


Here's some info that might save us all some pain...


  • If you do not meet the age requirement, your application will be declined, (we make RARE exceptions at our discretion)
  • If you have not regularly played with OCB members, in our servers whilst using Team Speak, your application will be declined,
  • If you are currently a member of another clan, your application will be declined,
  • If you do not reside in a timezone similar to Australia, your application will be declined,
  • If you do not put some effort into your application, your application will be declined,
  • If your application is declined, do not annoy us via email as to why, we reserve the right to not supply a reason for the rejection of any application.
  • If you pretend to be a service person to gain entry (although this is NOT a requirement), you'll be found out and announced to the world
  • If you are or were in a clan that is named after a real ADF unit, we won't consider your application, so don't bother applying.  Naming gaming groups after real units to offensive to those people who have served in the ACTUAL unit, as well as being very distasteful to ADF members generally.  You're stealing the honour of that unit and it's current and former members.

If you are confused, or require further clarification, contact VALOUR directly via PM and I'll fill you in.

[Mod News] AGM Updated to 0.95.3

Posted by CptDavo - 09 Mar 2015 09:21 PM



AGM has been updated on our servers and A3Sync.


- Fixed: Broken hitpoints for VA people in v1.40 (#2162)
- Fixed: Disable Team-Management module did not disable join group (#2032)
- Fixed: Holstering a weapon in a FFV seat would make you stand up (#2098)
- Fixed: Inheritance issues with v1.40 (#2151, #2156)
- Fixed: Kick option in Check PBOs module broken (#2081)
- Fixed: Low resolution when using Vector with mils (#2125)
- Fixed: Undefined variable in Vector function (#2122)
- Fixed: Unnecessary setVariable calls in diagnosis (#2009)
- Fixed: Version number check didn't account for patch versions (#2163)
- Fixed: Weapon IK in combat pace (#2095)



[Mod News] RHS Updated to 0.3.6 & New Mods

Posted by CptDavo - 02 Mar 2015 07:29 PM

Our servers have been updated with the following mods:





@ascz_aia_extensions - Fixes/Update for AiA-TP (You must run this with @AllInArmaTerrainPack)

@isladuala - New map

@JS_JC_FA18 - Adds F/A-18E/F

@JS_JC_SU35 - Adds Su-35

@Leights_OPFOR - New Factions

@Panthera_A3 - New map

@Vcom_AI - AI MOD for Zeus/AI Squad (Runs on server as well)

@ASR_AI - AI MOD for Zeus/AI Squad (Runs on server as well)



@RHSAFRF - Updated to 0.3.6

@RHSUSF- Updated to 0.3.6





Total update size: ~3.4GB (~90% is due to RHS)


Also a reminder to donate, our servers are not cheap to run.


Note: Please remember to setup your userconfig files for the AI mods (ASR & Vcom) if you plan to run them. You MUST run these mods if you intend to play as Zeus or controlling AI in-game(as a squad leader).

[Mod News] AGM Updated to 0.95.2

Posted by CptDavo - 27 Jan 2015 06:57 AM



AGM has been updated on our servers and A3Sync.


- Changed: Markers are now sent over network using the classname, not the index (#1966)

- Changed: SwitchUnits can now be dis-/enabled during the game (#2016)
- Changed: Tweaked G-force intensity (#1774)

- Fixed: "Hide AI" option in BFT module was inverted (#1975)
- Fixed: AGM keybinds would block the Ctrl key (#1988)
- Fixed: Player could use SwitchUnits while dead (#2014)
- Fixed: Slingload hitpoint couldn't be repaired (#2000)
- Fixed: The mount command didn't work after the AI healed someone (#1965)

Russian Armed Forces Deploy to Sahrani

Posted by Xerxes - 19 Jan 2015 09:08 PM

6-я армия развертывается Североатлантического


Online Combat Battalion, of the 78th Motor Rifle Brigade proved their worth yesterday after retaking the city of Bagango.

Following their deployment to the Democratic Republic of Sahrani, OCB was tasked with driving the Free Sahrani Army forces from the regional capital which was over run just days prior.


With much of the 6th Army still awaiting deployment, OCB spear headed a motorised assault from the Sahrani Defence Force held airfield at Pita to retake several key objectives, including the Sahrani National Broadcast Center (SNBC).


1st Platoon, Rifle Company led the charge in their BTR-80's through FSA controlled villages, clearing a path for the rest of the Battalion to follow. Though low in number, 1st Platoon stormed the  SNBC building, putting a stop to the FSA anti government and anti Russian propaganda.


1st Platoon once again formed the vanguard for the final assault to retake Bagango.






During the battle for Bagango, OCB retook the DRS local police station and government regional headquaters, driving the FSA forces from the city and back to the south.

Initial reports claim a total of 69 confirmed dead FSA insurgents with countless others wounded, while Russian Armed Forces only suffered light casualties.

Once the city was liberated, the people of Bagango welcomed their Russian comrades with open arms and celebrated as DRS security forces began to restore civil order.




The local population, forever grateful for Russia's military intervention


Министерство иностранных дел Российской Федерации


Original Mission briefing can bee seen here: