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ADF Ops - Insurgency

Posted by Valour - 13 Apr 2019 09:26 AM



As an Australian based unit, I thought it was about time we had a general play type mission that involved ADF units.  The result, ADF Operations Insurgency!




  • Project UNCUT units, weapons and vehicles
  • 3CB Factions 
  • Support functions for CAS (helo), CAS A-10, Transport and Artillery (long, medium and short range)
  • Taxi Service (scroll and select 'call taxi' and a chopper comes to you and takes you anywhere - they will even wait for you if you choose!
  • Vcom AI to make it more challenging
  • Advanced Injury System
  • New notifications for task assignment and completion
  • CBA View Distance Function (the best view distance function there is)
  • Ability to interact with civilians, speak to them, question them, search them, detain them
  • Medivac system - chopper will land at your LOC, transport you back to base and tell you to go to the medical centre if you are injured
  • Enemy Occupation System - caching of AI, despawning when out of range to increase performance
  • Increased damage to AI enemy (more realistic)
  • Vehicle Borne IED
  • Suicide Bombers
  • Large Civilian Presence
  • Immersive sounds throughout the area
  • The insurgency style red squares all over, as well as specific challenging tasks to complete if you choose.

This is currently a WIP, about 80% done and it's working really well.   Once complete (in about a week), it will be server testing and released on the server.  MIght even put this one on steam workshop.

Mod News

Posted by Valour - 05 Mar 2019 10:11 AM



This is an alternative to STHUD, and it has more options and is better imo.


Check it out on Steam Workshop

Back in Action

Posted by Valour - 17 Feb 2019 11:04 AM

Thanks to Red5's hard work our public server is back online.   It's currently in vanilla mode, no mods required and a bunch of missions have been uploaded for members and guests to play.


Please check the calendar for our missions which start 18 Feb and are planned through until the end of March.  Here is what's on in February...









Each image is a link to the calendar entry.   Some briefings not yet complete, but that's being fixed this week.

Christmas Stand down period

Posted by Valour - 23 Dec 2018 08:19 AM

It's the season for family and that jazz. So OCB will be standing down until sometime mid January, when we'll start rolling out the missions again then.

Merry Christmas to all members, friends and their families. Stay safe and enjoy the season.

Hearts & Minds - Australian Forces Take Control

Posted by Valour - 09 Nov 2018 08:37 AM



The Australian 1st Platoon has taken control of the Khe Sanh province's Hill 558 in a tough battle against the VC/NVA and Independent forces in the area.


The Aussies took the area after some tough fighting and a few casualties.   They then moved into the VC base area, where also the fighting was very intense, the VC/NVA forces managed to retain their forward base.


Want wanting to concede any territory, the VC/NVA forces launched a counter offensive on Hill 558 and they captured and held the area for some time.  The VC/NVA repelled several attempts by the Australians to regain the Hill, but the Aussies were eventually able to regain control of the Hill until the battle ended.


Big thanks to Laurance, Red5, Ozone, Wolf Mother, Gooseneck, Nimflip, Beatlebug, Dodgy, Iron Tarkus, Gractus & Pocket Messiah for participating.    Feedback after the mission indicated everyone had a great time, and we are looking forward to the next battle in the campaign.


Feedback on the mission itself and how things can be streamlined have been received and will be implemented in the next mission.