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Operation ODIN - ALiVE Chernarus

Posted by Valour - 20 Jun 2018 08:36 AM



We have ended our plans for extended deployment in Clafghan for technical reasons.   We have now moved to Chernarus.


MSO Missions will be posted to the calendar and the concept is that we perform mission tasks as if we were in a standard tactical mission, save at the end of the series of tasks, and then continue at the next session.


Questions and comments welcome.


Posted by Valour - 16 Jun 2018 04:09 AM





If you wish to participate you need firstly to apply to join our Alive Server War Room Page by going here to register and request inclusion in the operation.


Secondly, you will require the following mods:




To give you some idea of what ALiVE mod does, when you go to our ALiVE ORBAT page, click on TALON in the Recent Operations Section or click here. It will show you a map of all movements by individual player during the previous or current session.   Then all the stats also appear on that page to the right.  It's an impressive system.


Session dates have been added to the calendar.  RSVP for those dates if you want to participate.   IF there is a number of players online, but no date has been planned, you may enter and engage in operations.  One of those players MUST BE AN OCB ADMIN.


List of Admins:










Admins - instructions for using the mission will be detailed shortly.

NCO Course - Content List

Posted by Valour - 14 Jun 2018 10:33 AM

For those that are required (Current NCO) or those who wish to attend to be further trained and eligible for promotion, here is a brief snapshot of the course sessions and the lessons for each session:




Planning and running this course is a considerable undertaking, with content being written and lesson plans being developed for instructors to deliver this training, so those attending are required to take the training seriously and be willing to step up to demonstrate they have taken on board the content through assessment tasks to confirm basic skills.


In our operational missions, be they standard tac mission or MSO session, NCO's will be expected to step up and take command of their troops utilising the skills learned in training.   After the course no one is expected to be awesome at leading a section, but with practice members will become effective section commanders.  There is an expectation that NCO will not only have the responsibility of leading their sections, but some administration tasks following operations.   You want to hold the rank, expect to do some work to support your section.


The lessons will follow a formal format, so when training is being conducted, game face on, no mucking around, listen and learn.  We will still have fun though.


The training is not designed to be difficult, but it will challenge you at times and require you to step up and take command of your section in some stressful situations.   You'll need to think of not just your section, but the overall situation you are in, and the battlespace as a whole as it relates to your mission task.


We are lifting our overall standards, and expecting a greater level of professionalism and operational competence, this course will support that aim.  I encourage all members to nominate themselves for this course when it starts.   Session one will be starting this month.  Sessions can be repeated for those that miss out on initial dates, so everyone will get a run whether you can make it the first time or not.


*This course is open to OCB members only


Comments and feedback welcome.

MSO - Clafghan - Extended Combat Deployment

Posted by Valour - 14 Jun 2018 09:12 AM





The Province of Clafghan has become unstable over the past year with combat operations in other areas having a direct effect on the region, as insurgent forces are forced into new geographical areas as a direct result of those combat actions.


These issues need to be addressed to prevent another organised insurgent group of establishing themselves in the area.  The civilians in the area are mixed in their support of any foreign intervention, and as a result they are expected to be divided in their dealings with allied forces.  Some will support and assist us, others will oppose our presence but conceal it, others will openly oppose us.  As a result, you may have to stop, interrogate, search and possibly detain civilians and place them into custody.


1st Platoon, along with supporting air and ground assets, will conduct ongoing combat operations in the Clafghan region to prevent the situation from any further deterioration.





To conduct aggressive patrols of the region, gather intelligence about enemy activity and seek out and destroy insurgent forces, whilst protecting the civilian population.




1st Platoon will move into the established base in the south of the province and conduct patrols from there.  Tasks will comprise the collection of intelligence from the local population, combat patrols of the area and reconnaissance of known enemy areas.


Detailed taskings will be provided prior to each movement into the AO.




  • Specific patrol commanders and composition will be issued prior to each patrol.
  • There are sufficient resources for each patrol and they will be allocated prior to movement,
  • Vehicles and aircraft are a limited resource, to be used sparingly and IAW SOP.  If vehicles or aircraft are unservicable, they will be repaired in the field.   If they are destroyed, we need to requisition replacements which could take up to a week. (In short, if it's destroyed, you're not getting another one until the next session - this is not a toy box for those that like trashing stuff)




  • A patrol commander will be assigned prior to each mission
  • Section and Platoon net (short and long range) communications will be required (TFR ESSENTIAL)



How this will work


  • This mission is a persistent, ongoing mission and each week a mission session will be run.  At the completion of the session the mission will be saved and the next session will pick up where the previous session left off.
  • Attendance is obviously strongly encouraged, but if you decide not to attend the mission it will continue regardless as part of the campaign.
  • Missions will be assigned dependant on the numbers of players attending.  Small tasks for small numbers, larger tasks for larger groups.
  • Tasks are not simply patrol and kill stuff, they will include gathering of intelligence, recon of enemy held areas, deployment to repair and recover damaged assets, and a pretty much unlimited number of other tasks limited only by our imagination.  The ALiVE setup and mission that Tyee has created is quite simply awesome.‚Äč  
  • Missions will involve infantry, air and vehicle operations.
  • AI are very clever, and they will actively seek you out and attempt to kill you or destroy friendly resources (they are patrolling and gathering intelligence too)
  • The campaign will run for as long as it takes to complete all tasks and objectives.  It literally could take months for us to complete.
  • Following this Clafghan campaign, we'll be starting a new one in a European map.
  • Resources are limited - this has been done intentionally to provide a greater challenge - as a result, team killing, intentional destruction of friendly assets or general fucking around will not be tolerated - you have been warned!


If you have any questions please let me know.  A lot of work has been put into this, and I hope you'll find it enjoyable.  It's certainly a step up from the normal tac mission routine.  Regular normal tac missions will still be run on the alternate week.


Posted by Valour - 13 Jun 2018 10:08 PM

To assist in getting the ALiVE MSO system working, the main server has been reset.  That means ALL files including all mods have been deleted from the main server.


We are doing a fresh install of everything and this we suspect may prevent the error that is stopping us from streaming to the ALiVE War Room site.


Second server is still up and running, and will have mods added to it so that members can use whatever they like.   Server admin password for both remains the same for those that have access.