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OCB ZEUS Operations

Posted by Tromac - 16 Apr 2014 12:54 AM

On Sunday April 13 OCB undertook a massive ZEUS mission run by Lyndiman. It was a great event in which multiple squads were rotated through a variety of tasks. Check out the video from the perspective of Zeus.

ArmA 3 Sitrep #52

Posted by CptDavo - 15 Apr 2014 01:17 PM

Posted Image

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Zeus released, Zeus livestream

To celebrate last week's release of Zeus, we hosted a launch livestream on Saturday. Game Master Lukáš Haládik (call signs Sunray & Unicorn) created a High Value Target extraction scenario from scratch. The highlight for many was the GM remote controlling a civilian who refused to share his knowledge of the HVT position with the AAF players, and what subsequently happened ... The various hosts also demonstrated the new features added since the Zeus reveal and tried to answer a bunch of questions from the chat. We'd like to thank the three community fire teams who participated and did a great job of showing how Arma MP can benefit from solid teamwork. Kudos to Comrades in Arms, VOLCBAT and Shack Tactical for joining us!

Re-live the stream from different points of view:

Official Zeus GM POV
VOLCBAT fire team POV #1
VOLCBAT fire team POV #2
Comrades in Arms fire team POV
Bohemia Interactive fire team POV


Bohemia Interactive has shared a page with clarifications on the making and sharing of screenshots, videos, gameplay footage and music created using our games. We are and always have been quite generous when it comes to these topics, and this page merely helps to explain the exact rules in an open and honest way. The Frequently Asked Questions and answers should help to remove any doubts.


There has been quite a lot of constructive feedback about the flight model of our fixed-wing aircraft. Programming Lead Vojtěch Hladík himself has added new parameters to adjust the behavior of said planes. It is now possible to adjust the curve of sensitivity for elevators, rudder and ailerons. Encoder Martin Gregor has set these new parameters for the new CAS planes and the overall feedback seems like it has been a step in right direction.


Owners of the (Digital) Deluxe Edition will find two new Zeus music tracks (MP3 + FLAC) in the Bonus folder of the game.

Check out the most-recent TECHREP for several minor updates to the tools in the suite.

Zeus designer Karel Mořický has published several Zeus scenarios to Steam Workshop that will offer the standard modes on old Arma terrains (e.g. Chernarus and Takistan). There exist several mods which add those terrains to Arma 3, but neither the mods nor these scenarios are officially supported. This may at least get you to enjoy Zeus in a different setting!


Posted by CptDavo - 13 Apr 2014 01:31 AM

XMedSys  and has been updated on our servers.


v0.3.5 BETA
* updated french language
* added russian language (thx to nkey)
* added polish language
* fixed: errorMessage when throwing light
* fixed: Serverconfig variables of the type BOOL are not transfered correctly from the serverconfig into ingame mechanics [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=52 ]
* fixed: X39_MedSys_var_Pain_AllowMorphineOverdoseEffect = false causes blur [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=53 ]
* fixed: X39_MedSys_var_Legs_AllowBrokenLegs = false; does not work [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=56 ]
* fixed: Broken Limitation System after Respawn [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=58 ]
* fixed: Incorrect BIRD reaspawn handling [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=64 ]
* fixed: Incorrect frag handing [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=65 ]
* fixed: Buttons not works after CPR [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=66 ]
* fixed: X39_MedSys_var_allowSpeedLimitations_forceWalkAtXDamage not works [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=77 ]
* fixed: X39_MedSys_fnc_knockOutUnit function (timestamp)
* handled: Vanilla medikit still working - Removed FAK fix and removing all default medic items when unit gets initialized [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=61 ]
* handled: Way to disable drag\carry menu [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=63 ]
* handled: Earplug not affect in-game volume [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=72 ]
* handled: Volume level attenuation is not natural [ http://feedback.vbun.../view.php?id=75 ]
* X39_MedSys_fnc_killUnit has a new parameter (see wiki)
* new variables:
- X39_MedSys_var_Hearing_earplugManipulationValue (0.2) //Controls how much the earplugs affecting the hearing ability of a unit
- X39_MedSys_var_enableDrag (true) //Enables/Disables the drag option of the actionUi
- X39_MedSys_var_enableCarry (true) //Enables/Disables the carry option of the actionUi
* new default values:
- X39_MedSys_var_Legs_DamageMultiplicator (2 --> 0.2)
- X39_MedSys_var_Generic_DamageBeforePermaKnockOut (5 --> 6)
- X39_MedSys_var_Bleeding_StartBloodAtMinDamageValueX (0.1 --> 0.25)
- X39_MedSys_var_Pain_minPainToMaxPain (10 --> 15)
- X39_MedSys_var_KnockOut_MinTimeBetweenTempKnockOuts (300 --> 30)

Arma 3 Spotrep #23 Update A3 v1.16 (Zeus)

Posted by EightySix - 10 Apr 2014 09:01 PM

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FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
UNIT: Main Branch
ACTIVITY: Game Update: 1.16 (Zeus)
SIZE: ~822 MB


[MOD NEWS] ADF UNCUT Updated to 0.4

Posted by CptDavo - 10 Apr 2014 12:01 AM

Posted Image


Australian Defense Force Uncut is an ongoing project aimed at re-creating as authentically as possible; uniforms, vehicles and weapons pertinent to the Australian military forces. The mod will take advantage of iconic camouflage like DPCU, DPDU and the new AMP; whilst also creating fictional camouflage for A3's fictional setting. We want to make this mod user friendly as possible for mission editors and create units and vehicles that will be beneficial.

Version 0.4 has replaced the existing SOTG (AMP) class of soldiers with a new set of soldiers that are dressed in Australian Multicam Pattern uniforms, replacing the existing Crye Multicam units (Don't worry the Multicam units will return with new updated textures in v0.5). The AMP units have random uniform scripts that randomize uniforms, vests, weapon and backpacks, as-well as the specifics of what ammo is carried (i.e. if XMed is detected then medics get XMed Supplies on spawn). The M4A5 Carbine has undergone some upgrades in texture, and the sounds reload timing and sounds have being tweaked for the F88 Steyrs and M4 Carbines.

The ACOG TA648 and TA31 have being overhauled and are now standard optics for M4A5 Carbines and EBR units. The Swarovski 1.5x Optic (2d) has gotten a new reticule but it is still rather crude.

Ammo boxes have being re-textured, a complete armory is available, as well as separate boxes for M4A5, F88 Steyrs, Support Weapons and AMP Uniforms.

- New AMP - Australian Multicam Pattern (Replaces Existing AMP)
- Additional AMP Units
- Random Uniform Scripts For AMP Units (Over 20,000 Possible Combinations)
- Updated 3D ACOG Optics - TA648 10x, TA31 4x
- Updated 2D Optic - 1.5x Swarovski
- Carl Gustav TMR Compatibility.
- M4A5 Carbine Textures Much Improved
- Improved M4A5 Reload and Firing Sounds
- Improved AUG Variant Reload Sound
- Weapon Fire Mode Click Sound Added
- Bohemia Interactive EBR Re-textures. **(Removed Due To License Restriction)
- Require lkr_ammo
- All Weapons compatible with lkr_ammo
- M4A5 Icons (For All Variants)
- Uniform ICONS
- Re-texture ADF Ammo-box
- Separate M4A5 / F88 / Support Weapons Crates
- AMP Uniform Crate

Also available on Kev's Updater