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Welcome to the Australian Online Combat Battalion website

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Operation Talon

Posted by Lyndiman - Yesterday, 11:27 AM

ACRE2: Are you squared away?

Posted by Lyndiman - 03 Jul 2015 08:46 AM


Don't turn up unprepared! 


OCB have rolled out ACRE2 to replace TFR. If you're not squared away with this change you'll find yourself sitting out on our games. 


Quick start:

  1. Get the mod off our repository
  2. Enable the ACRE2 mod
  3. Disable TFR mod
  4. Copy the plugin files from the ACRE2 mod directory
  5. Drop the plugins into the TS3 plugin folder
  6. Open TS3
  7. Disable TFR TS3 plugins
  8. Enable ACRE2 plugin
  9. Load game and test with other players


Familiarise yourself with keybinds:

  • Radio PTT: Capslock
  • Alternate PTT 1: Shift-Capslock
  • Alternate PTT 2: Ctrl-Capslock
  • Alternate PTT 3: Alt-Capslock
  • Open/Close Radio: Alt-Ctrl-Capslock
  • Cycle Radio: Alt-Shift-Capslock
  • Cycle Babel Language: Left Windows Key
  • Set Radio Left Ear: Ctrl-Shift Left Arrow Key
  • Set Radio Right Ear: Ctrl-Shift Right Arrow Key
  • Set Radio Both Ears: Ctrl-Shift Up Arrow Key


NOTE: A feature of ACRE2 is that all players not connected will be muted to players in game. So don't expect to ask for help or talk over other peoples games.  This is not a bug. This is a feature. 

Scenes from Stratis Operations

Posted by Lyndiman - 01 Jul 2015 09:08 PM

DCS World 2 Live Stream

Posted by Lyndiman - 29 Jun 2015 10:56 AM


Op. Support 1BCT: Fire Support

Posted by Lyndiman - 25 Jun 2015 11:35 AM