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[Mod News] AGM Updated to 0.95.2

Posted by CptDavo - 27 Jan 2015 06:57 AM



AGM has been updated on our servers and A3Sync.


- Changed: Markers are now sent over network using the classname, not the index (#1966)

- Changed: SwitchUnits can now be dis-/enabled during the game (#2016)
- Changed: Tweaked G-force intensity (#1774)

- Fixed: "Hide AI" option in BFT module was inverted (#1975)
- Fixed: AGM keybinds would block the Ctrl key (#1988)
- Fixed: Player could use SwitchUnits while dead (#2014)
- Fixed: Slingload hitpoint couldn't be repaired (#2000)
- Fixed: The mount command didn't work after the AI healed someone (#1965)

Russian Armed Forces Deploy to Sahrani

Posted by Xerxes - 19 Jan 2015 09:08 PM

6-я армия развертывается Североатлантического


Online Combat Battalion, of the 78th Motor Rifle Brigade proved their worth yesterday after retaking the city of Bagango.

Following their deployment to the Democratic Republic of Sahrani, OCB was tasked with driving the Free Sahrani Army forces from the regional capital which was over run just days prior.


With much of the 6th Army still awaiting deployment, OCB spear headed a motorised assault from the Sahrani Defence Force held airfield at Pita to retake several key objectives, including the Sahrani National Broadcast Center (SNBC).


1st Platoon, Rifle Company led the charge in their BTR-80's through FSA controlled villages, clearing a path for the rest of the Battalion to follow. Though low in number, 1st Platoon stormed the  SNBC building, putting a stop to the FSA anti government and anti Russian propaganda.


1st Platoon once again formed the vanguard for the final assault to retake Bagango.






During the battle for Bagango, OCB retook the DRS local police station and government regional headquaters, driving the FSA forces from the city and back to the south.

Initial reports claim a total of 69 confirmed dead FSA insurgents with countless others wounded, while Russian Armed Forces only suffered light casualties.

Once the city was liberated, the people of Bagango welcomed their Russian comrades with open arms and celebrated as DRS security forces began to restore civil order.




The local population, forever grateful for Russia's military intervention


Министерство иностранных дел Российской Федерации


Original Mission briefing can bee seen here:


Reminder to donate.

Posted by CptDavo - 16 Jan 2015 07:03 AM



Game server Donations

Running our game servers is not cheap. So to allow the awesomeness to continue, please donate to show your appreciation and support for running these servers as they are not cheap. Every bit counts and making a small monthly donation of $5-10 helps.


Also a reminder to thank our server admins who keep our server running in tiptop shape:


  • Dash
  • KeV
  • EightySix
  • Lyndiman (DCS)
  • Magnet (DCS)

OCB ARMA 3 Community Night

Posted by Haydos - 14 Jan 2015 12:06 PM






Public Players Welcome (Teamspeak required)

Map: Takistan
Time: 1930hrs NSW
Server: Mission Server One



@AGM - Authentic Gameplay Modification
@AiA - All In Arma Terrain Pack
@CBA - Community Based Addons
@RHS - Red Hammer Studios
@TFR - Task Force Radio

OCB enters 2015

Posted by EightySix - 01 Jan 2015 08:10 AM

On behalf of everyone in the Online Combat Battalion, We would like to wish you a safe and prosperous New Year.

For 2015 we are updating our setup for Arma 3 and we will be booting up new Arma 3 servers for the community.


Community Server : arma.ocbservers.net:2700
Open to the community, this server is open access for all to join in a game with OCB members.
Mission Server One : arma.ocbservers.net:2710
Setup for restricted access, only players in Teamspeak are permitted to join this server.
Mission Server Two : arma.ocbservers.net:2720
Duplicate of Mission Server One, It is an alternative to the current operations being conducted on MS1.
Tactical Server : Members Only
Used at the expense of all other servers, this is where OCB members conduct realistic tactical simulation of missions built in-house


Unlike previous years, each server will now be setup exactly the same and will have the same missions, setup parameters, game modifications and server rules.
The only exception to this is the Tactical server that will be booted up with private missions and is restricted to Members Only.

About The Mods
In OCB we prefer a certain type of modifications to Arma 3 and thus all servers will be setup to match.
A white-list of approved mods will be applied to each of the servers. This white-list is fixed and is not subject to large changes and will only change if patching is required.
Additional mods that are desired will be reviewed by BHQ and if it is of good quality and has no compatibility issues, will be voted in/out by OCB members.


Synchronisation of Mods

At this time we have two sources to synchronise our mods. These are A3Sync (Public) and KevsUpdater (Members Only).
Moving forward, we will be integrating everything into A3Sync and a tutorial will be made to clearly show how this should be setup for each person.


Why are we doing this?
In the past, mod compatibility, versions and large variety have caused havoc with our game-play experience.

  • Version Mismatch causes features to not function properly
  • Compatibility causes performance and game-play issues including CTD

To eliminate these issues, a set of mods have been reviewed.
As part of this review, the key focus was on gameplay and consistency. Content was a secondary focus.

The community server will be setup exactly the same as our other servers because vanilla has a few short comings that we have had to fix through game modifications.
To get involved back with the community, we have chosen mods that we enjoy and are readily available to the community so they can join in openly.


When are we doing this?

The full implementation will begin this week and will be complete by the first week of February. We will be finalising and locking the mod list over the next few weeks and preparing the release of the @OnlineCombatBattalion mod to the community.


Information about our servers are below and can be found in the servers tab in the main menu of the website.
Servers Page: http://ocb.net.au/server/servers.html