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Christmas Stand down period

Posted by Valour - 23 Dec 2018 08:19 AM

It's the season for family and that jazz. So OCB will be standing down until sometime mid January, when we'll start rolling out the missions again then.

Merry Christmas to all members, friends and their families. Stay safe and enjoy the season.

Hearts & Minds - Australian Forces Take Control

Posted by Valour - 09 Nov 2018 08:37 AM



The Australian 1st Platoon has taken control of the Khe Sanh province's Hill 558 in a tough battle against the VC/NVA and Independent forces in the area.


The Aussies took the area after some tough fighting and a few casualties.   They then moved into the VC base area, where also the fighting was very intense, the VC/NVA forces managed to retain their forward base.


Want wanting to concede any territory, the VC/NVA forces launched a counter offensive on Hill 558 and they captured and held the area for some time.  The VC/NVA repelled several attempts by the Australians to regain the Hill, but the Aussies were eventually able to regain control of the Hill until the battle ended.


Big thanks to Laurance, Red5, Ozone, Wolf Mother, Gooseneck, Nimflip, Beatlebug, Dodgy, Iron Tarkus, Gractus & Pocket Messiah for participating.    Feedback after the mission indicated everyone had a great time, and we are looking forward to the next battle in the campaign.


Feedback on the mission itself and how things can be streamlined have been received and will be implemented in the next mission.

Hearts & Minds - Starting Positions

Posted by Valour - 07 Nov 2018 08:43 AM

The below map shows the starting positions and objectives for each team.





The objective for both teams in this initial mission is to capture the independent zone of Hill 558, and defend their own territory from attack. 

The winner will be the team that destroys all the tickets of the other team.   Zones taken will be detailed on an updated map to be posted after the mission.


The next mission will reflect the new zone possession and the winner of this first mission will be the attacking team, and loser the defending team.   For full details click here


Happy hunting!






OCB Window Stickers

Posted by Valour - 18 Oct 2018 11:32 AM



Get an OCB window sticker!  Show your support for our unit.  Available to members and non members.


How to Order


Bank Deposit:

Bank: ING Direct

Account: Connor Canvas Transaction Account

Account Number: 65600876

BSB: 923100


Price: $7.50


When you order, PM me your address and I'll get them in the mail the same day as the payment comes in.  Support your unit!  Get a sticker!  

Southern Joint Operations Coalition

Posted by Valour - 18 Sep 2018 09:46 PM



Online Combat Battalion is very proud to announce the formation of the Southern Joint Operations Coalition (SJOC).


What is the SJOC?


It is an non unit specific organisation that involves a group of like minded Arma units who are keen to be involved in joint operations with other units, for coop and/or team vs team missions.


Why has it been created?



With the upwards tempo of joint operations recently, a need was identified for a place where all Arma units can freely post their mission events that they wish to invite other units to participate in.   They can post all their missions, invite whomever they like and use the SJOC Discord channel to coordinate with others for their missions.


Is this open to all Arma units?


The SJOC may be used by ALL Arma units that play in a tactical manner.  Mod communities like "Life", "Exile" etc would be wasting their time in the SJOC.   Australian and New Zealand units are the primary focus of the SJOC.


Main Objective


The main objective of the SJOC is to provide a place where all tactical Arma units can meet and coordinate joint missions.   In the SJOC units do not need permission to post their event, it has been started by OCB, but it is non unit specific.


The link to the SJOC Discord Server is here.   https://discord.gg/4Sq9Myt


I strongly encourage all members of OCB, and members of other units to use the SJOC to coordinate their joint operations.