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Operational Guidelines

Here are some tips for our members regarding play on the Custom (and occasionally ACE) servers.

General Infantry Ops
  • Don't run in front of another soldier's line of fire. Basically, if the rounds are flying, whether your buddy is actually shooting or not, do not run in front of his barrel! It is a very bad habit and this is NOT call of duty!
  • When throwing smoke for an aircraft to ID you location, only ONE member of your section needs to throw smoke, not three.
  • Approach aircraft from the FRONT - the tail rotor in ACE will kill you.
  • When disembarking from a chopper, jump out, run a few feet, hit the deck, remain in all round defence until the chopper is long gone and await further orders.
  • The Base and surrounding areas are not a place for you to test your weapons. No one should be firing in base areas!
  • Keep your weapon shopping to a minimum, is wastes time. Nothing wrong with a standard weapon with iron sights.
Anti-Armour Weapons
  • If you have an AT weapon, engage targets at the direction of the ground commander. If you have a target, ask for permission to engage. Don't just start shooting,
  • If you are cleared to engage, clear your back blast danger area (BBDA) visually to check it's clear, and then say, "Back Blast CLEAR!" before firing.
  • If you are not sure about how to use AA & AT weapons in ACE, ensure you check out Gelly's AA-AT Guided and Unguided AT weapon trainng resources. It's quite embarassing when you really need to hit a tank and you either don't know how to use the weapon, or you miss because you don't know how to aim it!
Aircraft Use
  • Where possible, please allow SPT COY members to take pilot positions to provide you with air support,
  • When providing air support, please remember that you are there to support the field commander and their requirements, you are not there to fly around as you please,
  • When flying close air support (CAS) aircraft, you are to attack only the targets specified by the ground commander. You should not be engaging targets as you please. Wait to be called to provide CAS, confirm your understanding of the target and the location of friendly troops. Also tell the ground commander your inbound direction to the target and what weapon you are using. Ideally, the ground commander will tell you which weapon system he/she wants deployed. If you cannot see friendly troops and are concerned about their proximity to the target, get them to mark their location with smoke so you know for sure.
  • Once a target has been hit, ask for a battle damage assessment (BDA) from the ground troops. If the target has been destroyed, your mission is over - RTB unless asked to remain on station. If the target has not been destroyed, confirm with ground that they want another hit on it, if so, re-engage and again get a BDA.
  • Do NOT continue to engage targets in the area unless directed to.
  • Follow basic communication protocols to advise of your location to other aircraft, especially around the airfield,
  • All aircraft should be using the same runway, don't switch directions because it may be easier,
  • If you are finished with an aircraft, refuel and re-arm it (if applicable) and put it back where it belongs!
  • All aircraft, including helicopters should be approaching the airfield in line with the runway, travel along it until you get to a taxi way, and then taxi to the ramp.
Field Command
  • Keep your section informed of the basic plan. Keep it simple and brief them all before each task,
  • Once an attack is completed, give the section a order to reorganise before moving to another task by saying "REORG". On this command, your section should form a circle of all round defence around you, then check the ammo status and decide on what you are doing next, whether that be get an ammo box dropped, RTB or continue on.
  • Start getting your section to move in field formations, and keep them as tight as possible. Adjust spacing according to the terain and the level of threat. Make sure you check Gelly's Infantry Formations training resource video if you are unfamiliar with formations.
  • For ease of control, sort your section into groups. The MG and one other are the "Gun Group", you can have two more guys up the front of your formation as your "Scout Group" (armed with GLA) and the remainder are the "Rifle Group". When assaulting a position, use the commands, "rifles, go" when you want to rifle group to move, the rest of the section will cover or provide suppressing fire. Then call "scouts, go", then the scouts will move, rest of section covering, same for "gun group". Makes controlling the movement of your section easy. To do this though, you'll need to assign members of your section to groups prior to leaving base.
  • Have the MG (gun group) on a flank, and which ever flank is on higher ground.
  • If you are getting flustered with radio comms, assign a radio operator to do the talking for you. You just need to be prepared to pass messages into the radio man, and then get told what messages are being received.
Radio Telephone Procedures (RATEL)
  • If you are new at using RATEL (radio comms) don't get flustered. Simple formula to start getting it right: Think about what you need to say (what is my callsign, what callsign am I calling, what do I need to tell them), then stop and think again about what you are actually going to say, say it using the least amount of words possible, and get it over the radio. Don't start talking and then start thinking about what you need to say. We can tell when you do this :laughing:
  • Best way to learn RATEL is to listen to guys who know how to use it. Pay attention to the guys who did/are doing this for a living (Valour, Tromac, Gelly, Warhorse, Krongas, Dan, Wastelander, Magnet, Mad_Gallah and Yeshkamesh). Also other members like EightySix, Ex_inferus, CptDavo, DC and Lyndiman are very good at RATEL.
  • Don't get flustered or embarassed if you stumble a bit on the radio. No one is going to pay out on your about (at least not until after the shooting stops).
  • If you don't know how to use RATEL, don't panic; a simple plain explanation of what you want to say will do fine. No one is going to bark at you for not using RATEL.
Thanks for reading. Remember, if you have questions, ask! :thumbup: