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Welcome to Online Combat Battalion - Australian Tactical Gaming Group
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Before Applying

Personal RequirementGaming Requirement
  • Have a responsible & mature attitude
  • Reside in Australia or New Zealand
  • Have a reasonable level of maturity
  • Not a member of another clan
  • A regular player on OCB Servers
  • A regular user of OCB teamspeak channels
  • You will make time to play with your team mates on a regular basis
  • Notice should be given before extended absence
  • Able to commit to the supporting ongoing costs of operating servers for your games
Recruitment ProcessApplication Tips
  • Applications can take up to 2 weeks to process
  • Probation period of at least 4 weeks
  • Attendance at Scheduled Events for your chosen game is highly recommended
  • Introduce yourself on the forums prior to applying
  • Meet members and socialise prior to applying
  • Put effort into your application and don't waffle or lie

Further Reading: HOW TO APPLY TO OCB

Application To Join OCB

Please fill in all details honestly and accurately

  • Which game/s are you applying to play with OCB

    Note: We only recruit for ARMA 3 & Battlefield 4 & DCS World. Applying for other games will not recieve member status.
  • If you are/were a member of another clan, please provide details
  • Please explain your reason for requesting to join OCB
    • If you have not registered an account on this site, your application will be declined,
    • If you do not meet the age requirement, your application will be declined
    • If you have not regularly played with OCB members, in our servers whilst using Team Speak, your application will be declined,
    • If you are currently a member of another clan, your application will be declined,
    • If you do not reside in a timezone similar to Australia, your application will be declined,
    • If you do not put some effort into your application, your application will be declined,
    • If your application is declined, do not annoy us via email as to why, we reserve the right to not supply a reason for the rejection of any application.
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