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Setting Standards & Control of Operations

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There has been a change in the way tactical missions are being played, and this is detracting from the experience of the mission for all players.


This is going to be addressed through training, and some basic rules that will now be followed in tactical missions and team based tasks in open public missions.


Tactical Missions


  • A section commander will be assigned to each sub unit.  They will be responsible for controlling their section and completion of assigned tasks.
  • Briefings will be given to the section commanders, the section commanders will then brief their section.
  • Missions will not be Kill on Site (KOS).   This will be addressed in training and briefings on tasks.
  • Attendees will NOT be permitted to CHANGE THEIR UNIFORMS OR EQUIPMENT IN MISSIONS.   You can change weapons when the mission requires it.
  • DON'T ASK "Can I fly?"  "Do you need air support?"  - IF WE HAVE NOT ASKED FOR IT, WE DON'T NEED IT.

Training is REQUIRED of members, we will be settings standards and we will expect those standards to be met.   I'm sure you will enjoy the subjects and get a lot out of the training.


The standard required can be seen if you remember operation CULPAM - controlled, tactical, organised, professionally operated and enjoyed by all.   This is the MINIMUM standard we'll accept from this point on.




There is a distinct lack of discipline in missions, this is my fault as I've allowed things to be too relaxed over the past couple of months.   There will be an expectation that members will be required to show some professionalism and stay focused on task.


The following is from the OCB Administration General SOP, Section 1.2 - General Policy:




  • OCB is a tactical gaming unit


  • Members play using trained tactics in different roles to contribute to the overall combat effectiveness of the unit.   They fight according to established protocols and take direction from field commanders.


  • OCB operates in a tactical way whilst in game.   This includes realistic tactics, communications protocols and command and control systems.


  • The unit trains in these methods regularly to raise the overall level of skill and professionalism of the unit.


  • Members are permitted to play in a relaxed mode on public servers (still expected to work in teams), however when in the TACTICAL server or in matches or training, full tactical procedures are used. 


  • Members who are not familiar with realistic tactical gaming are encouraged to learn through training and playing with more experienced members.  


  • Members are required to follow orders issued to them in the field


  • Any field Commander regardless of rank is expected to train in the tactical procedures and protocols and command their troops according to those principles for use in tactical missions.


  • Players who are not interested in operating tactically are encouraged to consider this before making an application to join.




  • To operate in a manner that upholds the virtues of honour, integrity, loyalty, mateship and professionalism


  • To play ARMA 3 or any other game added to the unit, in a tactical manner, employing realistic tactics and procedures


  • To have unit members trained to a high standard in these procedures


  • To operate the unit in a military fashion and enhance effectiveness and administration


  • To develop tactics and battle strategy designed to win the fight


The following is from Section 3


Section 3 – Officer & NCO Responsibilities





As an Officer or NCO of the Online Combat Battalion, you are setting the example for all other unit members and other gamers alike; an ambassador for OCB.    Your conduct is expected to be of a high standard at all times.  You are a leader with the unit and expected to assist with administration, instruction and leadership tasks.


If you are appointed as an Officer or NCO, that appointment has been approved by the OC.  If you do not uphold the highest standards of behaviour and honour, you are reflecting on the unit as a whole and on the OC that appointed you.


It needs to also be said here and now that if you are an appointed Officer or NCO and you breach the code of conduct or behave in a manner that brings disrepute on the unit or its members or in a manner that causes division or discord within the unit, expect your penalty for those actions to removal from the unit.   As an Officer or NCO you should be beyond reproach and exhibit the highest standards at all times.  If you do not, expect the penalty to be swift and severe.


Officers or NCO's in OCB behaving poorly will not be tolerated, nor will a poor attitude to the unit, your fellow unit members or your general online behaviour.


If at any time, you cannot commit the required amount of time or the level of commitment required of your appointment, you may resign your appointment at any time.  If you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, or need some assistance, let another Officer know.   We can assist in developing your skills and abilities.


If you are not fulfilling your appointed role you may be stood down from that role.  Officers are expected to be dedicated to the unit and spend time building it and the members through being online, playing, leading and motivating.  If you are not seen to be doing this, you may have your appointment suspended or removed.


Just because you are a commissioned Officer in OCB, does not automatically mean that you will be a sound combat commander.   Commanding troops in combat is like any other skill, it must be learned.   If you don’t think you can lead troops in the field, there are other Officer roles for you to occupy with the unit structure until you get the hang of it.    Or you may be happy to remain in support and not command troops at all.





The above has been posted to give you a feel from where we have come, and where we intend to go back to.   This is the beginning of the end of the fucking around and disruptive conduct in our missions.

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