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AAR - Sand Lions

OCB Online Combat Battalion operations

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Elements deployed into AO:

Light cavalry element with Infantry section +


MISSION: To clear route ZULU and capture Marcus JAMAL


Phase 1: Clear Route ZULU


The combat element deployed in APC (CHARLIE 3/4) to the start of the road south west of the market area.  Infantry element dismounted and commenced patrol of the market area in search of suspicious activity, specifically a radio installation in the area which was out of place.


ALPHA 1.1 patrolled through the market area and identified a number of suspected insurgents, who were searched and detained with nil items located.  Two utility vehicles were located, one with a mounted MG the other containing a RPG and ammunition,  These were seized and destroyed with explosive charges.


A suicide bomber approached the section however he was eliminated before he was able to detonate his explosives.   He was searched and 4 X explosive charges were located.


The radio communications location was identified and the equipment destroyed.


The patrol continued north east along the roadway towards the intersection which was also the start of route ZULU.


300m from the intersection the patrol received small arms contact, and one APC was disabled by an RPG.  This vehicle was further disabled by the crew to prevent enemy use.  The contact continued as the section advanced with some friendly casualties.   Reinforcements arrived by HELO insertion.


As the patrol approached the intersection, a civilian activated a mine or IED which resulted in seven friendly casualties.



Phase 2: Secure Route ZULU

The patrol started their move along route ZULU in a north westerly direction.  Some light enemy contact was made at the start of the move resulting in 4 enemy KIA.    The patrol approached a small village stall area on the south western side of the road.  The patrol slowed to survey the area.  Another suicide bomber entered the patrols immediate vicinity and was successful in detonating his vest which resulted in approximately nine friendly casualties.


After reorganisation, the patrol continued north west and to a compound containing A vehicles (Bradley IFV).  The patrol mounted the vehicles and continued their patrol.

CAS support was requested due to the contact in the area, however the CAS crew overstepped their task and destroyed another target which was unplanned.

One Bradley IFV was destroyed and another damaged beyond repair due to a large IED.   

Additional Tasking:


A meeting of Taliban commanders was identified by intel and the patrol moved to destroy this target which was done without issues.

Vehicles were then left in place for a HELO transport to the next phase of the mission.


Phase 3:  Capture Marcus JAMAL


The patrol was inserted into an enemy held FOB to the north west of the area to locate and secure JAMAL.   Heavy contact was experienced by the patrol on approach with a few injuries sustained.


The compound was eventually secured and JAMAL transported to the detention facility in the main base area.

Additional Task:


JAMAL was interrogated and provided the location of an explosives storage area in Arobaster north east of the area.   The patrol moved into the area via HELO, experienced contact in and around the town.  The explosives were well hidden and not marked, however they were located and destroyed. 




Route ZULU was partially cleared.  Many IED and mines remained on the route.   There was insufficient time or resources to clear them all.

JAMAL was captured, and he provided INTEL regarding the Taliban explosives cache, which was destroyed.


Honourable Mentions:

Flux - For pointing out the importance of spacing just prior to an IED killing all those bunched up like old women at a school fete cake stall!!!!  xD

Also Flux for taking a mine detector, and not using it!   Even funnier!



For his perfectly timed sound board comments.



I think it was overall a fun mission.   Control of movement was a little lacking (my bad).  Patrol formations were not properly used with the exception of the staggered file on the market area.


It was great to see a good turnout for the mission and I welcome feedback on how you think it went.


IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED in tidying up your infantry skills and knowledge of infantry tactics, training sessions will be scheduled for interested players to attend.  They are not compulsory but will be run to 'tidy up' the issues that can come about in missions involving patrolled and contact.  The training covers field formations, fire and movement, contact drills, fire orders, target indications etc.   We can also run sessions on RATEL to tidy up your communications procedures.   No, we are not MILSIM, we are tacticool, but some training adds to the overall experience of the tactical missions.




Improvements Needed

  • There was some double transmissions over VON and TS.  Mission participants are requested to ensure this does not occur.
  • When directed to maintain a certain distance of spacing between vehicles and infantry units
  • There is no need for troops to advise leaders of everything they see.   
  • There was no observed all round defence during halts.   All round defence must be maintained when there is any halt to the patrol or vehicle formations.
  • Shopping - out of control!   Yes, there are a lot of toys to play with, but please don't delay mission start time by testing out everything in the ammo box.   It's irritating and pointless.  (yes, fun but don't delay start time)
  • Speaking of shopping, firing of weapons in the base area prior to mission start - let's not do that.  We are a fun group, but show a little discipline please.



What was done well


  • Taking down enemy targets.
  • Overall adherence to directions to complete the mission.


Mission Notes:


  • All scripted.   Zeus was used to move the captured enemy dude and to remove some of the spawned AI (which were everywhere on the map which caused a huge performance issue)  AI civvies in many areas were removed which fixed the mission freeze we experienced.  This won't happen again.  It was a fault with ALiVE which spawned them everywhere.
  • AI Transport support.   The taxi system worked really well, the support menu transport was rubbish (it's a BI issue, they know about it and don't really care enough to fix it).
  • Mission size - yes this was a big mission file, that was due to the sound files added to make it more immersive.  I think the sounds really added to the experience.


Captured AI would not join group of move with us.   Error identified and will be fixed in any missions of this type.


Comments and feedback welcome.

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For his perfectly timed sound board comments.



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