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AAR - Operation Lancer

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Operation Lancer - Briefing was short, but to the point. Frequencies assigned and off we went.


Going was difficult in the tasks we performed due to the heavy vegetation. Enemy were very tough, and in same places in large numbers. Our helos took ground fire on a number of occasions and we lost a few aircraft as a result. Formations were difficult to maintain, again due to terrain.

Communications were an issue, as TFR was screwing up for some members. Dodgy suggest we try ACRE again, which is updated and working with the latest versions of TS. Break down of communications between air support and ground units caused issues, with a gunship attacking over the heads of ground troops was an issue. More detailed instructions will be given to pilots in future missions.


Aircraft operations were also difficult, terrain again. Heavy vegetation in most areas. This was overcome with the infantry rapelling from choppers to infil into task areas. Good squad communications, contact was difficult to maintain as well, as it was difficult to see where your section members were. Made for some interesting fire fights.


Ground troops took quite a few casualties, but revives were done well. Overall a good mission, but with the reduced numbers the tasks were quite daunting. Thanks to the members of OCB, 39bn and 101st that attended. More missions coming in the next few weeks. They will all be posted in the #events channel.


Suggested Improvements


  • RATEL needs work.   Communications were ok, but at times confused.   This will be addressed with further training.
  • Briefings will need to be more detailed.   Due to the time of the start, the briefing was rushed and ROE was not covered enough.
  • Flying - more training and practice needed in this area, although effective enough, those high slow approached into hot areas is always a recipe for disaster.
  • Artillery was not called for at all.   Section Commanders should make use of their resources to complete mission tasks.   Training on artillery use and FO roles and tasks will be conducted to address.
  • Other units requested we run ACE in future missions.   It will be added to future missions after testing.
  • No MUSIC to be played in aircraft.  Was way to loud and it interfered with communications.



No issues.   Ran well and even when we had some rain there was no noticeable frame drop.  



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oh shit sorry valour i thought the op was Saturday night not Friday 

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