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Southern Joint Operations Coalition

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Online Combat Battalion is very proud to announce the formation of the Southern Joint Operations Coalition (SJOC).


What is the SJOC?


It is an non unit specific organisation that involves a group of like minded Arma units who are keen to be involved in joint operations with other units, for coop and/or team vs team missions.


Why has it been created?



With the upwards tempo of joint operations recently, a need was identified for a place where all Arma units can freely post their mission events that they wish to invite other units to participate in.   They can post all their missions, invite whomever they like and use the SJOC Discord channel to coordinate with others for their missions.


Is this open to all Arma units?


The SJOC may be used by ALL Arma units that play in a tactical manner.  Mod communities like "Life", "Exile" etc would be wasting their time in the SJOC.   Australian and New Zealand units are the primary focus of the SJOC.


Main Objective


The main objective of the SJOC is to provide a place where all tactical Arma units can meet and coordinate joint missions.   In the SJOC units do not need permission to post their event, it has been started by OCB, but it is non unit specific.


The link to the SJOC Discord Server is here.   https://discord.gg/4Sq9Myt


I strongly encourage all members of OCB, and members of other units to use the SJOC to coordinate their joint operations.

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