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RSVP For Tac Missions

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It takes a couple of minutes to see a mission event on the calendar, decide whether you can attend or not and click that "I'm attending" button.  If you can't make it, a quick "I can't make it it" comment on the event is appreciated.


I put a lot of effort into our missions, on average about 10+ hours on each mission which is creating, testing, tweaking, mission briefing, posts, media etc.   I know that not everyone can always attend, I get that, but as soon as I post an event I ask that you either RSVP or state that you can't make it.  I need to know as soon as possible how many will be attending missions.  If there is not enough, I have to reschedule or if there is more than expected I have to add more slots and re-test the mission to make sure it's all working ok.


Thanks very much to those that respond quickly, I really appreciate it.  To those that might be a bit slow, can I encourage you to get on top of this.



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