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AAR - Silent Night

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J Bomb





OCB Sniper and Recon elements deployed on foot from the FUP.  Sniper element, Sierra 1-0 moved north from the FUP to take a position overlooking the target area.  Sierra 1-0 then deployed a UAV to monitor the area for enemy movement.


The remainder of the element, Bravo 2-7 then moved north towards the enemy compound, and stopped 100m short of the southern wall of the compound.  At this point Bravo 2-7 separated into two smaller teams, Alpha and Bravo to enter separate openings in the compound.




Alpha moved into the opening in the compound wall at the south western corner, and Bravo moved east along the southern wall to the second opening.   Bravo was under threat from a enemy foot patrol and as a result eliminated the threat.  Bravo took two casualties when the enemy was alerted to their presence.


Alpha continued into the compound and remained undetected.  Alpha conducted an assessment of the enemy presence within the compound and held position to await further orders.


Bravo moved west to the same entry point that Alpha used, and once inside, they moved north along the western wall of the compound.  They continued this move until reaching the first northern wall barrier, then going under it and continuing north.  Bravo then continued north, swung around under the northern most wall and looped back to be near the target building.


Sierra 1-0 identified the primary and secondary targets, with the primary being in the first floor of the compound's main building, and the secondary target being in the main yard.


Alpha moved into a position to have eyes on the target in the yard, and Sierra 1-0 moved to be able to place fire onto the primary target in the building.


Bravo took out an enemy patrol that was impeding their movement to the western side of the building. Bravo was then able to skirt the northern edge of the main building, with one contact seen and destroyed, before Bravo moved back and into a safer area.


A BMP patrol moved into the area from the north on a regular basis, at one stage coming close to Bravo's location, however the BMP did not detect the element.


Direction was given to Alpha and Sierra 1-0 to engage the primary and secondary targets.  This was done and the main objectives were completed.   Alpha then further engaged the group of enemy in the main yard, before moving south and out of the compound.


Bravo exited the compound to the north west, however an enemy patrol heard movement and then commenced a search of the area.  This included a BMP, and the externally mounted enemy troops were observed to dismount the vehicle and assist in the search.  Bravo continued south and successfully exited the compound without further contact.





All callsigns re-organised to the south of the compound, and awaited further orders.

A new task was given to the element.  Information was received that another senior member of the enemy group was in another compound further north, and this target would be moving via vehicle along the main road in the area, travelling south.   The OCB element was ordered to place an explosive charge on the roadway towards the southern end of the road.  The OCB element moved, re-armed and placed the explosive.


Sierra 1-0 moved to a position east of the road to observe enemy movement.  Bravo 2-7 took up a position in a small compound to the south of the road.


Sierra 1-0 advised that enemy infantry were moving along the road from the vicinity of the main compound in a southerly direction. These troops appeared to be searching and alert to an enemy presence.


Information was then received that the target of this phase had considered the move by vehicle to be a high risk, so he attempted to conceal himself in the patrolling infantry group.


As the enemy patrols approached the explosive device, it was detonated, taking out some of the troops.  The remainder were destroyed by the combined OCB element.


The OCB element then moved to the FUP for extraction.





The commander's intent was for the OCB element to remain undetected.  This didn't go according to plan, as Bravo engaged one target, which alerted other enemy to our presence.  A minor hiccup in the mission.

Upon taking out the enemy target in the compound yard, Alpha eliminated the remaining troops there.  Not part of the plan, but possibly required to prevent friendly casualties.


When this mission was played in testing, I was able to get into the compound, take out both targets, not alert any other enemy troops and leave the area without being detected.  It is achievable, it required watching and them timing the enemy patrols to move when they were patrolling away from my location.  Just something to consider for any future missions of this type.



  • Coordination of forces by members was good.
  • Communications need a tidy up, but they were much improved from the previous mission and were effective enough to coordinate the element to complete the mission tasks.



Use of Zeus in this mission was only done to change radio frequencies, and place a couple of units towards the end of the mission.   There was a couple more tasks that I was going to add, however for some reason Zeus stopped working, so things didn't go entirely according to plan.




Laurance, Mulesy and BeatleBug did well to think on their feet and change their approach to suit the situation.  Well done guys.


In future missions, the Commander will detail the mission, the required tasks, phases and the overall plan.  How the sections execute the mission, their approaches, contact plans and extraction details will all be up to the section commanders.  Basically, you'll have the task, you'll then need to plan how you're going to get it done without being directed by the AO Commander.


MISSION Attendance Recording:


I will be maintaining a record of who has attended the tac missions and this will also be added to your web site profile.


Comments and mission feedback welcomed.


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Thanks for the mission Val, was a nice change of pace. Really enjoying this mission series so far.

I'd like to point out that everyone had their mods sorted out before the mission, and this was really good to see. Good job to you all. 

I hope my TFR hiccups are over from now on though!

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Yeah I have been very impressed that there have been no mod issues at all in this series.  Provided we all get them from steam, we all have the same and we should have no issues.


One of the big mod issues we had a year or so ago was ACE.  ACE isn't compatible with RHS or CUP, and the patches designed to fix this were a constant headache, which is why he are not using ACE at all.  It was the source of most problems and just not worth it.