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AAR - Force Protection

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Beatle Bug





J Bomb






Alpha One Five was transported to FOB GRADY by X Ray One approximately 1630hrs as per orders.  The Commando platoon then departed the FOB via APC.


The only issue with these movements was the APC crew assigned to transport the Commando platoon engaged friendlies on the western side of the FOB area.  This resulted in one casualty.  The APC crews then departed the area.




OCB Rifle Section (Alpha One Five) assessed the security of the FOB area and took up positions to monitor the activity outside the wire.  Initially there was one contact to the north west of the FOB, however this was brief and did not involve our element.  The details of this action are not known.

Approximately 1640 Alpha One Five started taking contact from three sides of the FOB.  A large coordinated enemy force attacked with small arms and RPG for a period of approximately 25 minutes, with Alpha One Five repelling these attacks.  The majority of the enemy approached the FOB area from the north, with some attacks coming from the east and south. 


Enemy approaches from the east drew within 100m of the FOB as they were able to use the nearby compounds for cover and concealment.  One enemy was able to reach the front gate of the FOB before being destroyed.


Alpha One Five made use of mortars to assist in repelling the enemy.   This fire was accurate and had good effect on targets.


Enemy attacks were effectively repelled and most forced destroyed.   Some small groups of enemy were seen to withdraw from the contact with most of these withdrawing to the north.

There was a lull in the fighting for about 10 to 15 minutes during which friendlies re-equipped for further action.




Enemy vehicles with mounted weapons were observed to the north and AT resources were brought into use to eliminate this threat.  Due to the number of enemy and volume of fire, Zero Alpha requested a fly over of a friendly gunship, and once on station this gunship, callsign Sabre One destroyed a number of enemy elements that were not visible from the FOB area.  These were mainly to the south west of the FOB.


Friendly armour made a patrol from the south to the north to assist with the task.  One of these vehicles was engaged and destroyed by the enemy force, with the second vehicle destroying the threat.




Approximately 1800 hrs the enemy actions ceased, and ICOM chatter received over the contact were pin pointed to a compound directly east of the FOB.   The intel suggested the commander of the enemy forces was in this location and coordinating the attacks from there.

As a result, Alpha One Five was ordered to make a patrol by foot of the location and clear the compound. 



Alpha One Five entered the compound where they came under fire, from two enemies.  After neutralising this threat, the friendly element entered a building to find an unarmed enemy soldier who appeared to be surrendering to our forces.  This insurgent was captured and in spite of being searched managed to conceal a fragmentation grenade on his person, and whilst being taken back to the FOB used with grenade against Alpha One Five, resulting in one casualty.


A further unarmed insurgent was located nearby and captured.  This insurgent was identified as Tarek HAKLANY, the local Taliban leader.  Once this information was relayed to the higher HQ, the order was given to take this prisoner to the Air Support Base and evacuate him from the AO.




Alpha One Five was directed to await the arrival of the QRF prior to departing the FOB area.  As the QRF approached the FOB area they opened fire on Alpha One Five, resulting in two casualties.   The QRF was informed of the incident immediately and they ceased fire.




Alpha One Five then mounted three APC and commenced transporting the captured target via route diamond back to the Air Support Base. Along the route Alpha One Five was contacted by an unknown force and this contact resulted on one casualty and damage to one APC.  The unknown enemy used small arms and RPG fire to great effect and they appeared to have been waiting in the position to ambush our element.


These enemy were seen in uniform and appeared better trained and led than the insurgent forces encountered in the attack on the FOB.




Alpha One Five eventually reached the Air Support Base with the target, who was evacuated by heavy lift aircraft from the AO under the escort of Alpha One Five.




At the start the mission appeared to run well, and in testing didn't have any issues.  I knew there was something amiss when I watched the chopper Beatle was flying, land and then stay with engine on for about three minutes.  I also watched as all the friendlies getting out of the chopper was frozen and running on the spot.  This cleared after a couple of minutes and everything was fine.


Spawning enemy units via Zeus appeared to cause some desync issues, however when desync was checked it was zero for all, indicating something else was going wrong.


The rubber banding experienced later in the road move near the end of the mission made the mission unplayable at which time it was terminated.


The issue appeared to be a script that is supposed to clear destroyed AI from the map within a certain period.  Error logs showed continual script errors which I believe was the cause of the rubber banding and desync.



  • Coordination of forces by members was good.
  • Members covered all approaches to the FOB and used weapon resources well to meet the threat.
  • Communications were a little confused around the time mortars were being used against the attacks from the north, but even so the attacks were dealt with well.
  • There is no need to use a member's rank on the radio whilst speaking.
  • There were a couple of occasions where information from HQ was either not heard or not listened to.  If instructions or information is being given, please pay attention.



This was primarily a Zeus mission again, which meant that my focus was divided between watching what we were doing, and running the enemy attacks against the FOB. 


I have now started using trigger scripts for future missions rather than Zeus.  I can see there is still a place for Zeus in our missions, but on a much smaller scale.  I had mistakenly believed that Zeus and the spawning of enemy was the cause of the rubber banding, until I checked the live stream of the server logs.   That one script really screwed the mission towards the end, and I apologise that this detracted from the flow of the mission.  This will not be used again.


Comments and feedback invited.  The more we talk about how we can better operate, the better our missions will be.

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Was a well done missiong Valour, thanks for that. It is a shame about the script but that stuff happens. The only other thing that went wrong was Mulesy's radio. I can't wait to scrub up on my Ratel. Was super rusty haha. Cheers Val.
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My TFR issues made me realise that communication is half of the game. Aside from the issues, it was a really fun mission Val, thanks for putting the time and effort in to it.

The turnout we had was really nice, good to see all of you again. I look forward to more game nights like that one, hopefully we'll have better luck on the technical front.

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It's Arma, there is always bound to be something that doesn't work the way it should.   Dropping that script will eliminate any further issues, at least with the mission.


It's nice that Steam makes mods so much easier now.  They used to all be Armaholic mods, and everyone had different versions... made tac start times a joke.

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