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AAR - Gravel Rash

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Planned Unit Deployment:


HQ X 1 member (Not deployed due to numbers)

Rifle section X 5 members 

Recon Section X 2 members (Not deployed due to numbers)


MIssion Plan:


The plan was to travel from the FOB area and patrol north west, pausing in a lay up point before moving north east.   Recon section was going to ID enemy position and call for main force to probe and engage.


MIssion Actions:


Prior to moving off, the FOB was probed by what appeared to be a lone enemy.  This contact was followed up with a clearly patrol with nil find.   


As the element patrolled north west, they happened upon a light source which was not identified in the darkness of early morning.  The section moved forward and halted a distance short of the light source which happened to be a small pair of retail buildings.  After dismount, on approaching the buildings an IED was identified, the element halted and the IED was destroyed by explosive charge.


Element then continued north west to the predetermined area originally marked for Recon to check.  En route to this check point, the section was engaged from the west by a larger enemy force consisting of infantry equipped with small arms and AT launchers.   The rifle section engaged the enemy, destroying them all with mounted guns and small arms weapons of dismounted troops.


The section then continued and halted at the recon checkpoint.   Then they proceeded north east and were directed to patrol to and through the village of Abad.   There was one armed male observed in Abad, however he did not open fire on the section, and the section did not challenge or engage him.



As the section was continuing their track north east, they were engaged from the north by a large force about 600m away.   The fire was heavy and there were estimated to be from 50 to 100 emeny troops with well established cover and heavy weapon support.


The OCB section returned fire with the .50 cal weapons mounted on the Humvies until down to 100 rounds per vehicle, which they were ordered to reserve for a serious heavy threat.  The Section then took up shelter in a compound and continued to return fire.  Ammo became an issue and a ammo resupply was done.  


The fire died down, and the section moved further east, turning north to observe the target area, at which time two enemy vehicles were observed, they were quickly engaged and their crews destroyed.


As the OCB section was observing the area and waiting for further orders, a vehicle rushed up the hill towards their position and a lone enemy rifleman jumped from the vehicle to fire at the section.  This rifleman was destroyed.


The OCB section were then ordered to patrol through the enemy held position and search for the leader of the group, who was reported to have been wearing 'distinctive clothing'.  There were no enemy seen who matched that description, and the large building in the centre of the position was empty.  It appears that the main target of the operation had fled either prior due, or during the engagement.  Mission concluded at that point.


Operation Flow:

  • Radio comms were informal, as I didn't see the point in formal comms with six people all traveling together.  
  • Mission briefing was semi formal, information required was relayed.
  • The amount of stuffing around prior to mission start has to be toned down.
  • I have to detail specific tasks more; some of them were on the fly and would have appeared that way.


Mission Makers Perspective:


It's damn near impossible to run a mission and play in it.   IN future, I'll be running from a static position and directing it that way.  Unless of course everything is built on triggers (which is what is now being done for most future missions).


Delay in switching between normal in game and zeus is too long and causes pauses in the action.


I got a huge drop in FPS in the last 15 or so minutes of the mission to an almost unplayable level.  Wondering if anyone else noticed this?


Over all very basic mission which could have been executed better. 


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I didn't experience and FPS drop but over all was quite an enjoyable mission.

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An enjoyable mission, well done Val, and thankyou to all the boys who rocked up. I myself didn't experience an FPS drop.

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No FPS problems on my end either. We all owe you our thanks Val for setting aside the time making this mission series. Was good fun.

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