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Battalion 1944

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I was lucky enough to get a key to the closed beta of this game and I have played just over an hour of it so I thought I would give you all some of my thoughts.


Battalion 1944 is a Multiplayer focused FPS, it is based on World War 2 meaning it contains the weapons used in that particular war from both Axis and Allied forces. It is currently in early access and is going through several closed betas.


At first appearance it is rather pretty looking (a bi-product of being made on the unreal engine) but you can definitely tell it is a game that is in early access from it's menus and just how many of the gameplay options are locked. But other than that rather clean which I can appreciate.


First some pros; Shooting is rather smooth and responsive and it pays off to have good aim, there is a training mode which is actually rather good, allowing you to use all the guns currently in the game on a training map. It has a very very similar feel to the older COD games, ie WAW and COD 2. It pays off to have good game sense and good aim, which is something I feel is very needed in FPS games especially rng is something that doesn't need to be in a game like that. The weapons are well done and accurate to the time period so that is a definite plus for a lot of people. If you like a medium paced game that you can think about your plan of attack then this may be the game for you.


Now for cons; The biggest point is the Netcode and the Tickrate of the servers, they are god awful you can have gone behind cover and you will get shot from your previous position as well as usually the person peeking has the advantage. Another point is the maps can be rather frustrating sometimes. Spawn killing is rampant, my first game I was stuck inside my spawn dying over and over. One other thing is that I don't believe Unreal Engine was a good idea for the reason that once you have played one Unreal Engine FPS you have played them all pretty much so a lot needs to be done in the form of creativity in map making and other inventive ways to play the game, so I am worried the game can get very stale very fast. These problems can be easily fixed except for the engine I believe so we will have to see in future updates.


Now, would I spend money on this game in it's current state? Definitely not. Mainly for the point of the server issues, I cannot stand a game in which dying in a previous position or dying as soon as someone comes around a corner for the most part. I also believe the game will not survive and eventually die off, the gameplay quickly becomes stale and it does not bring anything new to the market, the maps that are out are badly designed and if those maps are what they open with I am worried for what else is to come. This is more than likely not a game I will consider in the future either.




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Good write up mate.   I have seen some reviews on this on youtube, and none of them have been positive.   The concept is right but the important things like netcode are what lets the game down.   There have been so many duds lately where the devs just get it wrong time and time again which is a shame.


There was one recently (I think it may have even been this game or one just like it) that was removed from Steam because they copied a map made by Valve to the most minute detail.   Only after they removed the map were they allowed back on steam.


Another point; I kinda get the early access thing, it gets players excited about your game, but it also works against developers when they release an early access and it's crap, just like this one.

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