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Our RS2V Servers - Some Info and things for players to note

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We've been receiving a lot of feedback in the servers about the ping, team balance etc.  Here is some information for those using our servers.


  • The latency has recently significantly reduced


We were operating four servers per server box, four in Melbourne and four in Sydney.   Due to latency issues, the decision was made to drop three of the Sydney servers and two of the Melbourne servers.   The result has been a vast improvement with ping times dropping from an average of 220 to around 140.  Keep in mind that at peak times, that is going to increase; and that the game doesn't appear to be very well optimised for online play (yeah, we don't get it either)


Players have been complaining about the ping; even after the improvements.  They are claiming they get a better game experience on other servers.   We are doing the best we can with our current systems, but the recommendation is that if you don't like our servers, play somewhere else.  We would prefer to have less players that complain, than more players that spend half of each round bitching about how shit they think our servers are.


  • Team Balance is now active


Previously, for some reason we don't understand, team balance wasn't working.  It's now active and working well.   This obviously makes the game fair and negates the whining about it.


  • Player slots have been increased


To deal with server load and latency issues our Melbourne servers were all previously running 56 slots.   Now with only one Melb server, the slots have been increased to 64.   The Sydney server likewise has gone from 32 to 56 slots.   It hasn't been upped to 64, as this box has less capacity.


  • Custom Only Maps Server


We have added a custom maps only server which is running Aussie SongBe, Aussie CuChi, the new Aussie standard maps, as well as a few other custom maps.   This server is not currently being used at all, and if this continues, it will be taken offline.   Custom maps DO kill servers....


Some General Notes


Just like all the other server operators, we have server rules.   Our admins are generally tolerant and won't react out of anger and don't respond to being flamed.   Having said that, our tolerance is starting to wear thin, as this tolerance is being taken for granted.   Admins have been abused, told how to do their 'job', told to "fix the servers" and the general level of abuse and tard like behaviour is reaching a level where admins are going to start removing offending players.   Just remember, we are not paid to admin the servers, and we put in many hours to making sure the game is as enjoyable for all players.  We edit, manage and monitor servers to ensure they are as good as they can be.   Putting shit on the admins is disrespectful and down right lame when you consider all the things we do to work for the community.    


Next time you think of mouthing off to try and prove how tough or smart you think you are, consider how much we do, for free, to make the game better for you.   Again, it's quite simple, if you don't like our servers, or our rules, play somewhere else where they don't care what you do.


  • Server Rules

Our server rules can be viewed here  In a nutshell, they are pretty simple, and designed to prevent or minimise behaviours that disrupt the game.  They are similar to rules for other servers.  Follow admin directions, no excessive offensive language or comments, no hacking or exploiting etc.   Have a read of the rules and make yourself familiar with them.


If you are in breach of the rules, you are normally given a warning; this may not always be the case though, and you may find yourself removed from the server without warning.  An admin may have been watching your conduct for quite some time and has made the decision that what you are doing or have done is not an isolated incident, but a pattern of stupid behaviour, in which case you may be banned without notice.


All our permanent bans are subject to a report submitted by the admin placing the ban, so if you feel hard done by, you can lodge an appeal.

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