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AAR - Operation Permanent Marker

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The mission was to link up with the local population and establish some security for them after a number of IED attacks against civilians.




Infantry section +





2 X Transport Helos (Only one required)




Platoon Sized group at contact locations






  • Field Formations were used, however squad members were not maintaining correct distances at times, with a patrol across an open space only maintaining 5m spacing.   Too close.
  • Forward Scouts on one occasion somehow managed to get 160m ahead of the rest of the section, and when called back, took more than one minute to return to the rest of the section.   If they had been contacted they would have been isolated from the rest of the section.
  • Troops at times fired over the heads of other section members, and came close to hitting them.
  • Troops did at times move in front of the weapons of other section members.  Bad practice. 
  • Some section members were hit and down, without the other members of their section being aware of it.  Members need to maintain visual contact with other section members.
  • During the final stages, the section became a bit too spread out and this made coordination of the attack a little difficult.



  • More enemy contacts en route to specific locations would be more interesting
  • Talking about the upcoming tasks ruined the element of surprise and anticipation for those in the mission.  This is not to happen again.
  • Mission commander, section commanders etc, should NOT be told about where, when and how a contact will occur.  I think in the future, the mission maker simply gives the mission briefing on what needs to be achieved and allows the commanders to undertake the task as they see fit, without knowing when the shit will hit the fan.  Adds to immersion and allows them to use their training and leadership skills.
  • Callsigns need to be part of the mission briefing, and elements should all be assigned a separate callsign.
  • Mission briefings should be done in the SMEAC format for that they are consistent and expected by all.  This needs to be delivered verbally, and in the future will be done using the chain of command (Section commanders will get the briefing and deliver it to their section members)
  • Medical needs to be looked at.  There were some, but not enough medical resources available.
  • Clear extraction plan to be added to mission orders.



  • LAV vehicle operations were well done and efficient, even with third person view removed.  Well done to LAV crews.
  • Overall, RATEL communications were done well.
  • Compliance with orders from command was very good.



It was a great mission (thanks Winfield) that went well overall.  The objectives were achieved and the members worked well as a team to succeed.  The terrain was difficult, which added to some of the problems we experienced, but in spite of this it went well.

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I'm all for ACE medic training. I'll step up to be the company's Corpsman, if we don't have one, already. I'll just need access to the training server and maybe a test dummy once I figure out how to remap my Windows key.