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OCB Code of Conduct

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The following is the unit Code of Conduct.

It is a REQUIREMENT that all members abide by this Code, and those making an application to join, in doing so, are deemed to be in agreement with the code and agree to abide by it.
Code of Conduct

All members are required to be aware of and abide by the Code of Conduct listed below. The code is in place to protect the unit’s reputation and your reputation. For the most part, the code applies to any and all games that a member of [OCB] plays in an online environment. Game-specific requirements are noted.

Whenever you are online you are an ambassador for [OCB]. Clans are not judged only by their skill but how they behave on public servers, online chat, forums etc. 
A. [OCB] Members are required to:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the reputation of the unit, with honour and respect
  • Be actively involved in unit activities, such as playing on the unit servers, participating in the unit site forums, and use team speak when playing
  • Follow any reasonable directions from unit leaders
  • Be as tolerant as possible of those players who are annoying, immature, angry wannabes. If you ignore them they will go away.
  • Treat other members with respect and courtesy
  • Advise of extended absences – if not they may be subject to discharge

B. [OCB] Members must not:

  1. Cheat in any server at any time for any reason, using hacks, exploits or other means whether or not it affords an unfair advantage over other players
  2. Pick on or harass other players in any server at any time for any reason
  3. Behave in a manner that brings disrepute on the unit or it’s members
  4. Bad mouth other clans
  5. Join or be a member of another clan, without approval from HQ. Members MUST advise HQ of their intention to join another clan, or declare their membership in other clans. Joining a clan without approval, or being caught being in another clan without having advised HQ results in dismissal. New members joining are not permitted to be in another clan at time of acceptance, nor for three months thereafter,
  6. Join another clan for a game that OCB actively plays or officially supports
  7. Apply to join another clan for a game that OCB officially supports
  8. Behave in a manner that causes, or has the potential to cause internal division or a break down in morale
  9. Recruit or attempt to recruit players for the unit in a server or on forums, owned and/or operated by other clans. We don’t allow them to do it, give them the same courtesy.
  10. Use another players name Use the clan tag of another clan unless authorised to do so.
  11. Refer to, condone, or support any type of illegal activity, or engage in any discussions about such subjects. This relates to all illegal activity or discussions of such. It includes, but is not limited to discussions about drug abuse. If you are a drug user, you are not welcome in OCB and discussions on the use of illegal substances will see you removed and banned from all OCB services.
  12. Breach unit security rules
  13. Make overtly racist comments on forums, TS or game servers that could reasonably be expected to potentially offend a person of ANY race.
  14. Excessive offensive language in forums, TS or game servers.  The "C" word is generally frowned upon, try not to use it.

C. Additional - Game Specific


It is expected that whilst on the ARMA battlefield you will play in squads with other clan members as a general rule, and follow orders, use initiative and contribute to the goals of the TEAM not the individual. Intentional team killing, for ANY reason is not acceptable, accidental team kills should be followed by an apology.

You are expected to remain within your assigned role. If you are assigned to Infantry as a medic for a match, that is what you will be expected to play. Do not take on another role unless directed by commanders in the field. Some roles, such as support pilot, may be boring but essential and if assigned you are to remain in that role.

Specialist roles such as Pilot of helicopter gunship, or fighter jet are only able to be filled by those who are qualified.
Members MUST communicate in the field in accordance with trained protocols.


Battlefield is a great game that unforunately attracts players that are less than honourable in the way they play. We must not stoop to their level and the following are the rules for OCB members who play BF.

  • Camping of uncapable spawns is prohibited - this means any uncapturable enemy point, where your fire will directly kill enemy players as they spawn
  • Stat padding is prohibited - in any server at any time for any member - Members are prohibited from joining stat padding servers

[OCB] Responsibilities


These are additional points to keep in mind.

Members are not to speak on behalf of the unit to other clans or in public on matters of policy unless specifically authorised to do so.
Members are not to actively recruit players to the unit unless specifically appointed and authorised to do so. Members may recommend or refer players to HQ staff for consideration, or direct them to make an application for enlistment on the unit web site if they ask about membership, but are not to authorise any recruitment. This will be done by HQ staff.


Members are not permitted to start sub clans or squads for any game that OCB does not officially support. Creation of any such sub units for officially supported games must be authorised by OCB HQ.

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