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Victory in Sahrani

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Победа! article-1172083-008EA40A000004B0-201_468

Sunday saw the the remnants of the FSA rebellion crushed, as Russian forces made their final push to secure the capital. Over many weeks, Russian forces have battled the Free Sahrani Army to restore order and stability to the Democratic Republic of Sahrani.


As Sahrani transitions to its re-established government, and begins to long process of rebuilding, we look back on the campaign:


Part 1: “Motorstrelki” by [OCB]Xerxes

The FSA uprising spread across Sahrani, quickly overwhelming local security forces. Forward elements of the 78th Motor Rifle Brigade moved to quickly retake the major town of Bagango from FSA rebels.


Part 2: “The Hunted” by [OCB]Gelly

FSA rebels to the south counter attacked Bagango, pushing the 78th MRB back and forcing a withdrawal. During the rushed withdrawal, 6 men were left behind and taken prisoner by the FSA.


Part 3: “Night Watch” by [OCB]Xerxes

A reconnaissance platoon of the 107th Airborn Regiment (VDV) with assistance from a team of the 51st Detached Reconnaissance Regiment (Spetsnaz) disrupted FSA communications and AAA in the northern mountains, before conducting a raid to secure the last surviving POW.


Part 4: “Hold Fast” by [OCB]Gelly

A company of the 107th AR conducted a feint airbourne assault on the major city of Corazol, drawing away FSA defenses and providing an opening for beach landing operations.


Part 5: “Red Tide” by [OCB]Xerxes

A battalion of the 78th MRB conducted a beach landing and advanced inland, securing a key town and cross roads, destroying an FSA amoured and mechanised counter attack.


Part 6: “Mech Warrior” by [OCB]Gelly

The 78th MRB continued their push inland. With the shelling of Bagango, the 78th speared south and in to Corazol before meeting heavy resistance and being forced to halt it's advance.


Part 7: “Dirty Work” by [OCB]Xerxes

A team of the 51st Spetsnaz, with an attached political commissar, conducted anti-partisan and intelligence gathering operations at great cost to the local population. The intelligence gathered resulted in a raid on an FSA training camp.


Part 8: “Mountain Fighters” by [OCB]Knight

A platoon of the 107th conducted airbourne assaults on FSA positions in the northern mountains. During an FSA counter attack, the platoon was over run, and suffering catastrophic casualties, was forced to withdraw.


Part 9: “Spetsnaz Surprise” by [OCB]Gelly

With the 78th MRB advance haulted on the northern side of Corazol, a platoon from the 51st Spetsnaz conducted an amphibious landing on the southern shore and attacked the FSA garrison from behind, allowing the 78th MRB to break through the FSA lines.


Part 10: “Hell March” by [OCB]Xerxes

A platoon + of the 78th MRB broke through FSA lines, clearing a route through the southern badlands and desert. As the platoon approached the Limit of Exploitation, and AAF expeditionary force landed.


Part 11: “Bronegruppa Bison” by [OCB]Gelly

Armour of the 1st Independent Tank Battalion and support elements moved to reinforce the 78th MRB platoon, and formed 'Battle Group Bison'. Bison pushed westward, destroying the AAF expeditionary forces and cleared a route to the nations capital Paraiso.


Part 12: “Final” by [OCB]Gelly

A platoon + of the 107th AR made the final push to take the capital Paraiso and the nearby airfield. Assisted by Bison to the south, the combined arms overwhelmed the remaining FSA and AAF forces and captured the capital city.




I personally would like to thank everyone who participated in this campaign, and I hope you guys enjoyed as much as I enjoyed making the scenarios.


The people of Sahrani are forever in your debt.


I'd also like to thank Gelly and Knight for the effort they put in and the contribution they made to the campaign.

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