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Tommy Cookers IV AAR

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Mission: Clear Wotlhausen then proceed and secure the bridge crossing the river.


0-A DC

Red 1 Stuart (Krongas)

Red 2 Stuart (Spectre)

Red 3 Sherman (Xerxes)

White 1 M3 halftrack (Knight and Tema)

Blue 1 Piro

Blue 2 Rambo

Thunder ( airpower) Dash

Proceed to de bus point approx 400m away from Wolthausen. Red to move to a staging position to the north of the town behind forest. Blue 1 to clear the forest along Reds line of march. Blue 2 to proceed through the forest to the south and hold. At H-hour + 2 they were to start their assault into the town.


Proceeded to Debus point without incident. Troops moved out in god order. Blue 1 was quickly engaged by enemy outpost and a couple of members KIA. Reds moved to support and quickly silenced position. Reds then proceeded to the their assigned position. Blue 2 proceeded without incident.

0-A moved forward past Blue 1 in order to get eyes on objective. In the meantime. Reds engaged a vehicle on the road leading to the objective.

At the critical moment as 0-A was about to initiate the attack he was killed by a enemy who closed in.
As a result attack did not proceed until 0-A (2) was able to rejoin (radio issues again plagued op)

Town was secured with minimal casualties although two blue on blue incidents did result in KIA and WIA.

Once secured an enemy counter attack was fought off. Thus ended phase 1.


-Good form up and move to debus
-Good armoured support and leadership
-Good infantry leadership despite some casualties
-Good input by leaders in to mission plan

-0-a exposed himself too much trying to recon objective and as a result of death time was lost. Should have stuck closer to blue 1 for protection

-Failed to establish a proper chain of command in the event that I was killed, the resulted in a delay to the attack on objective. Should have learned from last time but in haste was neglected.

-Issues with control measures on map being seen by all. Need to sort this out to streamline the mission.

-Blue on blues. One tank incident, possibly could have been negated by better control measures. A note for future leaders. I limit of advance and field of fire limits should have been better established.

-I was also guilty of throwing a grenade at an inappropriate time whilst handling an ammo box. I had not done so many times before and the result was lucky, no KIAs (just myself badly wounded) but I should have asked how to do it instead of assuming I could work it out.

Phase 2:

Forces: As above


Infantry to sweep the northern forest surrounding the center avenue of advance. Reds to hold in place until called forward.

Blue 1 to continue to the NW of the objective to try to ID probable anti-tank gun emplacements.

Once recon conducted assault obj and clear town.


Infantry moved off and quickly moved to positions. Blue 2 ID'd a mine field that hindered REDs line of march down approach.

Blue 1 found no enemy positions to the NW of town and proceeded to the outskirts.
Reds moved in the trees along the northern edge of center approach while the ground ahead was cleared by infantry.

Thunder called in to do some Recon and to conduct a couple of attack runs with unclear results.

Blue 2 and Red 1 started to engage men and vehicles in the object and slowly started to push toward the town. Some arty fire requested and enacted. Blue 2 moved into the forest to the east of the obj whilst Reds moved to support Blues in the West.

About this time Thunder shot down by enemy AAA.

Go progress made initially, with light casualties sustained.

Heavy and accurate enemy mortar fire encountered by most units with some deaths and vehicles knocked out.

One tank possibly knocked out by A/T gun.

Town for the most part taken and positions on the southern bank engaged with infantry mortar tank and air fire.

Running around like headless chickens ensued in the attempt to get mission to cycle and discipline and control started to break down.

Mission for all intents and purposes finished here.

As for phase 1 in addition
-infantry leaders using initiative to keep the tempo up.
-Good artillery support calls along with adjustments whilst leading squads.
-Excellent job by Blue 2 in spotting a mine field that could have caused catastrophic results for the amour. A great find.

-Need to come up with some procedures for actions whilst under mortar/artillery fire. It did cause a fair bit of problem both for infantry and Amour. Would love to have known where the spotters or the mortar pits were.
-A minor breakdown of discipline in the town. I was not as systematic as I should have been in organizing the sweep of the town for stragglers (though they would never have been found) With both blue teams firm at the bridge it seemed as though it should cycle to the next and as time wore on so the mad running around trying to find the hidden enemy commenced.
-I probably tried to do a little bit too much. Command from the rear and also give mortar support.
I probably should have been attached to Blue 2 to get a better idea of how to tackle the defences and call in the arty whilst letting the squad leaders do the infantry fighting instead of also doing the FO job.
I was aware that the mortar would be useful for attacking entrenched positions and thought it justified the sit in the rear. In hindsight I should have probably forgone the airpower (as good as it was) and put Dash and Mully in the jeep with the mortar. Some illum rounds for the attack of objective one may have been beneficial in the opening stages. Also if phase 3 was required WP on the opposing bank would have been ideal to facilitate the river crossing.
-I will admit to being a little thrown by the lack of AT guns where I expected them to be placed and this caused me some anxiety. I probably should of adapted better and being a bit closer to the action without being too close ala phase 1 would have been beneficial to a quicker mission resolution.

In summary, I think up until the final mad running around all members performed well with good leadership and skill shown. There were some mistakes but as always as long as they are learned from they are OK.

Thanks to Gelly for doing these TACs. I must say I do enjoy i44 despite some of the bugs.
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Alas DC, those bugs can really spoil things.
Things will resume when i44 for A3 gets up, I'll do a whole new round of missions and we can all enjoy it over again with some new physics.
In the meantime, my attention is now going over to A3 for future tac creation.
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