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[Co28] OPERATION WAKE UP [AAF] 5/12/13 @1900

aaf a3 coop

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statický (AAF)

statický (AAF)
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After a prolonged stalemate between NATO and CSAT forces on the north-eastern eastern peninsular of Altis, NATO is going to make a push down a heavy protected road into Paros attempting to capture the town. Before a motorized column can push down the road into the town, static AT defences mush be destroyed. 4 hours before the assault, a rifle platoon with attached UAV will move in to destroy the static AT.

The platoon will step off from the step off point and move south clearing the enemy held FOB and destroying the three static AT guns at the markers. The UAV operator will scout out and observe enemy movements. Once all guns are destroyed and no call signs are in contact the mission will be called.

Intelligence gathered from civilians in the area indicates around two platoons of enemy infantry plus one or two Ifrits patrolling the AO. An enemy held FOB is said to be providing overwatch to the AT gunners, with heavy weapons. There have also been unconfirmed reports of an armoured AA vehicle near the salt lake. The civilians have said they most of the other civilians have cleared out of the AO, presents is likely to be low to none

Friendly forces consist of a Rifle platoon with attached UAV operator. This UAV operator will have access to an unarmed greyhawk to scout out and report enemy movements.
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BTC revive enabled
Radio channels are up to zero-alpha
RALLY AT: 1900 (Sydney time)
AAF Teamspeak (ts.australianarmedforces.org)


statický (AAF)

statický (AAF)
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Made by: Staticky [AAF]
Date of Op: 5/12/13
Rally time: 7:00 GMT +10
Kick-off: 7:30 GMT +10
Server: AAF operations server
Password: Informed on night

statický (AAF)

statický (AAF)
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  • 13 posts
could someone please put this up on the calendar please.

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