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ACE, ACRE, SOTG, Esbek. Co-Op, 11Jul13 1930 Hrs.

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After the EDA was cleared from the Superior Valley system and their command infrastructure severed.
At this time they have no organised units but are still present in the region.

The current resistance is coming from the villagers and what seems to be a Conventional force.
The supposed leader is Gen. Vasily Lemmor, a veteran of the 1980's campaign in Afghanistan.

Unknown at the target compounds, but there are reports that there are motorized units around the estimated safehouse loc.

A USMC MEU is operating to stabilize the region around Kamir. There has been heavy fighting in that area so do not expect any support.

The civillian population after seeing the crushing defeat of their army has mostly hunkered down, but many support and oppose our presence.

We are to gather intelligence on his whereabouts and act on any information that is found at suspected Command and Control Centers. (Marked)


Commanders Intent
Kill/Capture a high-ranking Russian Military general.

Mostly TBA to ground Comd.

Admin and Logistics

Gear boxes have been supplied, and a UH-60 Blackhawk and an AH-6 littlebird have been supplied for infil and CAS.

Command and Sigs.

Retrans towers are in place for the AN/PRC - 117F CH1 and CH6.

Comd. - Ch1 High Band
InterAir Comms - Ch2 High Band
Alpha - Ch1 AN/PRC 343
Bravo - Ch2 AN/PRC 343
Charlie - Ch3 AN/PRC 343
Delta - Ch4 AN/PRC 343


HQ - 0-Alpha
UH-60 - Anvil 1-1
AH-6 - Hammer 1-1
Alpha - Alpha
Bravo - Bravo
Charlie - Charlie
Delta - Delta
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