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AAR: [DH]Operation Barras by 0-A-Minor

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Rescue 5 British Officers held by a Terrorist Org in Sierra Leon.

Brit Para Platoon, SAS Unit, Sniper team with Aviation AH-11 & HC-4 support

  • After initial form up rope insertion was made to designated LZ 500m west of objective loc
  • Sierra team located west of obj loc setup LUP and provide realtime int
  • Platoon 1 up formation moved toward obj loc
  • Initial side contact with 1 section was made from south resulting in 2 EKIA
  • Platoon shifted axis north to flank
  • Section made contact approx. 100m north with multiple enemies
  • Sections conducted themselves to flank contacts and assault utilizing smoke screening and CAS
  • Objective town taken and hostages rescued successfully
  • Contact made and destroyed to the North with one KIA caused by unit drag bug
  • Counterattack commenced with 2x mortar rounds to no effect
  • Contact made with platoon sized force to the North West
  • Unfortunately 1 AI hostage unit with an extreme case of Stockholm syndrome refused rescue hampering the withdrawl under contact
  • Units exfiled via HC4 to medical aid station
  • Mission end.

  • Drag injured unit bug (ACE bug?)
  • AI path issue for hostage (bug)
  • Cross comms Xmits
  • ACE interaction bug with ShackTac HUD
  • Unable to pack gear into pack bug (units)

  • Great command and control by leaders
  • Great fire & movement by infantry, support provided by snipers. Contact was made and suppressed with good usage of smoke.
  • Good to see a few members returning to Tac Missions: KeV, Chris, Gavin
  • Great flying in very tricky terrain

A good mission, well done to Dash for putting it together. A nice length, good difficulty and a bit different in the jungle. Headless client also worked a charm.

I'll let others comment on the SAS patrol, air etc.
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@Scabbie, I wish I could of provided you with more attention but that damm AI took me out of my battlespace while I tried to un-screw it.



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From C perspective.


-Squad set up (mine not mission makers). I divided it into two groups with X leading rifles and myself with the gun and AT in a 4/3 split. I probably should have used two 3 man f/ts and floted as the lead as I don't think I was able to place the gun in the best posit. Though he did get a lot of good fie down range.

-Differences in individuals grass set up can cause pain in regards spotting with a few people being able to see enemy and others not resulting in chatter (I like grass but against AI I think you get disadvantaged by using it.)

-Agee ref Spartans point on chopper. His machine and is responsible for it.

- with ref above was frustrating sitting in a big target for indefinite length of time whilst. In hindsight perhaps B/C should have unloaded and let X ray lift as I dont think HQ should have been left behind. If Hq had been hit hard again they could of been overrun. A quicker decision ref either lifting or unloading needed to be made. Perhaps I should have used initiative? I am mindful of the AI cluster, but HQ and X-ray where exposed for long periods.

-Need to be a little better with conntact reports within squad. Is frustrating at time to hear fire going out but being unsure of where it is going to. This prefaced of course by the need to put bullets out if danger is present but a very quick contact rep (direction at minimum) could help save the team. 343 being the best device ( if avail) for the rep voice secondary. I was guilty of not using the radio to do so.

- I probably didn't use smoke as effectively as I should have. I probably should have put smoke down on left flank that would have covered or advance into village.

-Squads may have been a little too far separated for terrain for assault on village. We had contacts on both flanks with contacts located between the squads which could of had bad outcomes. With us firing towards B at times.

-Rates of fire. I think we need in general to slow down or rates of fire. 1 accurate shot it better than 3 panicked ones. I believe I read somewhere that IRL a good rate for effective fire it 12-15 shots per minute. Of course there is a time and place for for rapid but it should not be the default fire rate.


-C team individual skills and team work were very solid. Good input by members and ideas. Initiative shown by members to achieve good outcomes (Shaun's all round defense is suggestion was good one.)

-Rifle team were very well lead by X

-Good break contact executed. Followed by a good shift and re orientation of attack.

-Good use of smoke by team members especially during break contact.

Good fun mission. Thanks Dash.
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