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[LN]Open Season

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Move to Green Mountain and setup an observation screen to the North. Hold Green Mountain.

Failure. Catastrophic losses, USMC retreats from Green Mountain.

NOTE: All missions need to have a good chance of failure, if victory is guaranteed the mission itself becomes pointless.

Victor callsigns (LAV) moved to green mountain.

LAVs kept in reserve atop green mountain / dismounts ordered to move forward to setup observation screen. Sabre callsign on station providing air cover.

During TL briefing contacts were called in by aviation callsign Sabre 1.

Dismounts engaged enemy sections and vodniks in and around the intended screen. LAVs deployed to provide DFS. Delta squad (SMAW) deployed to right flank. CAS called in to engage targets.

Casualties taken from initial contact and continued through-out. Medics hampered by a new ACE / Shacktac bug. During a lull from the initial attack many members were treated and positions held.

Heavy casulties inflicted on the Russians. Approx 8 vodniks destroyed and 200+ infantry killed.

An overwhelming second wave of Russians attacked now included at least 4 times BTR-90s approaching unseen and overrunning Bravo and Charlies sections, also destroying the 3 active LAVs and shooting down the CAS aircraft.

Remnants of the OCB unit reformed back at Green mountain engaging and destroying more infantry squads in the last remaining LAV. Delta squad (SMAW team) moved in from the right flank to engage and destroy 2 BTR-90s but the fight was lost with the Russians commiting their reserve force the unit withdrew to the south.

Casaulties were heavy on both sides with over 220 EKIA.

  • ACE / Shacktac HUD bug
  • Increased allowance for totally awesome HC that is super fast at fire and movement
  • Ensure missions give enough time for admin and movement of players
  • RATEL - one or two instances where members are not transmitting correctly over the radio grinding 0-A's gears when issuing orders. We covered RATEL in training for a reason. Use. it.
  • Great combined arms tactics by OCB let down by a mission that kicked off too quickly.
  • Great FPS as the server handled spawning approx 20 vehicles and 480 infantry.
  • Excellent SMAW engagement by member Reddeth and Delta team to destroy 2x BTR-90s without getting smashed by 30mm.

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Great mission, the headless client worked awesomely, I said it last night - but in all my years of ArmA, I have never seen the AI behave so aggressively!
The Russians have really been kicking out ass during this campaign...time for some payback!



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Sorry I missed it. Was absolutely shagged after LA LA land. I guess sometimes in the face of a superior force you get need to advance in another direction. To taste defeat can really shine a light on deficiencies, which is a good thing (apart from the deaths) if the lessons are learned and applied.



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From my view in tango one, we were being to aggressive with the lavs, since the terrain was pretty flat with not many hull down positions that could effectively provide cover