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[LN] Into the mouth of madness (CIA SOG)

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OCB Special Operations Group are on an intelligence gathering exercise in rebel held territory somewhere in the Serbian Mountains.


FR: Operating out of a safe house in the region, CIA SOG operators are a plain clothed team that are carrying no identifiable sign or equipment and are a completely deniable force. Operating in plain clothes and civilian vehicles we are a highly trained and well-armed force operating in a high risk environment with no support.

Cell phone sniffing and satellite surveillance is in operation to detect a roaming courier known to be in contact with our HVT target.

UN peace keepers patrol and man checkpoints around the region.

EN: Serbian Rebels sympathetic to the ousted and indicted regime of the early 90’s hold out in the mountains of Podagorsk. War criminals and soon to be war criminals are waiting for big brother to catch up with them and are ready for a fight.

CIV: Civilians in the area are actively working against local enforcement agencies. This has led to undercover foreign intelligence agencies taking the lead in the search for war criminals.


Identify the courier. Follow him to the HVTs location, if possible eliminate the target or report the location for a future air strike. [LN]Into the mouth of madness (CIA SOG).
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Huh, this seems different from the norm. Looking forward to it Lyndi.




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Has someone been watching Zero Dark Thirty?