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OCB Server Rules

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OCB Servers are for the use of members and guest players and all are welcome. The below rules are applicable to all who choose to play on our servers for whatever game.


Some of these rules are game specific, and you'll be able to figure that out for yourself.

By playing in our servers, regardless of game, you are deemed to have agreed to be bound by our server rules.

General Rules

  • Players must comply with directions from an OCB member or Server Admin,
  • Players must behave in a respectful manner towards all other players,
  • Players must not cheat, use hacks or any other script or exploit, whether this affords them advantage over other players or not (inlcuding LEA if playing Arma),
  • Players must not deliberately team kill other players (human or AI), even at the end of a round.
  • Players must use in game resources in a responsible manner, and at the direction of an OCB member and/or Server Admin (Arma - this includes all aircraft and vehicles)
  • Players in Arma that wish to fly aircraft MUST BE IN OUR TEAMS SPEAK SERVER - AND USE VOICE COMMS to coordinate resources - simply being in TS but not talking isn't good enough.
  • Excessive swearing, abuse, or obscene or offensive language is not permitted
  • Use of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive language is not permitted
  • Discussion of any illegal activity, including but not limited to, drug use is strictly forbidden.
  • Player names that relate to any illegal activity, example, drug use or names that indicate or refer to drug use will be banned.
  • Discharging ANY weapon in base areas is not permitted (including grenades and vehicle mounted weapons) unless engaging enemy,
  • If you are finished with a vehicle or aircraft PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS
  • In Arma, do NOT dump choppers, or any other vehicle out in the middle of nowhere - if you use it, return it to base. If you broke it, fix it. If you don't you'll be removed.
  • Conduct that is illegal is not tolerated
  • Discussion about illegal activities is not tolerated.
  • If your ping is over 200, you may be removed from the server without notice - if you continue to join servers with high ping, a temp ban may be placed to encourage you to go elsewhere.

A kick or ban from our servers may be carried out for poor conduct, or an intentional breach of rules. Warnings are normally given, if warnings are ignored, admin action will follow. We do not kick or ban people for not knowing how to do something in game; we train them, help them and bring them up to speed. Admin action results from stupid or disruptive behaviour that appears intentional. Doing anything that is in breach of state or commonwealth laws will also attract admin action.

Team Speak Server Rules

  • No excessive offensive language
  • No spamming of music or other noises that do not comprise a form of normal communication
  • No abuse, harassment or threatening behaviour
  • No spamming of text to channels or members
  • No advertising of any type
  • Our TS server is for the use of OCB members, and general players who are playing in our game servers and/or with our members. It IS NOT for people playing in non OCB servers. Groups of mates that decide to use our TS to play other games on other servers will be banned. (This has become common and we are stamping it out)
  • Discussion about any illegal activity will attract an immediate permanent ban

General Conditions

Players in our servers need to be aware that although warnings are normally given to offending players, this may not always be the case. Players may be kicked or banned without warning. A popup in the server specifies that you are aware of and agree to be compliant with all server rules, if you break them you may not be warned before an admin takes action against you.

All bans are reported by OCB Server Admins - so if you wish to appeal a ban you may do so, however keep in mind that lying to support yourself after poor behaviour will NOT help you.

Players are normally warned regarding their behaviour. If the behaviour continues, a kick follows. If the player returns and continues to break rules, they are banned. Bans are normally permanent, but you may appeal a ban. Occasionally, 7 or 14 day bans are placed depending on the circumstances.

if behaviour is clearly in breach of the rules, and is serious, no warning will be given and the ban will be permanent.

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