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Event: Arma Operation Serbain Spring - Red5

in Mission Calendar
Added by Valour , 31 Oct 2019

Taking place 15 Nov 2019 20:30 (Single Day Event)


DATE: CLASSIFIED - TIME: CLASSIFIED - Somewhere near Bosnia Serbian Border.

EN​: Serbian armed forces

FR​: OCB Mercenaries

CIV​: None area evacuated due to conflict

SITUATION: The Serbian communist party has taken control of Serbia and a conflict Bosnia. Russia is currently backing the Serbia and providing support which has made it harder for NATO countries to openly support Bosnia without escalating the conflict with Russia.

To make matters worse the we have discovered that the Serbian forces have Stolen Coalition UAV’s which they plan to use to attack nearby civilians to increase tensions between Coalition forces and the local population.

Currently the Coalition is unable to openly attack Serbian forces or destroy the UAV’s without causing an uproar from Russia. So OCB Squad will be posing as Bosnian mercenaries and will be performing several tasks in the AO to maintain cover and assist the Bosnian partisan forces while completing the main objective to destroy the UAV’s.

TOPO: AO is located in Serbia rural area near Bosnian Border, Heavily forested and dotted with small lakes. The area’s main industry is logging and farming.


Task1 - Hack into the enemy’s secure network - Connect the terminal to the network antenna with in the village near your inflation starting point. Our hackers with then gain access to the enemy network

Task2 - Ambush Convoy - Partisan forces have advised us of a convoy moving troops and MRL’s to the front line taking these out will greatly assist friendly forces.

Task3 - Destroy Enemy Com’s tower - Taking out their long range communications will prevent Serbian forces in the area from requesting support from the main forces.

Task4 - Capture Tavern - The Serbian have turned a local tavern into a temporary HQ, capturing will allow Partisan forces to loot and booby trap it for any returning forces.

Task 4 - Kill HVT - Partisans have located a Russian adviser for the Serbian forces, Code name “Hammer” his real name is “Vadim Ivashov”. Removing him from the picture will increase the chances of Partisan fighters.

Task 5 - Destroy Stolen UAV’s - This is what we are here for. Destroy them and then exfil from the AO.

Execution: Infiltration will be by vehicle off road as to avoid patrols. You will start the operations south of the Village of “Niederpremeischl” and will complete tasks in order.

ADMIN & LOG: The team will have as much time as they require to gear up at nearby boxes. ​

COMMAND & SIGNALS: Overall commander to be nominated at mission briefing time and do whatever they think is required to complete mission objectives keeping in mind the instructions.

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