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Event: The Thief

in Mission Calendar
Added by Valour , 06 Apr 2019

Taking place 16 Apr 2019 20:00 (Single Day Event)


By Valour

This mission is open to: All


A private security field agent has been operating in Germany for the past three weeks. During this time the agent stole confidential government documents from a German government office in Roche City. The agent was paid to obtain the documents and supply them to his employer. Rather than doing this, he sold the documents to a communist separatist group based in Bukovina for a large profit.

To complicate the situation, the agent has been captured by German police and is being held in Roche City awaiting transfer to Berlin for prosecution.

The police force holding the agent are comprised of general duties police, tactical response police and an armed group of mercenary troops being paid to secure the area.

The complicating factor of this situation is that the tactical police and the mercenary group are corrupt and are seeking to hand the agent over to a criminal group for profit.

The agent’s employer has contracted our SF team to retrieve the agent alive and hand him over once he’s been secured.
If the agent is killed during this operation, we have failed. If he is killed, proceed back to the infiltration point.

TOPO: Forest, mostly flat terrain, small villages, mostly sealed roads.

EN: Tactical Operations Police are patrolling the area. They are well trained and equipped. They will react quickly to any disturbances and they will shoot any intruders on site. The mercenary group will behave in a similar fashion. The general duties police manning check points are not considered a threat, and they are unlikely to fire upon intruders.

FR: There are no friendlies in the area.

CIV: There civilians in the area, and in the early hours they will mostly be local farmers going to work.


  • General duties police are not aware of the mercenary plan to sneak the agent out of Roche to Berlin. They are unlikely to engage our operators, but they will alert other units if they observe us in the area.
  • There are road blocks on all roads leading into Roche. Avoid them if possible.
  • There are civilians in the area. ID targets carefully before engaging. If civilians observe us they will most likely panic and tell the police forces roaming the area which could compromise our mission.


  • To secure the agent and hand him over to his employer

  • OCB SF Team is to operate in two small teams (Sierra 1 and Sierra 2).
  • Infiltrate the area, attempt to remain undetected as far as possible.
  • Sierra 1 is to enter the city and search for activity that may indicate the holding location of the agent. Once identified they are to await power outage.
  • Sierra 2 is to locate the power generator in the south eastern corner of the city and disable it to cut all power to the area.
  • Sierra 1 is to then await Sierra 2’s movement into a tactical position.
  • Sierra 1 & 2 are to secure the area, extract the agent, and secure a vehicle to leave the area.
  • All callsigns are then to transport the agent to the drop off point.
  • General duties police manning check points around the city are NOT to be harmed.
  • Tactical police are not to be engaged unless there is no other option.
  • Mercenaries can be engaged freely to achieve mission objectives.
  • Civilians are not to be engaged or interacted with unless it is unavoidable
  • Sierra 1 is commander for this operation.
  • Radio Frequencies to be provided prior to step off.

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what mods are we using for this mission the preset not working dont know why??

never mind got it working one mod i needed lol

Cool. And welcome back to action Ozone.
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thx val

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This sound cool

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