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Event: Sand Lions

in Mission Calendar
Added by Valour , 05 Apr 2019

Taking place 05 Jul 2019 20:00 (Single Day Event)


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By Valour

This mission is open to: All


The province of Lithium has fallen into the hands of Taliban warlords, preventing civilians from engaging in normal activities. The Taliban prevent local trade, access to medical facilities and education for the civilian population. Our forces are not welcome, the civilian population is indifferent to our presence, with small numbers providing us information at great risk. The Taliban takeover has been recent and although they control certain areas, they have yet to dominate the province. They are trying to take over all villages and towns and control the civilian population to enforce sharia law and recruit more fighters.

TOPO: The area is mostly desert terrain, with large open spaces and medium to high density areas. There are small villages and farms throughout the province and mountainous areas to the west and north.

EN: The Taliban are equipped with small arms, some vehicles and they we well supplied. RESISTANCE WILL BE HEAVY. There are several villages that are completely controlled by the enemy. The enemy has planted mines and IED on main roads, tracks, and near villages. The IED threat cannot be understated. Civilian vehicles and even insurgent vehicles have recently been destroyed because of the number of mines and IED.

FR: We have air transport, artillery, standby reinforcements that can arrive by air as well as fixed and rotary wing CAS available if required.

CIV: There civilians in the area, with some sections of the province being heavily populated. ID TARGETS before firing. The civilian presence is large, and there are markets and other civil activities occurring in spite of the Taliban control of the area. Civilians are often accidentally activating mines and IED and many casualties have been reported. There have been stockpiles of weapons located in civilian houses. It is unclear if these are Taliban houses, or civilians either coerced to store them or Taliban supporters.

INTEL: The enemy is using obstacles and mines to impede movement by road. Enemy conduct regular patrols and ambushes in all areas of the province. They have MANY fighters, and are recruiting more each day to their cause.

There are reports of suicide bombers operating in the area. They can be difficult to identify so sharp situational awareness is required. There are VBIED (car bombs) also in the area which are MOBILE and have been targeting foreign forces. The Taliban has been using this without regard for civilians.

As per civilian previous civilian information, weapons are being stored in houses in various villages. A civilian dressed in modern clothes named Marcus JAMAL is said to know the location of a large supply of Taliban explosives. Because we have this intel, it is likely the Taliban have detained JAMAL to prevent his capture by our forces. JAMAL MUST BE DETAINED AND TAKEN TO THE DETENTION CENTRE FOR INTERROGATION. If he provides the information we need to locate their explosives cache, he is to be placed in a confinement cell in the detention centre.

There is information regarding an ISIS convoy to the north west. This can either be engaged or avoided. It's destruction, although a bonus is not critical to the completion of the main objectives.

Some civilians will speak to you and offer information.


  • To clear the main supply route, disrupt the Taliban build up and assure the security of the region.


  • Light Cavalry element (CHARLIE 3/4) will transport our infantry patrol (1/1 ALPHA) to conduct a route clearance operation on route ZULU on foot. Starting at the local village (and it's market day).
  • 1/1 ALPHA will deal with threats as they arise, and clear mines and IED by disarming or destroying them. Some IED cannot be disarmed and must be avoided.
  • 1/1 ALPHA will continue west along route ZULU with CHARLIE 3/4 providing overwatch
  • 1/1 ALPHA will conduct a thorough search of any location we discover through intel to locate and detail Marcus JAMAL.
  • Civilians are NOT to be engaged.
  • The Civilian possession of ANY WEAPONS is ILLEGAL and they understand if they possess them they are liable to be shot. If a person is seen with a weapon, they are to be engaged with fire.
  • Due to the lack of resolve on the part of some new Taliban, they have been known to SURRENDER, during an engagement. If this is observed, they will drop their weapons and place their hands on their heads. Approach them and order them to sit and continue on with task.
  • Sunray Zero Alpha is commanding Officer for this mission.
  • Radio Frequencies to be provided prior to step off.
Mod File is attached - Yes there are a lot of mods. Future missions will have trimmed down mod lists. This is worth it!

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I don't know how I missed this one.. sorry bout that.