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Event: Op Dusty Reds

in Mission Calendar
Added by Valour , 13 Feb 2019

Taking place 31 Mar 2019 20:00 (Single Day Event)


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This mission is open to: OCB MEMBERS AND INVITED GUESTS


A small force of OCB troops is in the Anizay region as a peace keeping force to prevent further escalation of tensions between Russian elements and the local civilians. The Russians are suspected of having left the region after their unsuccessful attempt to control oil resources in the northern part of the area.

TOPO: Desert, light vegetation, mostly flat terrain.

EN: The Russian elements are believed to have left the area however there have been a few small Russian patrols seen in the last month, but they have not attempted to engage with any local forces or civilians.

FR: Other than our element, there are no friendly forces as such. Local civilians are friendly towards us and have not presented any issues. There are small FOB spread throughout the region which are mostly left overs from the previously tense months when Russians were very active. There are some resources available at each if required.

CIV: There are civilians in the area.

INTEL: There is no specific intelligence of any issues in the area; however a local tribal elder has requested to meet with us near his village to pass on some information.


  • Meet with the tribal elder


OCB Section will provide security for the meeting.




TFR frequencies will be provided at form up prior to mission start.

Mod Requirements:

Mod Preset file attached.

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Some of the newer members have been told about this mission and they are really keen to give it a go, which is why we are running it again.

dont know if im going to make this one might be working

Has something changed or I'm I going crazy 

Has something changed or I'm I going crazy 

Both..crazy now ? damn thought that'd work

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