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Events for February 27, 2019

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Operation Sand Lions
By Valour


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This mission is open to: OCB Members ONLY


The province of Fallujah has fallen into the hands of warlords, preventing civilians from engaging in normal activities. The warlord gangs prevent local trade, access to medical facilities and education for the civilian population. Our forces are not welcome, even the civilians want us out of their province.

TOPO: The area is mostly desert terrain, with large open spaces and medium to high density areas. Fallujah is a large city.

EN: The warlord gangs are equipped with small arms, some vehicles and they we well supplied. RESISTANCE WILL BE HEAVY.


CIV: There civilians in the area, with some sections of the province being heavily populated. ID TARGETS before firing.

INTEL: The enemy is using obstacles and mines to impede movement by road. Enemy conduct regular patrols and ambushes in the eastern and western areas of the city. They have MANY fighters, and are recruiting more each day to their cause.


  • To conduct Patrol tasks and disrupt enemy activity and clear road ways for civilian use.

Light Cavalry element with infantry will conduct a clearing patrol on the city's eastern outskirts. Other tasks as directed in the field.


No specific task details. General Patrols and taskings as they arise.


Group Commanders (to be nominated shortly) will take command of their respective sections and do whatever they think is required to complete mission objectives. Radio Frequencies to follow. All units are to use SEPARATE short range radio channels. All element commanders are to have a long range radio, or delegate this task to a signaller.

  • Radio comms between units are vital in this mission. Make sure you are keeping a track of communications.
  • If something goes wrong, the shit hits the fan, you can't radio anyone, etc, IMPROVISE, and Commanders are to TAKE WHATEVER ACTION THEY DEEM APPROPRIATE. No micro management, you have been given the responsibility to lead, LEAD!
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