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Events for November 08, 2018

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Hearts & Minds - Vietnam Campaign
By Valour

Concept of Operations

Each mission two teams will face off against each other to control a sector of a Vietnam Map, the winning team has the territory they have captured updated on the campaign map (see below example).

Teams will be Australian troops vs Vietcong guerillas or North Vietnamese Army troops.

Summary - The Quick Version

  • Two Teams - Australian and New Zealand Troops up against the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong Guerillas.
  • Sector control mission with three sectors in each map.
  • Ticket bleed - 5 tickets every 60 seconds. The team with the least held territory loses the tickets.
  • One ticket lost for either team when a player is killed.
  • Winner is the side with the most tickets remaining. (this will be reported by the server when the losing side has exhausted their tickets)
  • Medic only revive
  • Full equipment for both sides including aircraft, vehicles, armour and artillery.
  • Respawn enabled
  • Equipment DOES NOT RESPAWN - If it's destroyed, it's gone.
  • The campaign map will be updated and posted to show what territory is held by the side at the end of each battle.
Mods Required
  • CBA_A3
  • CUP Terrains - Maps
  • CUP Terrains - Core
  • CUP Terrains - CWA
  • Air Cav Vietnam
  • The Unsung Vietnam War Mod
  • Spyder Addons
  • Task Force Arrow head Radio. (You will require Team Speak version 3.1.10 or older version. If you have recently updated TS, roll it back or it will crash often with TFAR.)
  • Advanced Rapelling
Posted Image

The Details - Team Commanders Must Read and Understand

Combat Environment

There are AI players on both sides patrolling held zones to defend the areas and assist in denying the ground to the enemy (of both sides). There are also mines and booby traps not only around held zones, but randomly placed throughout the AO. These will not come up as red triangles! So, you need to watch your step.


Each team will have ownership of a number of zones across the map, with each team having a main base area. There will be neutral zones which can be won by either team. The zone to be contested will be determined prior to each mission. Once a mission is played, the campaign map will be updated with the new victory of the winning team and the map posted with the result.

Match Zones

In each mission there will be one zone owned and controlled by the Australian forces, and one owned and controlled by the VC/NVA forces. There will also be one independent zone which is not controlled by either team. Capturing the independent zone will not be easy for either team, as these zones are heavily defended by troops hostile to both campaign teams, taking them will be costly to your team's tickets.

The MAIN objective for the attacking force is to capture the defending force's base area and hold it. The independent zone is a bonus, and can be captured to increase the ticket bleed of the opposing team.

The MAIN objective for the defending team is to defend their base from attack and protect their HQ area.

AI Patrols

Base areas for both teams have AI patrols defending the area. These are wide spread around the zones and will be a significant challenge for teams attacking those zones. AI does not respawn or return to duty once killed. The independent zones are also patrolled by AI, but these are heavily defended and will be costly in terms of tickets for your team. There are also mines and booby traps throughout the area. Watch your step!

First Battle Format

In the first battle, there is no attacking or defending team, both teams have to fight and the winner is the attacking team for the next battle. From then, there will be an attacking and defending side for each battle.

Contesting Zones - How the Challenge System Works

If a team wins a zone, they can then challenge for another zone connected to the zone they have won. For example, see the below sample map.

Posted Image

In the example, the NVA holds Xom Ca Tan and Lang Giao, which are the two closest zones to the Australian territory.

If the NVA have won a round they can challenge for the Khe Sanh Combat Base Zone. They can do this because 1. they have had a victory, and 2. that zone is connected to a zone they either won, or they already own.

They could also challenge Hill 689, but NOT Ta Du, because it's not connected to a zone they hold. Likewise is the Australians had won a mission, they could challenge for Lang Giao as it is connected to their territory, but not zone 558, because it doesn't adjoin their territory.

If a team wins a mission, they can challenge a zone of their choice (provided it's connected to their held territory) and the loser of the mission has to defend, and they have no say in which zone they will be fighting in.

Example: VC wins Khe Sahn Base, they can then challenge for Ta Du or Hill 689. The Australians cannot challenge, they must defend. If the Australians defend Khe Sanh Base against attack, they can then challenge VC territory. If they defended Khe Sanh Base, they can then challenge Lang Giao or Xom Ca Tan.

Please let me know if that doesn't make sense (sounds confusing) and I'll fill you in on TS.

Allowed Resources

There will be resources placed that fit in line with the era for each side. Australians will have helicopters, APC, artillery etc. NVA will have similar. VC will have limited resources. AI Troops performing random patrols for EACH SIDE will be placed in base areas to provide greater immersion and protection for base areas. These may include random AIR or VEHICLE patrols, but will mostly consist of INFANTRY.

How Are the Missions Set up Prior to the battle?

Example: If NVA is attacking Khe Sanh base from Liang Giao, the mission maker will place all resources for the NVA within the zone specified by the Commander of that force. Likewise, the defending side's zone will have resources placed for them to use in defence.

The DEFENDING TEAM is permitted 30 minutes to set up their defences prior to the attacking team joining the server and commencing their assault. The DEFENDING TEAM is NOT permitted to enter the attacking team's zone prior to the battle (this includes aerial recon). If they attacking team enters during the defenders 30 minute set time, they may not enter the defended zone by any means (including air/ground recon).



Respawn of Troops

There are 500 respawn tickets per side. Once your team members have exhausted these, your team loses.

Team Size

Our server is 64 slots, but for the start of this campaign, we are seeking 16 players per side (32 in total). This can be increased if there is enough interest, as long as the teams are EVEN.

Assigning Teams

When players register to participate, they elect a side, either NVA/Vietcong, or Australian (RAR). Once all players have elected, their preference will be catered for providing the numbers on each side are even. If the force sizes are unbalanced, names will be randomly selected and players side may be changed. Don't whine about this if it happens, we need even teams. Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE CAMPAIGN. Each side will have a Commander who will control operations for that team. Team members can elect this Commander on their own. They will not be assigned by campaign organisers.
Who Can Participate?

Any member of an organised Arma 3 community, or regular players that are friends, associates or colleagues of any person in such a community. Units participating in the SJOC Group are encouraged to be a part of this campaign.

Patrol of the Zone

The battle can happen anywhere within the zone area. Teams can patrol wherever or however they like within the zone, however DEFENDING team CANNOT enter the attacker's zone until AFTER the battle commences (ie: the 30 minute setup time for defenders has passed.)

Capture of the Zone

An attacking team is deemed to have succeeded in their attack if:
  • They have killed all defending troops (the defenders have no respawns left) or
  • They have physically captured the defenders HQ within the zone and they have managed bleed out the opposing team's tickets.
  • They have held their own base area.
  • The campaign map will be updated to show territory held at the end of the battle. If you lose your base, you have to fight at the next battle to get it back.
A defending team is deemed to have succeeded in their defence if:
  • They have destroyed all attacking enemy and exhausted their tickets, or
  • They have advanced into the ATTACKERS and/or independent zone and captured and bled the enemy's tickets out.
  • They lose THEIR BASE AREA by the end of the round, they will have been defeated and will need to fight to get it back next battle.
Length of Campaign

The first side to win three consecutive battles wins the campaign. If this doesn't happen (ie: wins and losses are divided) the team holding the most territory after 5 battles is the winner.

Future Campaigns

If this is a popular event, similar campaigns will be run on different maps and time periods (WW2, modern etc).

Breaching Rules of Engagement

Either side detected breaking the ROE will forfeit the battle. If an attacker breaks the ROE, their attack is deemed to have failed, and they will forfeit the zone they used to mount an attack. If the defending side breaks the ROE, they are deemed to have lost the battle and will lose their zone.

Team vs Team Play Style

We have all been there; that TvT mission where you expected to play using realistic tactics but it turned into a lone wolf CoD style llama fest! In this campaign we expect ALL players play AS a TEAM, using realistic tactics. So, if you're planning to be the lone wolf who wants to quick scope other players from 200m and then teabag their corpse, then you'll be disappointed. IN fact if you want to play that way, and you are reading this, you must have become lost on your way to a Call of Duty fanboy website, and you should leave this site immediately. :P

General Rules
  • A good spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship is expected.
  • Flaming or stupid behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Intentional destruction of friendly assets is forbidden and could lose the battle for your side.
  • Camping spawn points is forbidden.
  • Artillery attacks on either home base is not permitted (no mortars or artillery to be used on either base area). Anything else is permitted.
  • Only weapons from the Vietnam era are to be used. Don't take or use any weapons that are from a later period.
If one of your side break any of the rules, and the breach is intentional and without reasonable excuse, that player will be removed from the campaign. If your side forms a habit or breaking the rules, your team will face the penalty of loss of a zone to the opposing side.
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November 2018