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Events for November 02, 2018

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Operation LANCER
By Valour


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  • Three Separate units - Infantry Platoon, SAS Patrol Section, Aviation Support Element
  • Separate and joint tasks for the three units.
  • Challenging tasks and radio coordination required between units

This mission is open to: OCB Members & any other members of any SJOC Unit, and friends of such


An Australian Task Force has been deployed to the Prei Khmaoch Luong province to tackle communist insurgents (Viet Cong) who are supported by a growing number of North Vietnamese ground units. The NVA build up is inspiring VC groups to increase their movement throughout the area and this must be brought under control. Supplies are being moved by ground vehicles and water craft on the waterways through the province.

TOPO: The area is mostly flat jungle terrain, with water concourses throughout the area.

EN: Local VC forces are known to be active in the area. Their equipment is standard light infantry small arms and launchers. They are in local clothing and they have webbing kits to carry their equipment. They have no air support and limited access to vehicles. They do have static heavy MG which have been encountered by SAS patrols. Locations are difficult to determine as they are frequently moved.

The NVA have similar equipment as well as vehicles. No enemy armour, light or otherwise has been sighted.

FR: There are three elements operating in the AO.

  • 1st Platoon, a standard light infantry platoon is operating from FOB EMERY,
  • SASR Patrol Group, special forces element is operating from FOB STONE
  • A Section from Aviation Support Company is operating from FOB MARSHALL

Infantry elements have access to M113 APC vehicle for tasks that are reachable by ground movement. AVN SPT has access to UH-1D Iroquois helicopters in slick and gunship configurations.

Artillery fire support is provided by 155mm guns at FOB EMERY and 81mm mortars at the same location.

CIV: There civilians in the area. They are generally indifferent to our presence. Avoid civilian areas if possible.

INTEL: Most contacts have been with small groups of VC that have been probing the perimeters of our locations. These probes have been by groups usually of no more than four VC troops, but they are common during early morning and at night. During the day, they minimise their movement.

Mines and booby traps have been located on tracks throughout the area.


  • To conduct Patrol tasks and disrupt enemy activity. Deny the use of the area by the enemy.
  • Perform any other specific tasks as required.


Infantry platoon will move from FOB EMERY to perform patrols of the provence, supported by APC and AVN elements. The SAS Patrol Group is to undertake their mission taskings as required. AVN element is to provide transport and gunship support to the ground units.


No specific task details. General Patrols and taskings as they arise.


Valour is overall commander for the mission. Group Commanders (to be nominated shortly) will take command of their respective sections and do whatever they think is required to complete mission objectives. Radio Frequencies to follow. All units are to use SEPARATE short range radio channels. All element commanders are to have a long range radio, or delegate this task to a signaller.

  • Radio comms between units are vital in this mission. Make sure you are keeping a track of communications.
  • If something goes wrong, the shit hits the fan, you can't radio anyone, etc, IMPROVISE, and Commanders are to TAKE WHATEVER ACTION THEY DEEM APPROPRIATE. No micro management, you have been given the responsibility to lead, LEAD!
Mod Requirements:

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Please indicate when you RSVP for the mission, which position you want. FIRST IN, BEST DRESSED! Only Leaders, SAS, Artillery and AVN positions listed. The remaining general infantry positions will then be filled.

INFANTRY PLATOON (16 total positions):
  • Section Commander 11-A
  • Section Commander 12-A
  • Section Commander HAMMER (artillery)
SAS Patrol Group (8 total positions)
  • Section Commander 20-F
Aviation Support Section (4 positions)
  • Pilot/Loadmaster - Assigned to Red5
  • Pilot/Loadmaster
  • Pilot/Loadmaster
  • Pilot/Loadmaster
*For those wanting to fly - competent pilots only please. Flying in this terrain is a challenge, as will be some of the locations you have to land in. If you are a bit of a lawn dart, stay on the ground and save yourself the endless ribbing you will receive if you crash due to pilot error.
4 members are attending

November 2018