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#39262 Before You Judge, Stop and Think

Posted by Valour on 06 July 2013 - 10:31 PM

OCB has been attacked by a Facebook troll because we have posted to show our respects to Australian servicemen that have fallen overseas.

Here is the post, we believe was inspired by our memorial post regarding the loss of our 40th serviceman in Afghanistan, CPL Cameron Stewart Baird.

Is this really appropriate? I had a quick look at your site...full of gamer shite. I think fantasy gaming and real deaths in combat don't mix, he wasn't a member of your online gaming Battalion was he? (I doubt it) he was a member of a real one! and actually died in combat and won't be 'respawned'.

That's right, it is full of gamer shite, because it's a gaming community Einstein.

Let me also state this for the record that our gaming community contains a healthy number of current and former ADF members, some of whom have operational service in the MEAO and Timor Leste. These members are OR's, SNCO and Officers. Some of our members have recently lost close friends overseas, and we do have members who are in REAL Battalions, Squadrons and Regiments, various corps and two branches of the ADF (Army and RAAF), so to the Facebook troll we say this...

Before firing your comments off, stop and have a think about WHO you might be paying out on, because now, to us at least, you look like a bloody goose. I'd recommend you stay off our site if it doesn't suit you.

If you do or have served Mr Troll, pull ya head in and engage brain before engaging fingers on keyboard.
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#45013 Chopper + Team Speak = Happiness!

Posted by Valour on 27 October 2013 - 08:13 AM

Posted Image

Every day, I am reminding players of our server rules and the most common one being ignored is the rule that if you are flying an aircraft in our servers, or you are in a pilot slot (indicating your intent to fly), you must be in our team speak server!

This rule pops up as a written message on our servers whenever you join, so there is NO EXCUSE for not being aware.

Not only are people ignoring this rule, but some are even challenging the validity of the rule, asking why they should have to comply with it. Here is some important information about why we have the rule, and why you should comply:

Why We have the no TS, no fly rule

  • The rule is in place because in game voice communication is quite often poor and we want to be able to effectively coordinate aircraft resources to support the troops on the ground. The choppers are not in the server so you can use them as your personal taxi, they are there to support the infantry, and if we cannot communicate with you, don't bother flying.
  • The rule also discourages the young teenage players who somehow think they are God's gift to aviation from flying. Experience says that players such as this like to try and impress the players on the server with their flying skill. The same experience also indicates that this often results in the pilot crashing the chopper, normally when it's full, and almost always into something important.
  • Some think that simply being in Team Speak and choosing not to talk or communicate makes them safe! NO, pilots are expected to COMMUNICATE. Don't sit in TS as a pilot and say nothing, this will not assist anyone!

Why you should comply with the rule

  • The rule is designed to make the resource use better coordinated. If this is achieved, everyone has a better game
  • The rule is displayed in a text popup when you enter the server. You cannot say you didn't know (which is common)
  • If you do not comply with the rule, you will be given one warning, and then kicked from the server
  • If you return and continue to ignore the warning, you will be banned.

Questioning the rule

Some players are not only ignoring the rule after being warned, some are actually wanting to argue with an admin over the rule, asking for an explanation for why the rule exists and why should obey it.

Even after it's explained, some still choose to complain about it. The solution is quite simple: if our server rules don't suit you, don't play in our servers.

Does that make sense, or do I need to make another picture?
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Posted by Valour on 25 April 2013 - 05:08 AM







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#58390 Lest We Forget

Posted by Valour on 25 April 2015 - 04:54 AM










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#57640 Patrol Operations 4

Posted by EightySix on 18 February 2015 - 10:50 AM

This is the Official thread of Patrol Operations 4 for Arma 3
I would firstly like to thank each member for contributing to OCB because without OCB, there would not be a Patrol Operations mission.
Some of you may have seen something in the calendar so here we go :D.
Patrol Ops originally was a mix of BIS Secops Modules and Bon_Inf* TFOR mission reconfigured for co-operative gameplay. It was my first scalable mission and I was very humbled about how well it was received by OCB members.
This lead quickly to Patrol Ops 2 with a full rewrite based on parts TFOR however the Secops proved buggy and was removed leaving just the random tasks.
Despite this, it was well received by OCB and later other international players when it was released publicly.
5 updates later and PO2 in early-mid 2012 reached a peak being the third most played mission in Arma 2 behind Domination and Warfare BE.
With the release of Arma 3, This inspired me to rebuild it for Arma 3 as Patrol Ops 3. It incorporated a lot of new features from A3 and was a lot more stable but lacked some key features from PO2 that I think would have made it great.
Patrol Ops 3 was not what I would consider a success. It followed the deviation away from the fundamental aspect of "Patrolling" and missed key areas that I would have liked to spend time developing.
With this in mind, and the discovery of my original notes and scripts, Patrol Ops 4 has begun its full development and no feature will be left out. I look forward to seeing how it goes and what feedback you give.
The features of Patrol Ops 4 are quite long so I will discuss a couple of major features and leave the rest for you to discover.
Missions, Tasks & Patrolling:
Tasks are broken down into 3 types (Tiers). At first, there are no tasks "Assigned" to your side. You will have to form groups and conduct patrols in areas you chose around the map. This of course is "coached" so you are not left standing around wondering what to do.
Multiple groups can patrol one area or multiple areas simultaneously.
As you patrol, you will come across a variety of enemy activity (Tier 1). Typically enemy have setup camps in forest areas, occupied defensive positions and towns, defending a weapons cache or are conducting a patrol of their own. If your group manages to eliminate the enemy, the groups involved will be awarded a point. The more groups involved together, the more points are distributed between them.
These points can be redeemed to access/unlock specific "Tier 2" tasks (many of you might be familiar with these). These include capturing vehicles, eliminating objectives and escorting HVTs. While one group might be completing the task, others can continue earning points by clearing additional areas and unlocking more tasks.
Each task can be accepted by one or more groups depending on the task and if enough of these tasks are complete, a major task will unlock which will involve the whole side.
Note that some tasks will lead on to others based on the task outcome so what turned out to be a simple task may get more complex as you go ;)
Attached File  arma3 2015-02-18 22-22-59-60.png   771.4400000000001KB   1 downloadsAttached File  arma3 2015-02-18 22-29-05-27.png   839.77KB   0 downloadsAttached File  B-Mm6hDCAAANnNg.png   733.46KB   0 downloads
Patrol Ops 4 has a metadata engine to quickly create dynamic tasks faster than ever.
This is one of the more cooler aspects. As infantry are clearing sectors and completing tasks, Pilots and Crewmen are on standby to support troop mobility and fire support. Support roles do not receive tasks like Infantry do. Instead Infantry can request support at any time IF a player is occupying that current platform (AI platforms require points to unlock them). These tasks are purely at the direction of ground forces.
If support platforms are on station, the enemy may deploy countermeasures so be aware of that.
To explain this concept a bit more clearly,
e.g. A pilot jumps in a CAS capable aircraft, when they take off, Infantry are notified that CAS is now available and they can assign "Fire Mission" tasks to that pilot/co-pilot. This is also available for other mission types such as extraction, transport, supply drop etc... however the enemy may deploy AA infantry or Air to Air combat capable airframe to counter this threat.
Virtual Armoury (Unit Loadout Manager)
 In the past VAS was used as the loadout management tool however with BI introducing us to the Virtual Arsenal, this has been a bit of a game changer for the community in terms of how it visualises gear management.
With this in mind, I created the Virtual Armoury. A derivative of the arsenal which not only enhances certain features for MP, it develops it into a simple, role based loadout manager that allows players to quickly adjust or replenish their loadouts whilst also allowing the mission maker to define/restrict loadout options and assign starting loadouts quickly and easily.
Attached File  logo_w_ca.png   6KB   0 downloads
MP Compatible, Role Based, Unit Loadout Manager
To enable all of the above complexity, there is a host of features built around this. These include:
  • New Task Management System
  • New Respawn System including rally points (personal/team), Death limitations, Spectator
  • IFF 3D hud and Tracking System
  • In-game Visual Settings Adjustments
  • Squad Management
  • HALO with auto-open ( sponsored by Westy ;) )
  • New Injury System (optional if using AGM)
  • AI Recruitment
  • Vehicle Virtual Depot
  • Advanced Logistics
  • Headless Client and Load Balancing Management
  • and of course ieds make a return...  :devil:
  • Alpha: Starting FEB - Testing of staged features
  • Beta: TBD  - Testing of gameplay and stability
  • Release: TBD
Phase Alpha will be testing features as they are integrated into the mission
  • Alpha0 : 25 Feb 2015 1900hrs AEST
  • Alpha1 : TBD

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#27354 OA Vanilla Server Annoucement

Posted by Valour on 13 January 2013 - 10:31 AM

Posted Image

OCB has for a long time, operated a Vanilla Combined Ops Arrowhead server for the community. It has however come to our attention that those using it are not behaving a manner that is in line with our guidelines for the servers, nor are they using Team Speak when playing, especially whilst flying, as per a server rule.

There are also elements that a forming a regular 'sub community' using that server, essentially as their own and running it according to their own rules.

As a result this server has now been temporarily taken offline, and once it is back up, it will be far more closely monitored. Players destroying assets, playing disruptively and behaving poorly will not be tolerated.
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#33535 Patrol Operations 3

Posted by EightySix on 22 March 2013 - 09:56 AM

Posted Image

This is the Official thread of Patrol Operations for Arma 3

3.1 Released 7th March 2014

Dev-Heaven: DEV-HEAVEN
Armaholic mirror: Patrol Operations 3 Co-x

OCB Release Updates Forum Thread

Patrol Operations is a dynamic, random mission series that is great for both mass public play and clan tactical gaming.
Missions are randomly dynamic, with enemy force strength scaled to match the number of players connected so as to challenge players appropriately.

  • AI Movement
  • - Ambushing positions
  • - Defending positions including occupation of static defenses and nearby buildings
  • - Randomly Patrolling Areas increasing likelihood off flanking attacks
  • HUD
  • - In-game Visual Settings adjustment for View Distances and Terrain Detail
  • - Active 3D Hud showing Squad Details
  • - Assigned Colours also linked into ShackTac's HUD (ST_HUD Not Required)
  • - 3D Hud use linked to the requirement of AR equipment such as Tactical Goggles and Pilot Helmets
  • - Progress Bars displays status from task completion to Unit Healing
  • - Unit Tracking and Squad member icons track your squad movements
  • Ambient Weather Cycle (thanks to MeatBall)
  • Base protection from players firing at base
  • Map based Redeployment on killed or from base flag
  • - HALO Redeploy options for Server Admin
  • - Rallypoints allowing Redeployment to the field
  • Alternate Injury system improving damage handling and injured/critical states
  • - Dragging injured to cover
  • - Providing tactical assistance to get the injured up and moving again
  • Load-out management through Customised Ammoboxes based on assigned role (Overridden if VAS is chosen instead)
  • - Optional use of Virutal Ammobox System by Tonic
  • Logistics system allowing
  • - Lift choppers capable of lifting lighter vehicles and supply boxes
  • - Air Drop from lift choppers, ascend > 100m height to air-drop your load instead of landing in a HOT LZ
  • - Drop Illumination Flares from Lift-choppers if >100m height
  • - Create Supply boxes for infantry at supply points and airlift them to the front-line or load them on the back of trucks
  • - Vehicle Towing by Large Trucks and CRVs
  • - Loading allows tanks and shipping containers to be loaded onto trucks for faster deployment
  • - Vehicle Resupply will repair, rearm and refuel your vehicle from supply points and supply vehicles
  • - Multi-rotor UAV operators can replace batteries (refuel) in the field when landed
  • Squad Management System (Admins Override all functions)
  • - Team leaders can name their squad
  • - Team leaders can assign roles to squad members such as AT,MG,Sniper which will affect their ammo-box load-outs
  • - Team leaders can assign other members to their squads and elect squad leaders
  • - Admins can replace a team leader by assigning other members as team leaders.
  • Advanced Taskmaster System (Shuko)
  • Deaths Limitation with Spectator (Server Mission Parameters)
  • ACRE Natively supported (adds radios to boxes and creates retrans towers around island automatically when mod detected)
  • Task Force Arrowhead Radio Natively supported (adds radios to boxes when mod detected)
  • Headless Client AutoDetection
  • 7 Language Localization Supported
  • Patrol Tasks
  • Defend Tasks
  • Destroy Tasks
  • Delivery / Escort Tasks
  • Sea Based Tasks
  • Rescue Tasks
  • Capture Tasks
Official Versions
  • Altis: Nato Vs CSAT
  • Altis: CSAT Vs NATO
  • Altis: AAF Vs NATO
More may be added after initial release as PO3 is designed to be really easy to port and include additional mods.


PO3 has been translated into 7 languages with help from the below:
Supported Languages
  • - Czech submitted by EvroMalarkey
  • - German submitted by Senshi
  • - English submitted by Roy86
  • - French submitted by GranolaBar & Ophelian
  • - Polish submitted by Rydgier
  • - Portuguese submitted by Caico1983
  • - Spanish submitted by BIG (Armaholic)
Credits & Special thanks:
  • Online Combat Battalion Australia (www.ocb.net.au), their support and testing has been vital to the success.
  • - [OCB]Dash for Code, Inspiration and Effort in helping development
  • - Bohemia Interactive Studios for the Arma Series, code and functions
  • - BON_Inf for Code and Inspiration from his missions and scripts
  • - Shuko for Code and Inspiration from his awesome Task System and Position Scripts
  • - KillZoneKid for Code and Inspiration from his tutorials
  • - Kegety for his spectator scripting
  • - XENO for Code and Inspiration from Domination and setting such a high standard
  • - R3F for Inspiration from their Arma 2 Logistics Scripts
  • - Tonic for the Virtual Ammobox System
  • - Tajin for the Helmet Camera Scripting
  • - aeroson for his detailed loadout scripts
  • - cobra4v320 for his HALO scripting
  • - Kronzky for his string function library
  • - SaMatra for help with UI Resources
  • - Dslyecxi for his Paper doll giving insight on how to detect item types.
  • - Tankbuster for his code and Inspiration from Domination
  • - [TcB]-Psycho- for his adaptation of Bon_Inf Injury System
  • - IGI_PL for his IGILoad Logistics Scripts
  • - Any and All ArmA community members for support, inspiration and solutions that have helped build this

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#19746 Tromac working for BIS

Posted by Tromac on 27 September 2012 - 12:42 PM

Posted Image

Today I am very proud to announce that I am joining the Bohemia Interactive Australia team as the ICT and Simulation Support Specialist. This is a dream come true and I am very excited to work with the people of BIS. My role will be a mixed one from managing the IT and communications infrastructure, preparing and dispatching VBS2 2.0 orders, providing support for VBS2 to global customers via the forums and skype and as I learn more with regards to VBS2 scripting, working with missions, attending tradeshows and providing tech support for ADF exercises.
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#57015 OCB enters 2015

Posted by EightySix on 01 January 2015 - 08:10 AM

On behalf of everyone in the Online Combat Battalion, We would like to wish you a safe and prosperous New Year.

For 2015 we are updating our setup for Arma 3 and we will be booting up new Arma 3 servers for the community.


Community Server : arma.ocbservers.net:2700
Open to the community, this server is open access for all to join in a game with OCB members.
Mission Server One : arma.ocbservers.net:2710
Setup for restricted access, only players in Teamspeak are permitted to join this server.
Mission Server Two : arma.ocbservers.net:2720
Duplicate of Mission Server One, It is an alternative to the current operations being conducted on MS1.
Tactical Server : Members Only
Used at the expense of all other servers, this is where OCB members conduct realistic tactical simulation of missions built in-house


Unlike previous years, each server will now be setup exactly the same and will have the same missions, setup parameters, game modifications and server rules.
The only exception to this is the Tactical server that will be booted up with private missions and is restricted to Members Only.

About The Mods
In OCB we prefer a certain type of modifications to Arma 3 and thus all servers will be setup to match.
A white-list of approved mods will be applied to each of the servers. This white-list is fixed and is not subject to large changes and will only change if patching is required.
Additional mods that are desired will be reviewed by BHQ and if it is of good quality and has no compatibility issues, will be voted in/out by OCB members.


Synchronisation of Mods

At this time we have two sources to synchronise our mods. These are A3Sync (Public) and KevsUpdater (Members Only).
Moving forward, we will be integrating everything into A3Sync and a tutorial will be made to clearly show how this should be setup for each person.


Why are we doing this?
In the past, mod compatibility, versions and large variety have caused havoc with our game-play experience.

  • Version Mismatch causes features to not function properly
  • Compatibility causes performance and game-play issues including CTD

To eliminate these issues, a set of mods have been reviewed.
As part of this review, the key focus was on gameplay and consistency. Content was a secondary focus.

The community server will be setup exactly the same as our other servers because vanilla has a few short comings that we have had to fix through game modifications.
To get involved back with the community, we have chosen mods that we enjoy and are readily available to the community so they can join in openly.


When are we doing this?

The full implementation will begin this week and will be complete by the first week of February. We will be finalising and locking the mod list over the next few weeks and preparing the release of the @OnlineCombatBattalion mod to the community.


Information about our servers are below and can be found in the servers tab in the main menu of the website.
Servers Page: http://ocb.net.au/server/servers.html

Attached Files

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#37106 OCB Copyright

Posted by Valour on 25 May 2013 - 01:34 AM

All content produced by OCB members, remains their property and this protection is provided by Australian and International Copyright law.

No one has permission to copy, imitate, reproduce or use, for personal or other purposes, any images, text, screenshots, videos, or any other content on this site without the express written permission of the author/creator of stated content.

News items may be shared, however with the appropriate links included, and used IN CONTEXT, and cannot be used to defame OCB or its members.

All trademarks of third parties remain their sole property and are used with acknowledgement and with their knowledge and permission.

Things such as awards images that have been created by OCB members are covered.

Refer to the attached guide from the Australian Copyright Council for information on our rights to protect our content, and our rights to pursue legal action if those rights are infringed.

Attached File  websites-copyright-g057v10-p.pdf   152.83KB   4 downloads

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#34488 Update on Jonesy April 2013

Posted by Fragsmoker on 05 April 2013 - 07:49 PM

Posted Image

I FINALLY had the privilage of visiting Phil on wednesday this week. It's been over 6 months since the stroke, and probably a year since I"ve seen him face to face, so it was realy good to catch up. He is doing realy well and I must admit, I came away from the visit myself feeling hopefull and encoraged, 2 things I had hoped to pass on.

Through this whole ordeal, phil's faith in Christ has kept him strong. His concern is not for himself, but for those around him in the various wards he finds himself in. He is moved with compassion by both their physical and spiritual struggles.

Over the next month he will under go botox treatments in his hands and arms to hopefully stimulate the muscles. He currently has some bicep and tricep movement in his left arm, and a little movement in his right wrist. Fortunatly the muscles in his hands and arms have not shortened from lack of use, wich is often the case with paralysis. He still has full feeling though making the needles alot of fun.

Speach is no problem any more and he is able to take phone calls from family members using a headset. If talking to my wife and I for 2 straight hours bothered him, he didn't show it. A scan of his diaphram recently reported that he has full function on the left, but none on the right. If this changes he will be able to breath unassisted.

He's still the same old Phil. Quick witted, cheeky, but well spoken and thoughtfull. He manages to carry himself with great grace, peace and patience while facing challenges some have failed to rise to.

Untill we speak again mate. (i'll bring you some junk food next time)

Frag out.

Additional words from Tromac:
Many of our newer members will not know Jonesy. He is a long standing member of the OCB family who was struck down with a stroke. Shortly after the news of the stroke we banded together and raised over $1000 for Phil and his family. He is on the recovery but still has a long way to go. The cost of not having him working plus a growing medical bill would be a burden to anyone so lets do even better than last time.

Posted Image

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#26860 ACRE Operation Guide

Posted by CptDavo on 09 January 2013 - 12:56 AM

Posted Image

The Default Hot-Keys for ACRE are as follows:

- Open your current radio GUI, if you have one
- Hot-swap between the radios you are carrying as your active radio
- Window displaying information on the radios you are carrying, and ability to change active radio
- Radio PTT Key
- Change the current radio to be in both ears
- Change the current radio to be in your left ear
- Change the current radio to be in your right ear
Inside the Action Menu*
- Raise/Lower headset to simulate putting it around your neck
-Where No. are your number keys to quickly toggle a specific radio broadcast. (Useful for talking over multiple radios quickly)

The Basics
Direct Speaking
Use your normal Teamspeak PTT Key, whatever you have configured it as. You will hear people move about you in 3D.

Radio Transmission
Whenever a person speaks or you yourself speak on a radio, you will hear two different types of 'squawks'. indicating both begin and end of transmission. Be careful! Transmitting at the same time as someone else creates feedback, and will make everyone listening angry. If you do not hear anything, that means you are out of range.
Additionally, you will hear a background fuzz and distortion on a person speaking when they are on radio. Lastly, you can hear a person speak 'directly' when they speak on a radio, if you are not listening to that frequency. If you don't hear the distortion and buzz, that means you aren't receiving their radio transmission.

All Radios
1. If you're player has started with ItemRadio, it will automatically be replaced with a PRC-343
2. If it is the only radio on you, it is active by default
3. Press either CTRL+SHIFT+C to swap between active radios, or CTRL+SHIFT+V to view your radios
4. Select the radio you want to use in step #3
5. Press CNTRL+SHIFT+X, the Radio GUI will open
6. Press ESC to leave the GUI

LEFT or RIGHT CLICK the numbered dial on the radio
- The numbered dial is the channel selector
Press and HOLD your Radio PTT Key (CAPSLOCK)
You will hear a 'squawk', or beep, which indicates you are transmitting
Say "I am a jolly Rodger"
Let go of your Radio PTT Key (CAPSLOCK)
- You will hear another 'squawk', or radio "cut", indicating you have stopped transmitting
click the UP and DOWN arrows on the radio
- The channel and frequency will be displayed. Be on the same channel/frequency as someone else
Press and HOLD your Radio PTT Key (CAPSLOCK)
You will hear a 'squawk', or beep, which indicates you are transmitting
Say "I am a jolly Rodger"
Let go of your Radio PTT Key (CAPSLOCK)
- You will hear another 'squawk', or radio "cut", indicating you have stopped transmitting
The AN/PRC-119 consists of multiple functions on the radio. Currently, some are not enabled. The functionality available as of right now is as follows.

6 pre-programmed channels
- You are able to click the knob to 'turn' it between channels
Switching between power(PWR) modes. These are 400mW, 2200mW, 4000mW, and 40,000mW
- 40,000mW is "PA Mode", which is only available in vehicles
Programming to a custom frequency for a channel or in manual mode
In a simple scenario, you can simply click the channel knob, and you will be on those frequencies. If you wish to program a custom frequency, you can do the following:

Click the 'CLR' button to clear the current frequency
Program the 5-digit frequency you wish to use.
- Ex: if you want the frequency 3.111, this would be programmed by clicking: 0 - 3 - 1 - 1 - 1
Click 'CTO' to use that frequency.

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#63287 OCB - Eight Years In

Posted by Valour on 03 June 2017 - 01:18 AM



3rd of June 2017 marks the eight year anniversary of the formation of Online Combat Battalion.  In online gaming, to still be in operation after eight years is a major milestone and one of which we should be proud.


We have also faced many challenges during that eight years.  We have had our detractors because of our early success,  we have had a lot of members come and go, the games we play have changed and the way to do business has also had to evolve to continue to stay on top of things.  We have certainly learned many things about operating a gaming community over that time.  


There has been personal tragedy and heartbreak for some members, others have been targeted by immature, vile human beings simply because they offered a differing opinion or they disliked the way things were done.   Through all that, the members supported each other, not just with a pat on the back saying "if there is anything I can do let me know" but they have assisted other members practically and financially during tough times.   It is this aspect of OCB of which I am most proud.   Many of those who did provide that support have moved on, but I will never forget the generosity and kindness shown, especially to my family by the members here.


The web site has been through three major changes with new systems being trialed and face lifts being applied and we have established very good forums and site systems to meet our needs.  


All that said, OCB is the members; the people that have worked so hard to build what we have now.  The countless thousands of hours that so many members have put into the development of OCB is truly amazing and we are indebted to those members, past and present that give so much so we can have a organised place to have fun playing the games we enjoy.


Mentions must go to a few key people that have done so much for this group.


Tromac: A solid, dedicated gamer who created and led many missions, created mods and helped with the management of the group for the majority of our eight years.  Without Tromac's assistance, I would not have lasted doing this as long as I have.  He is a true friend and an absolute champion human being.  Your friendship means a lot more to me than you know, and it is an honour to have you back playing with us.


EightySix:  A mission making guru who also contributed greatly to the development of the web site, leadership of the group and the creation of amazing mission content.  Another person I consider to be a friend who gave countless hours to this group and still remains a supporter and adviser to this day.


keV: The server guru, who provided us with an amazing, stable and fast server platform for many years.  What a shame we could no longer afford what he was able to provide.  On many occasions, I know that keV foot the bill for the shortfalls in server donations and this hasn't been forgotten.  keV still provides our TS server facility.


Gelly: Amazing mission maker and simply outstanding field commander who set the standard for campaign missions in Arma 2 and 3.  Gelly also took our training to a new level and imparted his vast knowledge onto us all for the betterment of the group.


And last but not least, Gooseneck.   Ah Goosey, we've been through a lot mate, and you were there with me from day one.  Your mateship and support has made me smile a lot and encouraged me to keep going and improving things here.  We have not always seen eye to eye and have had our spats, and I know you're not on the books with us officially anymore (which gives me the shits) but I know you'll be around when you want a chat.


There have been many others that have done so much for OCB.   Lyndiman, Dash, Magnet, Yesh, Spartan, Scabbie, Foxestrot, Hainus, Emery, Spork, FEAR and so many others that all have in many ways, made this community a better place.


To the latest core members, Laurance, Mulesy and Beatle; thank you for hanging in there when things were at their lowest ebb.  It would have been easier for you to leave and seek gaming adventures elsewhere, but you stuck with the group and I sincerely appreciate that.


OCB has now, I believe, outgrown being an Arma only group.  We have been into so many other games recently and nothing formal, just whatever we have felt like playing on any given day.   Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is something we are grabbing onto now and I think this will see the group expand and lead to much more activity.  The more the merrier!     There is also other exciting things in the works that will see us tie in with another community in a major way, that will raise the profile of both groups and provide members with a lot more scope and a whole new bunch of mates to game with.


As we look to the future there are new games, new challenges and much more fun to be had.  I thank you all for your contribution so far, and I look forward to the next eight years!

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#37921 Australian First for OCB

Posted by Tromac on 12 June 2013 - 06:21 PM

Posted Image

OCB is very proud to announce that we are the first Australian clan to implement Bohemia Interactive Studio's Headless Client feature into our missions.

Headless Client is essentially a connected client that does no rendering. The advantage this brings is twofold: First it reduces the workload on the server itself, and secondly it allows the AI their own dedicated processor - which makes them far more deadly and responsive. As a mission creator this opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities; previously if there were too many AI present then the game slowed down considerably, degrading client performance. Now we can leave the server process to handle communications while the HC handles the AI calculations.

Many thanks to the efforts from our incredible technical team, notably EightySix.

Stay tuned for some incredible Community missions!
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#23091 Remembrance Day

Posted by Tromac on 11 November 2012 - 10:06 AM

Posted Image

On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a minutes’ silence is observed and dedicated to those soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation.

In Australia and other allied countries, including New Zealand, Canada and the United States, 11 November became known as Armistice Day – a day to remember those who died in World War One. The day continues to be commemorated in Allied countries.

After World War Two, the Australian Government agreed to the United Kingdom’s proposal that Armistice Day be renamed Remembrance Day to commemorate those who were killed in both World Wars. Today the loss of Australian lives from all wars and conflicts is commemorated on Remembrance Day.

Posted Image

The Deputy Chiefs of the Navy, Army and Air Force salute the Stone of Remembrance, 2011.
Why is this day special to Australians?
At 11 am on 11 November 1918, the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare. The allied armies had driven the German invaders back, having inflicted heavy defeats upon them over the preceding four months.

In November, the Germans called for an armistice (suspension of fighting) in order to secure a peace settlement. They accepted the allied terms of unconditional surrender. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month attained a special significance in the post-war years and became universally associated with the remembrance of those who had died in the war.

In 1997, Governor-General Sir William Deane issued a proclamation formally declaring 11 November to be Remembrance Day, urging all Australians to observe one minute's silence at 11 am on 11 November each year to remember those who died or suffered for Australia's cause in all wars and armed conflicts.

Posted Image

Poppies are placed in a camouflaged net at the Remembrance Day Memorial for the Special Operations Task Group at Camp Russell, Afghanistan.
What is the significance of the period of Silence?
On the first anniversary of the armistice in 1919, two minutes’ silence was instituted as part of the main commemorative ceremony at the new Cenotaph in London.

Australian journalist Edward Honey proposed the silence. At about the same time, a South African statesman made a similar proposal to the British Cabinet, which endorsed it.

King George V personally requested all the people of the British Empire suspend normal activities for two minutes on the hour of the armistice "which stayed the worldwide carnage of the four preceding years and marked the victory of Right and Freedom". The two minutes' silence was popularly adopted and it became a central feature of commemorations on Armistice Day.

The Unknown Solider

On the second anniversary of the armistice in 1920, the commemoration was given added significance when it became a funeral, with the return of the remains of an unknown soldier from the battlefields of the Western Front.

Unknown soldiers were interred with full military honours in Westminster Abbey in London and at the Arc de Triumph in Paris. The entombment in London attracted over one million people within a week to pay their respects at the unknown soldier's tomb. Most other allied nations adopted the tradition of entombing unknown soldiers over the following decade.

In Australia on the 75th anniversary of the armistice in 1993, Remembrance Day ceremonies again became the focus of national attention. The remains of an unknown Australian soldier, exhumed from a First World War military cemetery in France, were ceremonially entombed in the Australian War Memorial's Hall of Memory.
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#18098 Pasjones Donations

Posted by Valour on 09 September 2012 - 01:29 AM

It is amazing to me that the commraderie in this gaming group extends to our members to levels beyond a 'revive' in game. In all my years of online gaming I'd never imagined that a group of online gamers, most of whom have never met face to face, could be such a solid group of people that really do look out for each other beyond the games we play.

Saying I'm proud of it, is an understatement.

Not only has there been the fact we have dug deep to help out financially, but there have been offers to help out with accommodation and basically anything else that might be needed for Jonesy and his family. Massive thumbs up to everyone who has helped out, and I know we'll continue to look out for anything we can do.
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#63951 Hearts and Minds - Team vs Team Campaign

Posted by Valour on 04 September 2018 - 12:07 PM


Concept of Operations - Updated 7 Sept 


This is a post to detail the set up and rules for a Team vs Team campaign in Arma 3, using Vietnam era mods Unsung and Air Cav Vietnam.


Each mission two teams will face off against each other to control a sector of a Vietnam Map, the winning team has the territory they have captured updated on the campaign map (see below example).


Teams will be Australian troops vs Vietcong guerillas or North Vietnamese Army troops.    


Summary - The Quick Version



  • Two Teams - Australian and New Zealand Troops up against the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong Guerillas.
  • Sector control mission with three sectors in each map.
  • Ticket bleed - 5 tickets every 60 seconds.  The team with the least held territory loses the tickets.
  • One ticket lost for either team when a player is killed.
  • Winner is the side with the most tickets remaining.  (this will be reported by the server when the losing side has exhausted their tickets) 
  • Medic only revive
  • Full equipment for both sides including aircraft, vehicles, armour and artillery.
  • Respawn enabled
  • Equipment DOES NOT RESPAWN - If it's destroyed, it's gone.
  • The campaign map will be updated and posted to show what territory is held by the side at the end of each battle.


Mods Required


  • CBA_A3
  • CUP Terrains - Maps
  • CUP Terrains - Core
  • CUP Terrains - CWA
  • Air Cav Vietnam
  • The Unsung Vietnam War Mod
  • Spyder Addons
  • Task Force Arrow head Radio. (You will require Team Speak version 3.1.10 or older version.  If you have recently updated TS, roll it back or it will crash often with TFAR.)


The Details - Team Commanders Must Read and Understand


Combat Environment


There are AI players on both sides patrolling held zones to defend the areas and assist in denying the ground to the enemy (of both sides).  There are also mines and booby traps not only around held zones, but randomly placed throughout the AO.   These will not come up as red triangles!  So, you need to watch your step.




Each team will have ownership of a number of zones across the map, with each team having a main base area.  There will be neutral zones which can be won by either team.   The zone to be contested will be determined prior to each mission.   Once a mission is played, the campaign map will be updated with the new victory of the winning team and the map posted with the result.


Match Zones



In each mission there will be one zone owned and controlled by the Australian forces, and one owned and controlled by the VC/NVA forces.  There will also be one independent zone which is not controlled by either team.  Capturing the independent zone will not be easy for either team, as these zones are heavily defended by troops hostile to both campaign teams, taking them will be costly to your team's tickets.


The MAIN objective for the attacking force is to capture the defending force's base area and hold it.  The independent zone is a bonus, and can be captured to increase the ticket bleed of the opposing team.


The MAIN objective for the defending team is to defend their base from attack and protect their HQ area.


First Battle Format


In the first battle, there is no attacking or defending team, both teams have to fight and the winner is the attacking team for the next battle.  From then, there will be an attacking and defending side for each battle.


Contesting Zones - How the Challenge System Works


If a team wins a zone, they can then challenge for another zone connected to the zone they have won.   For example, see the below sample map.





In the example, the NVA holds Xom Ca Tan and Lang Giao, which are the two closest zones to the Australian territory.


If the NVA have won a round they can challenge for the Khe Sanh Combat Base Zone.  They can do this because 1. they have had a victory, and 2. that zone is connected to a zone they either won, or they already own


They could also challenge Hill 689, but NOT Ta Du, because it's not connected to a zone they hold.  Likewise is the Australians had won a mission, they could challenge for Lang Giao as it is connected to their territory, but not zone 558, because it doesn't adjoin their territory.


If a team wins a mission, they can challenge a zone of their choice (provided it's connected to their held territory) and the loser of the mission has to defend, and they have no say in which zone they will be fighting in.   


Example: VC wins Khe Sahn Base, they can then challenge for Ta Du or Hill 689.  The Australians cannot challenge, they must defend.  If the Australians defend Khe Sanh Base against attack, they can then challenge VC territory.  If they defended Khe Sanh Base, they can then challenge Lang Giao or Xom Ca Tan.


Please let me know if that doesn't make sense (sounds confusing) and I'll fill you in on TS.


Allowed Resources


There will be resources placed that fit in line with the era for each side.  Australians will have helicopters, APC, artillery etc.  NVA will have similar.  VC will have limited resources.  AI Troops performing random patrols for EACH SIDE will be placed in base areas to provide greater immersion and protection for base areas.  These may include random AIR or VEHICLE patrols, but will mostly consist of INFANTRY.


How Are the Missions Set up Prior to the battle?


Example:  If NVA is attacking Khe Sanh base from Liang Giao, the mission maker will place all resources for the NVA within the zone specified by the Commander of that force.   Likewise, the defending side's zone will have resources placed for them to use in defence.    


The DEFENDING TEAM is permitted 30 minutes to set up their defences prior to the attacking team joining the server and commencing their assault.  The DEFENDING TEAM is NOT permitted to enter the attacking team's zone prior to the battle (this includes aerial recon).  If they attacking team enters during the defenders 30 minute set time, they may not enter the defended zone by any means (including air/ground recon).






Respawn of Troops


There are 500 respawn tickets per side.   Once your team members have exhausted these, you lose.


Team Size


Our server is 64 slots, but for the start of this campaign, we are seeking 16 players per side (32 in total).  This can be increased if there is enough interest, as long as the teams are EVEN.


Assigning Teams


When players register to participate, they elect a side, either NVA/Vietcong, or Australian (RAR).   Once all players have elected, their preference will be catered for providing the numbers on each side are even.  If the force sizes are unbalanced, names will be randomly selected and players side may be changed. Don't whine about this if it happens, we need even teams.


Who Can Participate?


Any member of an organised Arma 3 community, or regular players that are friends, associates or colleagues of any person in such a community.


Patrol of the Zone


The battle can happen anywhere within the zone area.   Teams can patrol wherever or however they like within the zone, however DEFENDING team CANNOT enter the attacker's zone until AFTER the battle commences (ie: the 30 minute setup time for defenders has passed.)


Capture of the Zone


An attacking team is deemed to have succeeded in their attack if:


  • They have killed all defending troops (the defenders have no respawns left) or
  • They have physically captured the defenders HQ within the zone and they have managed bleed out the opposing team's tickets.
  • They have held their own base area.
  • The campaign map will be updated to show territory held at the end of the battle.  If you lose your base, you have to fight at the next battle to get it back.

A defending team is deemed to have succeeded in their defence if:

  • They have destroyed all attacking enemy and exhausted their tickets, or
  • They have advanced into the ATTACKERS and/or independent zone and captured and bled the enemy's tickets out.
  • They lose THEIR BASE AREA by the end of the round, they will have been defeated and will need to fight to get it back next battle.  


Breaching Rules of Engagement


Either side detected breaking the ROE will forfeit the battle.   If an attacker breaks the ROE, their attack is deemed to have failed, and they will forfeit the zone they used to mount an attack.  If the defending side breaks the ROE, they are deemed to have lost the battle and will lose their zone.


General Rules


  • A good spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship is expected. 
  • Flaming or stupid behaviour will not be tolerated.   
  • Intentional destruction of friendly assets is forbidden and could lose the battle for your side.
  • Camping spawn points is forbidden.
  • Artillery attacks on either home base is not permitted (no mortars or artillery to be used on either base area).  Anything else is permitted.

If one of your side break any of the rules, and the breach is intentional and without reasonable excuse, that player will be removed from the campaign.  If your side forms a habit or breaking the rules, your team will face the penalty of loss of a zone to the opposing side.



The above are the basics, there will be more details as we work to get all this set up.  If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please let me know.


Hoping to gather some support for this one.

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#58145 Applying to Join? Read This!

Posted by Valour on 02 April 2015 - 07:05 AM



We've had a few applications, and we appreciate the interest shown in membership by players, however there are some applications coming in that waste our time and the time of the person applying.


Here's some info that might save us all some pain...


  • If you do not meet the age requirement, your application will be declined, (we make RARE exceptions at our discretion)
  • If you have not regularly played with OCB members, in our servers whilst using Team Speak, your application will be declined,
  • If you are currently a member of another clan, your application will be declined,
  • If you do not reside in a timezone similar to Australia, your application will be declined,
  • If you do not put some effort into your application, your application will be declined,
  • If your application is declined, do not annoy us via email as to why, we reserve the right to not supply a reason for the rejection of any application.
  • If you pretend to be a service person to gain entry (although this is NOT a requirement), you'll be found out and announced to the world
  • If you are or were in a clan that is named after a real ADF unit, we won't consider your application, so don't bother applying.  Naming gaming groups after real units to offensive to those people who have served in the ACTUAL unit, as well as being very distasteful to ADF members generally.  You're stealing the honour of that unit and it's current and former members.

If you are confused, or require further clarification, contact VALOUR directly via PM and I'll fill you in.

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#42962 ARMA Musical

Posted by Tromac on 26 September 2013 - 06:34 PM

This is just too funny it had to go on the front page!


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#29209 Upcoming i44 TAC Missions

Posted by Lyndiman on 02 February 2013 - 04:37 PM

Please note the upcoming CONOPS for tacs I will be creating:

El Alamein - COOP
Somewhere in your area of responsibility is a company of German tanks.
You have a tank platoon, scouts and a detachment of Battalion Bazooka Squads.

Find and eliminate all enemy tanks.

Inglorious Basterds - COOP
Lay waste to the Nazi's as a civilian dressed guerrilla force in the French countryside. Ambushes and raids. Kill them all. You owe me 100 scalps.

Carantan - COOP
Take Carantan Neuville

Gelly's Heroes - Team vs Gelly
Gelly is a Nazi. He and his choice of support coy crew members have a tank. Their tank is defending a bank.

We are a U.S infantry squad behind enemy lines to rob said bank. We have limited AT weaponry but we can hide.

May the best bank robber win.

The Great Escape - COOP Survival - Removed play test was bull$^!&
We dug a tunnel and snuck out of a POW camp in Germany.

All players have zero inventory.

Find the resistance, avoid the persuing germans.

Overrun - COOP Escape
423rd Infantry Regiment, 106 Infantry Division. The Division has ceased to exist. The Battle of the Bulge has begun. Your squads are separated and must work together to tactically retreat through the lines and link up with friendly forces in the West.

Panzer Crossroad - COOP Air & Ground
An intelligence platoon, including Forward Air Controllers from the 99th Infantry Division holds a crossroad town in the path of the Sixth Panzer Army. The Battle of the Bulge has begun. Hold the crossroad to delay the advance of the Germans.

All missions will be no respawn.
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