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Status: Approved
Game Server:
Player ID: 8675206
Date and Time of ban: 27 July 2012 - 12:00 AM
What you did to be banned: This happend an hour before I got banned. I was supposed to pickup 7 guys to AO, then this guys jumps into the chopper and shoots all of them, the game registered as me shooting them. I crashed the chopper so he could not kill more of them
Why should we consider unbanning you: Cause I really do not know what I did wrong. No warnings, nothing


How do you shoot people inside the chopper whilst they are flying? Can't be done, and then to purposely crash the chopper to stop the "shooting", beep, wrong answer, liar.
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I think he means someone shot from the chopper and TK people in the AO
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yeah what fear said. (it happens)
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I banned this guy - his score was minus 1500 - can you get that from shooting 7 guys (even if it was someone in your chopper, not you?).

I did ask him about it in server - no reply. Some other guys tried to offer the same story to explain the score, but minus 1500? If that's possible then we can consider a benefit of the doubt and lift the ban, if it's not possible it stays.
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Yeah possible, lifting the ban
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