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The Lost Trooper

The Lost Trooper

Status: Open
Game Server: Arma 3
Player ID: The Lost Trooper
Date and Time of ban: 09 September 2016 - 12:00 PM
What you did to be banned: Earlier today i was pretty much the only one on the server minding my own business and later on a few others joined and wanted to use TFR, sadly my TFR refuses to work and out of no where Bunker bans me apparently for not playing co-operative.
Why should we consider unbanning you: I haven't been around long but i highly am enjoying the server and would like to keep playing on it but i wont stick around if someones going to ban me for some stupid reason. P.s dont get me wrong i like playing as a team


This ban will be removed within the next 24 hours.
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09 Sep 2016 10:54 PM

your TFAR refuses to work because you won't allow anyone to assist you to get it up and running.  I am sure you are the only person who is having difficulty with TFR because of this reason.


Personally you need to be more open to people helping you set up your mods.  It may be a vanilla server with 2 optional mods however expecting and requesting the majority to turn their mods off because you can't speak to them in game because you refuse help is pretty piss poor on your behalf.  Bunker is actually quite a decent chap and is happy to assist anyone set up their mods.  Outright refusing help than blaming TFR itself?....the only refusal I am seeing is your refusal to actually attempt to get it to work.


Now as far as team play is concerned....knowingly seeing the majority (running tfar) mount up in a chopper and head towards a side or main mission and having you halo in front of them to attempt to finish the objective before they get there is hardly what I would call playing as a team.  What exactly is the "stupid reason your were banned for?  we give everyone a fair go in our servers.....how about you give us a go and let one of us get your tfar running so you can actually PLAY AS PART OF THE TEAM???

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Well said winny. If i can get tfar running, anyone can. Its all about team cohesion mate. Get on board.
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In addition Trooper, no one wants to hear about your Army cadet war stories.  I'd suggest LESS talk MORE TEAM PLAY.


That is of course if we lift the ban...  I'm considering leaving it in place.

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That makes the decision easier.

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