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Status: Approved
Game Server: Teamspeak
Player ID: Spudgetical
Date and Time of ban: 25 April 2230 - 10:30 PM
What you did to be banned: My TS3 kept dropping out due to high traffic. I have been investigating for the past week to find a fix - suspected modem not compatible, which I'm replacing. BUT i cannot test this, if I'm banned from a busy TS3 server.
Why should we consider unbanning you: I'm a professional mature player. I joined OCB servers to avoid playing with people who stuff around & I want to be part of a realistic group. Ive never broken any rules etc during game play.


<20:36:40> "Spudgetical" dropped (connection lost)
<20:36:49> "Spudgetical" connected to channel "[OCB] Community Night - PO3 Sahrani"
<20:37:39> "Spudgetical" dropped (connection lost)
<20:37:45> "Spudgetical" connected to channel "[OCB] Community Night - PO3 Sahrani"
<20:38:14> "Spudgetical" dropped (connection lost)

This was happening for well over an hour, and quite clearly whatever you were doing wasn't working. It was disruptive to the other players and I'm suprised it was tolerated for as long as it was.

I will lift the ban, but for God's sake man, get the issue fixed. It's a problem your end as you were the only one having issues.
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