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Status: Approved
Game Server:
Player ID: 29075718
Date and Time of ban: 23 July 2012 - 12:00 AM
What you did to be banned: i had my mic on by accident i and i was swearing at my brother cos he was trying to get on my pc. but i was playing still days after then i stopped playing for a while. when i came back it said i got baned im not sure if that got me banned
Why should we consider unbanning you: i think i should be unbanned because i followed the rules all the time when i played. and the time when i was swearing at my bro when my mic was on but i dont think someone could can be banned for having ur mic on and not knowing?


Seen on the server, a usual player (usually well behaved). Think this is a not really excusable but we should let him off.
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I didn't ban him, but he has been kicked numerous times for poor behaviour from memory.
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I remember the name. Don't think someone would ban just for that, must be something more to it. However if no report has been filed I suppose we should give him benefit of the doubt until he hangs himself again.
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Banned on ACE server only, lifted for now
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Thought our bans run across all our servers. (Remember KeV saying it a while ago)
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